Great Product but don't expect to get your rebate.10/7/2018 6:26:16 AM

Pros: It has ran perfectly without issue for 13 months now. I have always been happy with Seasonic's products.

Cons: I still haven't gotten my rebate for my original purchase. Which I can say is true for at least a ~half dozen items I bought in 2017 from newegg from many different manufacturers. I think its becoming a trend. Do not expect to get your rebate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Nathaniel, Thank you for your comment and sorry about the rebate issue. If you don't mind, please kindly contact us at with all info related to the rebate (proof of purchase, etc.) and we will double check for you with our third party partner that is in charge of the rebate. Thank you. Best Regards,
Worked Exactly as Described for 2 Sticks at 16GB and 4 Sticks at 32GB2/27/2018 11:40:09 AM

Pros: I have left my original review for this product below. I originally only bought 16GB and it worked flawlessly. I bought another 16GB for a total of 32GB recently and I felt the need to update my review. Again this product works flawlessly. All 4X8b sticks came up immediately using the XMP profile and worked as advertised without issue. I am very happy with this product because I can go between AMD and Intel systems without issue. Thanks G.Skill and Samsung B Die!! :). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Worked Exactly as Described. Plugged it into my Gigabyte Gaming X370 Motherboard And it worked exactly as advertised using the XMP profile. Even tested it with Prime95.

Cons: None really except maybe RAM prices... But I can't really mark off for that.

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5 Stars for the Inexpensive X370 Board6/16/2017 11:51:22 AM

Pros: Cheapest X370 board I considered buying. Everything works like the more expensive Gigabyte boards with the exception of a few meaningless over priced options.

Cons: SLI limited X4 on second slot.

Overall Review: Considering the price and stability. Its hard to put anything other then 5 stars. I have nothing negative to say I got what I paid for.

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Good Product but not as Quiet as I hoped.10/14/2016 4:50:36 AM

Pros: Its everything you could want/need in speed & air flow ect. I have a v21 Thermaltake Micro ATX case and I used it to replace the 200mm Thermaltake fan in hopes I could improve airflow and reduce noise. It did improve airflow......

Cons: Understand my case is an ultra low noise Thermaltake V21 Micro ATX case. I have upgraded the case with multiple ULN Noctua 140mm fans (ULN = ultra low noise). The 200mm Thermaltake fan that came with the case was very loud relative to all the noctua products in my case. So I saw this Phanteks fan and decided to give it a try as Noctua doesn't make a 200mm fan. Basicly the noise of this Phanteks fan doesn't change that much at low speeds vs high speeds.however at low speeds it was louder then the fan that came with my case also running at low speeds. At high speeds it was much quieter then the Thermalake fan that came with my case running at high speeds. So I only dinged it 1 egg, as its still a good product but not one I am happy with because it is still too loud. If you are going for a very quiet <20db case, this is NOT the fan for you. Thermaltake 200mm Fan @ 40% speed = Quiet(acceptable) not much airflow. Phanteks 200mm Fan @40% speed = Louder then Thermaltake (too loud for me) with greater airflow Thermaltake 200mm Fan @60% speed = Louder(too loud for me), a little better airflow Phanteks 200mm Fan @60% speed = Noise is the same as 40%, better airflow Thermaltake 200mm Fan @80% speed = Very Loud, a little better airflow Phanteks 200mm Fan @80% speed = Noise is about the same as 40% & 60%, better airflow Thermaltake 200mm Fan @100% speed = Ridiculous Loud, better airflow Phanteks 200mm Fan @100% speed = Noise is now getting loud enough to be real annoying, great airflow. I decided to run the Thermaltake at 40% speed or the Phanteks at 80% speed, its a trade off for noise and performance. So in the end I would NOT have bought this product had I known how it would perform in the noise category and will look for a better 200mm fan in the future or maybe just go for 2X 140mm Noctua fans but that wont leave me room for my digital fan controller..... So I'm still looking. Bottom Line if your want an ultra low noise fan this is NOT the fan for you. If you want a good fan that has low noise then this is a pretty decent fan.

Overall Review: Please understand this product is a Good fan, just not quiet enough for me at any speed setting. If your case is down on the floor on the side of your desk I doubt you will notice the sound. But if its up on your desk only inches away then you will notice.

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Great Case for Someone Who Links to Tinker10/13/2016 4:45:22 AM

Pros: I could afford to buy any case but this case offers so much fun for an euthsiatist who has built 100's of computers in the past and likes to Tinker with their build. I really like this case. Can't say enough.

Cons: I did not ding any eggs for these cons as you consider the price of this product, all of my complaints can be fixed but would increase the cost of the unit. 200mm Fan that comes with case is meh = Nice and quiet at 40% fan speed, but starts getting annoying loud at higher speeds if you put this on your desk close to you. It probably wouldn't matter if you have this thing down on the floor away from you. I will definitely be upgrading this part. Overall Construction and Build Quality is on the cheap side. I would love to see a version of this out of aluminum with high build quality especially on the fax rails. But again I can't ding this considering the price point.

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So Far So Good!3/1/2016 9:06:09 AM

Pros: This was the most powerful card that could fit in my mini ITX case. I had like 8.2 inches, and the card was just a hair over 8 inches. Even in a relativily hot case this thing is running well. I have one of the coolest little gaming pc's ever now. See this my review at this link for the entire build. First time I have bought a ZOTAC product, very pleased so far.

Cons: I am editing this. The above Pro section is my unchanged review only a couple months after I bought this card. In the past 2-3 months the card has developed a whine that appears to be coming from the fan. Once the card has been running for a while the sounds goes away. I have no problem with the card, but I felt like I should make an updated review. The card has always run HOT ~80C, I have now owned it for about 17 months, it developed the whine at about 14 months. The card is not overclocked however it is running in a slightly hotter then normal mini ITX case. Maybe 5 degrees C hotter then a normal well ventilated ATX Case. This thing might still be under warranty I might be able to return it when I have time. I originally gave this card 5 eggs, but I just reduced it to 4.

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Favorite Gaming Mouse1/20/2016 3:09:23 PM

Pros: I have been using this Mouse for 26 Months now without a glitch. I purchased on 11/6/2013. I game Heavily. I felt I should update this review, because I still can't believe how much I like this mouse. The rest of the review is over a year old. It is 01/20/2016 today. Button Placement, Weight, Feel. I have tried 4 different gaming mice recently and this one works the best for me. I think how I handle a mouse is called a Claw grip. Because my Index finger and my middle finger can work 9 buttons and the scroll effectively and my thumb only needs to work 2 buttons. Its perfect for how I grip a mouse. The rest of its features seems pretty standard across all gaming mice these days. It does have the ability to change its weight, but I just put all the weight into it.

Cons: I would probably add more weight to it if I could. But I have big hands.

Overall Review: Favorite Mouse so far - what else can I say.

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Great Looking Case with potential10/4/2014 7:15:42 AM

Pros: This case looks really good, very unique and contemporary. Conversation starter when people see it. I was able to build a pretty amazing gaming pc in one using the new GTX 970 card from ZOTAC that is only 8 inches long. Temperatures are 5-10 degrees C higher then what people are reporting in more normal cases. But well within limits and probably has a small bit of room for overclocking. Here is the list of parts I used. MB CPU CPU Fan GPU PSU Case Fan Memory SSD This is a very strong gaming build, I mostly play star citizen and I'm getting a 2440X1440 display to play very solid. I am not seeing any game I can't play well at this point. Temperatures, Currently I am getting a stable temps at 70 Degress C on the CPU and 79 Degrees C on the GPU, when I have had the CPU and GPU utilization at ~100% for a couple hours. Its a little warm (+5-10C) but well below many other builds I know of running overclocks. Things to improve on my design: I would get a different PSU and CPU Fan, since the PSU fan is directly above the CPU fan. You really need a CPU fan that blows air up towards the PSU fan. Also the PSU needs to have two PCIE 6 pin connections(I had to use two molex and converr them). Since cable management is a big deal anything you can do to improve cable management is a plus. Please note that the Noctua fan works perfectly in the bottom of the case blowing air up. The 4 rubber feet feet right through the bottom grill and seat the fan almost perfectly. Highly recommend this one. Don't be afraid to use some force to pull those rubber plugs through the grill and fan holes.

Cons: Obviously temperature is the only downside to this case, but with a little skill you can manage it. I would like to see the manufacturer to put some venting near the top of the case. Even if just on the sides or back near the top. Just to help release the air. Its not a big deal because the case is so small and with the fans I described it moves the air pretty good. You will feel some heat on the case near where the cpu and cpu fan is located. But its warm not too Hot. Also to get the GPU in the case you need to take off the bottom. Which is not a problem.

Overall Review: End result is an amazing looking Semi High End Gaming PC. Don't skimp on that Noctua fan on the bottom of the case.

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Very Happy3/7/2014 12:13:26 PM

Pros: Rock Solid, Has handled every upgrade I have thrown at it. With the exception of the onboard sound, it is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Cons: I ended up getting a sound card and disabling the onboard sound card. I was able to get it to work but not as well as a real soublaster card.

Overall Review: I was just going through my newegg history and thought I better give a review for probably my best purchase decision in the last 2 years. This motherboard is rock solid. We have ben through thick and thin together. I bought this in October 2012 and have zero issues with it. I highly recommend this board if someone happens to be looking for a Z77 board. I run SSD, HDD, a Ram Drive with 32gb of Crucial RAM. Just works really great. I get great load times in all games I play I'm usually the first person to load in any arena type games. I am a fanboy when it comes to this motherboard. Looking forward to several more years with her.

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Can't Beat it for the Price12/11/2012 12:14:52 PM

Pros: Works as expected no problems.

Cons: No Cons that I can think of.

Overall Review: I game and no one notices any problem with the sound coming through their end. Works good, bought it because it had the switch. Which is cheap, but so was the mic.

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