it's a beast7/9/2021 6:34:11 PM

Pros: It looks good. It runs everything at high settings. During the winter, I can warm my house with the heat coming out of the back.

Cons: GPUs are still overpriced but when you need a card, you need a card.

Overall Review: This thing is a beast. I can run Among Us at top settings. I can watch in wide eyed enthusiasm as I get killed within the first minute of game play or as I'm voted off during the first emergency meeting because I took too long on a task. It means that I can watch youtube videos while I wait for the round to end and I can get back to dying early.

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Small box...BIG sound2/5/2010 12:53:29 PM

Pros: For a small, streamline set of boxes, these speakers are great. The front box fits nicely in front of my 47" LCD TV without blocking the RF sensor for the TV remote (as long as you're not laying on the floor). It's a beautiful gloss black that matches nicely. The sound is several magnitudes better than the stock TV speakers.

Cons: The remote is kind of cheesy. Adds another remote to an ever growing pile.

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9/4/2008 7:30:25 AM

Pros: Very clean looking (not that you'll see them once installed). No problems on install (these were installed on a new laptop that had not been started up yet).

Cons: None as of yet

Overall Review: Installed on a new Acer Travelmate w/ XP pro. Computer runs like a champ.

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9/4/2008 7:25:42 AM

Pros: It has a very sleek look to it. It has a small footprint. It's not completely loaded with a bunch of worthless 3rd party software (don't get me wrong, I did remove a couple but not as much as I had to with my Compaq/HP when I bought that). The battery shows a lifetime of around 5 hours. Haven't drained it yet but I hope to soon.

Cons: It's a little hefty for such a small footprint (I was expecting something a little lighter). Having to update XP to sp3 was a bit of an annoyance.

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