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Ok Headset4/30/2015 4:46:10 PM

Pros: Sounds decent, but is a bit small for my taste. works great for short sessions of wearing them, but wear them for too long and they will start to irritate you. never really used the microphone so can't speak for the quality of it, but it is detachable. Has a nice sturdy cable and good audio controls.

Cons: The mic will break after about a year with or without consistent use. After a month or so of use if you turn it up too lound you will get a light amount of static which grows exponentially louder as you turn up the volume, but overall doesn't much of a problem as long as the audio signal you are getting doesn't get too low.

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Great GPU4/30/2015 4:34:53 PM

Pros: Great GPU has enough power for running games with beautiful graphics settings. Runs fairly cool given it has enough space to properly vent air. Comes with great software for controlling and monitoring you GPU. Overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality GPU for gaming and so on.

Cons: Is a bit loud but if you have a good headset on you will never notice it even without a headset it isn't loud enough to be bothersome.

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Awesome Mouse Pad4/30/2015 4:29:19 PM

Pros: Large mouse pad with a great feel to it. Optimal level of friction for moving you mouse precisely. Amazing for Gamers who are looking to improve their aim or just need a new mouse pad.

Cons: None that I could find.

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