Best Case in the Price Range12/8/2007 12:24:16 PM

Pros: The sleek green LEDs look absolutely amazing with the sheek black finish. The pictures do not do it justice. The transparent side-panel adds a nice glassy 'mod' finish. The case is quite spacious (houses the Zalman CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler quite comfortably) and provides 4 fans (3 x 80mm, 1x120mm) for thorough cooling. If you're running in an AC environment, this works especially well as two fans pull cool air into the case, while 2 others blow warm air out. The GPU stabilizer bracket features sliding notches to hold your GPU into place. There's tool-less implementation for everything except expansion cards and also a handy slide out tool kit for screws and brackets. The fold out motherboard tray is an obvious joy, and comes in really handy during assembly. You can even remove the side panel from the fold out tray. The hard drive cage slides out allowing for unintrusive installation. Plastic locking mechanisms secure your optical drives. Assembly is pure joy with this case.

Cons: No case is perfect, but this one came pretty darn close. While you are at a much lower risk of injuring yourself during assembly because of the many plastic or curved edges, there are some metal edges (like those on the hard drive brackets) which CAN cut you. After you've done with assembly, you may notice a few blisters and bruises (more like paper cuts) around your hands and fingers. It would also have been nice if the USB and AUDIO ports were outside (or unmasked by) the flip cover at front. Connecting devices at the front panel has proven to be rather inconvenient as the front cover closing on the wires can cause a short - especially in headphone wires. My front panel audio doesn't appear to work. One of the fan LEDs appear to be flickering and it would appear that they will all die sooner or later. The fold out motherboard tray is useless after installing a large CPU cooler. You'll have to remove the cooler each time you wanted to fold out the tray for any reason.

Overall Review: The case has space for a 5th 80mm fan (not included!) mounted on the side with the fold out motherboard tray. Get a GREEN LED Fan for this empty slot. I recommend the APEVIA CF4SL-UGN Green LED fan, also sold here. I also recommend the Muskin 550250 580 watt PSU which also has a green LED fan. ;) If you're using a large CPU cooler, install it LAST. Even though it fits inside the case, it's a snug fit. Once you install it, you won't have space to do anything else. In fact, assemble everything in this order: 1. 5th Green LED FAN 2. Motherboard->CPU->Memory 3. Power Supply 4. Hard/Optical/Floppy Drives 5. GPU and other expansion cards 6. Connect all devices from PSU 7. Install large CPU cooler 8. Lock it up, and enjoy! You have to install the 5th fan FIRST because you have to remove the panel on the fold out motherboard tray to get to that slot. The fan 'clips' into place, so you don't need screws. Use a modular power supply with this case. You'll be glad you did! ;)

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