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It's cheap, and it works.4/24/2013 9:25:40 AM

Pros: Works as designed

Cons: very tight for a 4.3" phone

Overall Review: Don't think you're going to get your phone in this armband with the case still on it, at least not anything with a 4.3" screen. This is a very tight fit, in every way - which is good for keeping your phone in place at the gym, but might not be so good if you have to take your case off every morning. I'd recommend it for a 4.0" screen phone or less, but some 4.3" phones, I think, will be too big. The 4.75" advertised total phone size will definitely push the limits.

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Good inexpensive headphones4/21/2013 10:29:14 AM

Pros: Quick and easy pairing with phone and tablet. Sound quality is good

Cons: Volume doesn't go up very high, but it's plenty for normal use.

Overall Review: It's a great headset for the price. The earphones do swivel back and forth but there's no extension/collapse to account for larger or smaller heads. Earphones are comfortable for long use.

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Patriot Flash Drive3/26/2012 8:28:15 PM

Pros: Fast and easy to use, relatively cheap

Cons: none

Overall Review: Measured the diff between this 3.0 flash drive and my old 2.0 in the same USB 3.0 port on my laptop. Writing 3gb of data, this Patriot stick is roughly 3x faster than the 2.0 drive. That may not sound like much, but it matter a lot when you're talking about 1 minute vs. 3 minutes.

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does the job3/26/2012 8:14:26 PM

Pros: great laptop ram

Cons: none

Overall Review: Great RAM, dropped it into my XPS and it worked perfectly.

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Cirago bluetooth dongle works great4/7/2008 8:53:30 AM

Pros: It works perfectly - Vista loaded up the drivers in under a minute and I linked up my Logitech bluetooth keyboard in seconds. It's nice and small and almost unnoticeable.

Cons: None, it does everything as advertised.

Overall Review: Great bluetooth dongle, works flawlessly.

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Great Vista Media Center keyboard4/4/2008 9:40:57 AM

Pros: Easy setup (had to buy a bluetooth usb stick), everything works, great long range, touchpad is excellent, nice and light, keyboard is responsive, love it. Quality is great - it's not meant to be a desktop keyboard, it's a light one that sits in your lap.

Cons: No windows key, obviously it wasn't designed for windows. A bit expensive, but worth it to me. Not sure how long the 2 AA batteries will last. The touchpad is a bit small, but still plenty usable.

Overall Review: This is fantastic for Media Center in Vista - it fits all my needs, most other keyboards don't have much more than 4-6 foot range, this one is long past that. Easy setup with a Bluetooth key, found and paired it in seconds. It's light and smooth, keys are responsive (kind of in between a laptop and desktop keyboard), and the touchpad is nice. I really love this keyboard for the media center.

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