Nice mid-range graphic card - Fans don't spin until over 60 C8/10/2016 6:19:13 AM

Pros: - 4 GB - Good price/value - Massive heat sink & fans - Good OC potential

Cons: - Needed bios update and newest drivers before fans would work - Fans don't kick in (at all) until 60-65 C - Requires 8-pin PCI power, but doesn't supply adapter (2x 6 pin to 8 pin)

Overall Review: First off, I didn't know this requires an 8-pin PCI power cable. My older 650W BFG power supply has 2x 6 pin PCI cables. My friend's EVGA card came with the requisite cable to combine the two 6 pin (75 watts each) to a single 8-pin (150 watts). I'm a bit disappointed that ASUS didn't supply this cable. So if you're in the same spot as me your options are a new, modular power supply or converter cable (Not sure why you can't buy it here at Newegg? I'd much prefer it because of price, shipping speed and customer service. But alas, search "EVGA Dual 6-Pin Female to 8-Pin Male Cable" on another major online retailer and you'll find it for under $10). But, for just a little more $$$ you can upgrade to a new modular power supply which means less cables in your case and nice options for ensuring power goes where it is needed. If do you use the adapter, I'm sure ASUS won't honor the warranty if there's an issue, so in the end it's your call. ..... Note: From my reseach, this card requires about 200 watts of power at load. You'll get 150 watts from the 8 pin cable (or 2x 75 watts if you combine 2x 6 pin cables using the EVGA adapter) plus an additional 75 from the PCI-E slot. If you see a RED LED, you either don't have enough power to the card or it's not grounded. If you see a WHITE-BLUE LED, you are set on power. ..... Once I got the power supply issue squared away, removed all old Catalyst drivers and software (from my old ASUS card), installed the new card, and powered on the machine. Noticed right away the fans were not spinning at all despite a white/blue LED. Since I knew about the fan/temp issue, I didn't panic. But after getting drivers installed and trying to manually power the fans (through AMD Overdrive) I was upset. ASUS help desk was very polite, but after hearing about the issue told me to RMA the card to them. ..... News Flash for Manufacturers: If I've just purchased a new card, I don't want to RMA it to you for a refurbished one! And I don't want to be multiple weeks without it. If I'm going to RMA it, I'll send it back to Newegg who will take good care of me! ..... Before doing that, however I did some research and found that there was a BIOS update. After flashing it and rebooting, the fans still didn't turn on right away. Ugh, very disappointed. But, enabling the manual fan setting in Overdrive resulted in them spinning up! (Just remember to hit the "Apply" button boys and girls!) ..... I dropped the fan setting back to full auto & launched a (realtively) graphically intensive game (R6 Siege) and monitored heat and fan speed. Right at 60 C, they kicked on and the card never exceeded 65 C. With ALL graphical settings at MAX, I got a solid 65-80 FPS. Dropping the settings just a little (light blooms, AA, etc) and I'm between 90-115 FPS. That's all without any additional OC (which you can do with AMD's settings and/or GPU Tweak software from ASUS, but I won't discuss that here). ..... Comparatively, MSI is a little better with their Afterburner software compared with ASUS GPU Tweak. But in the end, I went with ASUS over MSI due to a $30 rebate. In my opinion, the two cards are equivalent in build design. A lot of people bash ASUS, but I've had really good luck with their DirectCU cards. This R9-380 is no exception. ..... Overall: If you are in the market for a sub-$200 card and you've got an 8 pin PCI power cord (or are willing to convert to one), then this is a good card to consider. It will get you playing latest gen games at full settings with decent FPS. It is a bit of a power hog (as all Radeons tend to be) and it's also quite long and tall, so you need to make sure you have room in your case. Also, putting this into Crossfire mode would be difficult for most motherboards. ..... Loses 1 egg for the following: - It should include a dual 6-pin to 8-pin power adapter so those of use with older power supplies don't have to drop extra money to get up and running - Documentation was very poor with the card. Should have been very clear that fans won't spin at all until at 60+ C. This will result in a lot of people RMA'ing the card! - My card required both a major BIOS update and newest drivers for the fans to work properly

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Excellent Mid-ATX Case4/18/2015 11:59:02 AM

Pros: - Tool-less design (only screws are Mobo, PSU, and Fans) - Bottom mounted power supply - Supports 6 case fans, comes with 4 preinstalled - Dust filters on front and bottom (typical air in-flow locations) - Accomodates air coolers for CPU (up to 175 mm tall) - Multiple predrilled grommets for liquid cooling designs - Two hard drive cages (the top one, 5 bay, is removable) - Accomodates 8 HD drives (3.5" or 2.5") - Interior is all black - Window on side to show off interior

Cons: - No option to mount side fan for GPU cooling - Front (orange) LEDs on fans aren't very bright - Front panel is difficult to remove (meaning fans are hard to clean)

Overall Review: Love the all black interior and the orange claw design in the front. Bottom mounted PSU. Good cable management. 2 HDD cages (top one is removable) accomodating a total of 8 possible drives. There are 2 slots up top for 5.25" options (DVD, Fan Controllers, SD Readers, etc). Overall tool-less design (including the back PCI plate covers). Cooling -- Comes with 4 fans (2x 120mm LED, 1x 120mm, 1x 140mm). Supports 6 fans total. No option for side mounted (GPU cooling) fan. Wide enough to support air coolers up to 175mm tall (Hyper 212 Evo, etc). Liquid cooling holes already drilled w/ rubber grommets. Hardware -- Interior is nice and the space behind the main tray is adequate for running cables. The PCI card slot covers are removed by screws. Extras -- Front panel options are all at the top of the case. 2x USB 2.0 & 2x USB 3.0 slots. HD Audio connections for both headphones & mic, large power button in the center and a smaller reset button on the right. Includes extra screws & zip ties. Manual could be better (but all case manuals are that way) Overall -- For under a $100 you get a really nice, mid-tower ATX case with 4 fans preinstalled (2x orange LED), support for both air & liquid cooling CPU designs, front panel USB 2.0 & 3.0, Tool-less design throughout, removable HDD cages, good cable management options, and bottom mounted PSU.

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Perfect for Audiovox/Advent Overhead DVD3/2/2014 5:20:28 AM

Pros: Price, Works Seamlessly with Audiovox/Advent Players, Long Audio Cord, No more interference!

Cons: Doesn't fit all car antennas/radios (needed adapters for both radio and antenna for late model dodge caravan... Metra EU-40). Comes with old school antenna plug, so check your radio first!

Overall Review: This works as a wired FM modulator. It requires a device that transmits FM output through a 3.5mm jack. This is found on the underside of most Audiovox and Advent brand overhead DVD players. The antenna plug goes into the back of your radio in the dash. You may need an adapter for this, I did. Your existing antenna plug goes into the metal box (again an adapter may be needed). The long wire is then routed behind/under the dash, up the side support beam, across the headliner to the DVD player and the 3.5 mm plug goes into the underside if the DVD player. Most radio shops can install this module for a reasonable price ($100-200 USD) if you aren't comfortable with this process. It works best if you disconnect the little blue FM wire from the player first. Now when you turn on the player, whatever channel you've chosen on the DVD player will be transmitted via the wire to your radio. No interference at all. This WILL NOT work as a direct sound output (ie. From an iPod)

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Good Basic Keyboard and Mouse3/13/2013 5:35:27 AM

Pros: Nice, clean design. Mouse is comfortable (and can be easily used by a left-handed individual). Excellent price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a very nice, wired keyboard and mouse combo. As long as you understand what you are getting (basic keyboard, two button mouse with a center, clickable scroll wheel), you should be very happy. It does not have back-lit keys, it doesn't have dedicated keyboard shortcuts, it doesn't do your dishes... If you need a basic, wired keyboard and mouse at a great price (which is what 99% of users out there will want), this is a perfect choice. If you are looking for more, look elsewhere.

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G.Skill --> Best RAM3/13/2013 5:28:30 AM

Pros: * Worked on first try (12 for 12 now) * Correct timings found by mobo on first try * Very stable * Low profile heat spreader (allows larger CPU cooler) * Beautiful orange color, very reflective (looks great with interior case LEDs turned on)

Cons: * None

Overall Review: G.Skill is my RAM of choice in all the rigs I build (for myself and for others). I am 12 for 12 using G.Skill (over the past 24 months) with every single stick I've used working perfectly the first time. I really like the G.Skill Ripjaws and Sniper series, but I'm drawn to the low-profile design of the Ares RAM. It gives me the room I need if an aftermarket CPU cooler (eg. Hyper 212 Evo, etc) is going to be installed. It's silly, but I really like the Orange color as well. The ad pictures really do not do it justice. It's a deep orange color and very reflective (LEDs just bounce right off making the them very attractive with interior case lighting). It just looks really nice when it's installed. You can get the Ares RAM in both blue and red as well, but I cannot speak to how they look. All my customers want the orange once they've seen how they look installed.

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Fast, Stable12/2/2012 11:46:57 AM

Pros: Good Latency Low-Profile Heat Spreaders Orange Heat Spreaders (personal preference)

Cons: None

Overall Review: A big THANK YOU to NewEgg for the Memory Finder (1st tool under Shopping Tools, left hand side, main page)!!!!! Helped me find RAM that was perfectly compatible with my 2 year old motherboard. I've used G.Skill in my last 2 builds and couldn't be happier. I wanted to bump up from 4 GB to 16 GB to ease up on the strain a bit and this was perfect. Awesome product, awesome seller.

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Wow12/2/2012 11:43:28 AM

Pros: Installed easily Nice design Cost Comes with thermal paste Has additional brackets to add another 120 mm fan

Cons: Fan clips are plastic and can break if you aren't careful

Overall Review: This is a massive heat sink. I'm sure you noticed that, however. In my system, the max temps were approaching critical at 57-58 degrees centigrade (too hot for my Phenom II 955 BE which shuts down at 60) on the stock cooler when using all 4 cores at 100%. (with good airflow, proper heat sink install, etc) With the 212 EVO in place, I saw an immediate drop to 46 degrees centigrade with no other changes. That gives me a lot of peace of mind when heading into battle. For what it's worth... I watched a great video on installation on YouTube from DarkDivinityPC (Link ID = OrnWVHdhGJ0). It was a whopping 31 minutes, but this guy took it step by step and made the whole process very easy to understand and follow. Don't know the guy, but he gets a big thumbs up for putting this up for everyone to see. NewEgg, as always, gets 5 eggs for their quality shipping (both in terms of speed and packaging). I'm always happy with the products I purchase here.

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Love It6/7/2012 11:56:40 AM

Pros: BIG ORANGE FAN Pushes out a lot of air with low RPM Whisper silent Comes with 4 pin connector, but it can be hooked straight up to a 3 pin connector just leaving one hole open Comes with adapters and good mounting hardware LONG power cord that is wrapped for good airflow and routing

Cons: It isn't free? I have an older case and can only fit one in there... but it dropped my case temp by a full 15 degrees compared with my old 80 mm fan (admittedly it was a 7 year old fan).

Overall Review: Buy this fan if you want Pulse-Control Modulation. Buy the other 120 mm Cougar fan if you just want to connect to a power supply and run a full strength (and save a few bucks). Also, I read a review knocking this fan because it only comes with a four pin (motherboard) connector. It actually also comes with an adapter for connecting straight to power supply. To connect it to a 3 pin motherboard fan switch... look closely at the 4 pin connector on the fan cord. It has a little raised ridge between two of the holes on one end. This ridge creates a "line" between holes 1-2-3 and hole 4. Plug holes 1-2-3 into the fan switch and ignore #4. The fan works perfectly including pulse modulation.

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Good AUX Cooler6/7/2012 11:47:56 AM

Pros: Fits in standard PCI slot Pushes a good amount of air out Cooler can be flipped so it pulls air from either top or bottom Inexpensive UV reactive

Cons: Many cases don't have enough room for this card because the cooler itself is the full height of the PCI slot. I had to rearrange a couple of items so it would not be stealing air from my video card. I really wanted to put it just above my card but I didn't have the room. Ended up putting it near the bottom which probably doesn't really do me a lot of good.

Overall Review: If you have an extra slot and want to give it a shot, this fan does what it says it will

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WOW!!! ASRock Rocks!4/22/2011 6:24:03 AM

Pros: This motherboard is an amazing buy! I've always been an ASUS guy, but now I'm rethinking it. This board is an overclocker's dream, especially at the bargain basement price. The number of configurable items is nothing short of astounding. It seems like you can tweak EVERY setting to a VERY fine degree. On the other hand, you can load some nice, default, tweaked profiles (or) use the included software to overclock. It also includes a very nice BIOS flash utility in the main interface making it easy to use. It was quite a bit narrower (about 2-3") than my previous board, but still fit nicely in the case. The power inputs accepted full 24-pin & 8-pin power connectors (but also runs on 20-pin & 4 pin if needed). Onboard audio is excellent. The set of powered, hybrid eSATAII/USB connectors in the back is a nice touch. Finally, the inclusion of 3 regular PCI slots along with 2 PCI-Express slots (use the green one first) makes this a very expandable and accomodating motherboard.

Cons: The CPU fan was set to the highest setting (9) by default. While that keeps it cooler, I wanted something a little quieter. Under the hardware monitoring section, I was able to set the desired fan speed to 1-2 which drastically reduced the noise until higher temps are reached. I had an odd ATAPI incompatibility error (Master) from my DVD Burner that took a few minutes to track down (it was a bad cable). Then, I had to turn off the slave IDE (to not installed) to keep the same error from showing up on the slave side.

Overall Review: If you are considering upgrading or rebuilding and want a very affordable solution, give this board serious consideration. Combined with an Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition and 4 GB G.Skill Ripjaws Low Latency RAM (item N82E16820231303 here) you have a nice, very overclockable setup for very little cash.

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Great RAM in AM3 Mobo4/22/2011 6:05:23 AM

Pros: This RAM is very fast (once the timings are set correctly and it's run in dual-channel mode). The heat spreaders are very effective at keeping it cool while helping it to look cool as well.

Cons: On getting the package, I was initially upset. The blister packaging noted the RAM was designed for Intel. This was a problem as I have an ASRock M3A770DE (AMD AM3) mobo. No worries, though... plugged right in and was recognized. This brings me to my only other complaint. My motherboard (with fully updated BIOS) auto-detected this RAM as having a latency of 9 instead of 7. I had to manually set the correct timing. While quickly fixed, this could be somewhat difficult for someone with a lower tech level.

Overall Review: If you need some really fast, really stable RAM... get these now.

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