Great SSD4/21/2017 11:37:51 AM

Pros: Speeds are crazy fast, it worked perfectly fine on my ASRock X370 Taichi board even knowing it was not on the list of supported bootable NVME drives.

Cons: None

Overall Review: My last three SSD's have all been Samsung and all are working fine and the speeds are as advertised.

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Great cooler from Corsair4/21/2017 11:35:11 AM

Pros: Does the job on a ASRock X370 Taichi AM4 board I overclocked my Ryzen 7 1700 to 3.9G and under full 100% load the cpu temp never goes beyond 48C. I tried several software utilities to verify that temp and they all show the same. Easy to install and the fans are awesome and quiet. Could not be happier with this purchase and it has Ryzen support right out of the box.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Software works fine I have not seen any issues with it. If your case supports a large Rad look no further you found your water cooler. Do your homework before buying this product and make sure its fits. If you buy it and it does not fit don't rate the product low look in the mirror with shame for not doing your research.

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Great memory from a great company4/21/2017 11:27:07 AM

Pros: Memory runs at the rated speed using the xmp profile on the ASRock X370 Taichi board. I have been using nothing but GSkill memory on my past 4 builds and they never let me down.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I have not tried overclocking the memory yet but from all the reviews I don't expect any issues.

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Great CPU4/21/2017 11:23:19 AM

Pros: Seems everyone is getting a good overclock on this CPU, mine reached 3.9G on an ASRock X370 Taichi board. Runs cool and only needs 1.26 volts to reach 3.9G

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great CPU for gaming and professional workloads. Welcome back AMD you were missed. Not all games take advantage of this great CPU but Windows loves 8 cores it is amazingly fast.

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4/21/2017 11:17:11 AM

Pros: I don't have fancy equipment to verify voltage I am going on the assumption that it is working as advertised and as good as all the reviews stated for this model It is working perfectly in my Corsair 780T case. It is a bit longer than my 850 watt PS from my previous PC but that is not a problem.

Cons: My only grip are the screws that came with it, when trying to secure it to the case the screws did not grab very well I had to put some pressure on it to drive them into the holes.

Overall Review: It powers my new Ryzen 1700 OC to 3.9G without issues what more can be said.

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one drive failed with smart errors9/27/2015 12:04:59 PM

Pros: None

Cons: I stopped buying Seagate drives 10 years ago for this exact reason, high failure rate. I purchased 2 of these drives for my new NAS because Newegg was offering a good price for the nas if you bundle it with these drives. One out of two failed with SMART errors. I have no faith in Seagate but I am kind of stuck with them. I have already RMA'd the failed drive to Newegg I hope the new drive works.

Overall Review: I seldom have to give such a poor review as I research everything I buy to death but this drive was dead out of the box.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Mark, We apologize for the problems experienced with your NAS HDD, as this is not typical or expected. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your replacement drive, please contact us directly using the following link: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great card7/4/2015 1:36:56 PM

Pros: The card is well built, comes with a great cooler and great software. This card replaces two GTX 680 in SLI. I struggled on whether to upgrade since I already had lots of GPU power but I decided to treat myself. In the Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark i went from 1929 to 2540 with a single card. In the AvP D3D11 Benchmark i went from 224 fps to 275 fps. Gaming is smoother with a single card over SLI. All that said I am happy with the purchase and when the cards become cheaper I may add a second but for now there is no need.

Cons: Price that is about it.

Overall Review: I seem to have a great overclocking card. I am at 1434 boost and 7600 on the memory. I expect the memory to top off at about 8000 but the core I have real high hopes as it is running in the high 60;s to low 70 at 1434 boot. I am hoping to be able to push it to 1500. The card is also very quiet compared to my SLI setup. I would rate this card a 10/10 and highly recommend it. Intel Haswell I7 at 4.4G Samsung 840 pro 512 gig Asus Hero VI Motherboards

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Great memory6/30/2013 5:51:39 PM

Pros: Great memory has been working fine for almost a year

Cons: none

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Failed less than 1 year6/30/2013 5:47:21 PM

Pros: WD has a great RMA process it is very easy to get a replacement drive.

Cons: Drive failed on my sons computer in less than a year. SMART Status: PASS Test Result: FAIL Test Error Code: 08-Error was detected while repairing bad sectors. Test Time: 20:19:55, June 30, 2013

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the WD Black, as this is not the typical experience with the product. It is unfortunate that you are experiencing problems with your Hard Drive. We would appreciate the opportunity to further assist you, and resolve any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Great DVD6/30/2013 5:43:12 PM

Pros: What can I say it is quiet and reads all of my disks. I don't make coasters. I own 3 of them and none have gone bad.

Cons: none

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Great memory6/30/2013 5:15:53 PM

Pros: Great memory, very stable and runs at 1866 without adding voltage. I build lots of systems and GSkill is the only memory I buy.

Cons: none

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Hot CPU6/30/2013 4:34:17 PM

Pros: Run hot but very fast. Mine reached 4.4g @ 1.280V with little effort.

Cons: Need water cooling it runs hot but I knew that when I bought it.

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Great cooler6/30/2013 4:30:27 PM

Pros: It was the easiest CPU cooler I have ever installed. It does a great job at keeping my Haswell 4770K @ 4.4g cool. For the price it is a steal and very quiet.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The mounting hardware is the best I have ever seen in the 15 years I have been building computers, one of the reviews stated it was of poor design he is not correct or did it wrong.

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Great board6/30/2013 4:26:01 PM

Pros: Great board and easy build. The layout is perfect and I checked the memory QVL before picking out 16 gigs of GSkill 1866. Very high quality board. It took me a bit of time to use the new bios I am coming from a X58 board. Overclocks easy I have a 4770K running at 4.4G with 1.28V

Cons: I tried to use the onboard sound but I was unable to get my Logitech 5.1 speakers to work correctly. I have a new high end Creative labs card and was going to use it with this build but I did want to here the onboard sound first. I could never get the rear speakers to work unless I changed the configuration to 7.1. One other minor gripe the Asus software to overclock conflicted with Punkbuster and caused hard locks so I did all of my overclocking in the bios. I did like the software though but Battlefield bad company 2 is a game I still play alot and would hard lock after about 30 minutes of playing. Since removing it I have not had a single lock-up. This all happened before I started to overclock.

Overall Review: other than the onboard sound issue which I was not planning on using none.

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Great card3/26/2013 4:36:29 PM

Pros: Seq. Read 5557 MB/s Seq Write 501 MB/s Ran Read 90460 IOPS Ran Write 71520 IOPS

Cons: none really, I would not connect more than one SSD to it but it might be able to handle the through put

Overall Review: Great add-in card for Intel X58 owners.

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Great Gaming Monitor1/19/2012 9:32:44 AM

Pros: Very fast monitor with 120hz refresh rate and no input lag. Great colors for a TN panel, this has got to be the best TN panel out there. My scores in Battlefield Bad company 2 have skyrocketed I feel like I am cheating with this monitor it is clear I can see people a split second before they see me due to no input lag.

Cons: Price a little I guess.

Overall Review: I own the Samsung 275T+ which has the best color I have ever seen in a monitor but since it is S-PVA it had 30ms of input lag so my scores in FPS were just average. I thought maybe I was just getting older but clearly is not the case. I beat the snot out of those kiddies last night in BC2

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Great Memory1/9/2012 6:43:47 PM

Pros: This is great memory and runs great at 1T using the default voltage of 1.25v I had to set my motherboard bios to XMP once I did that windows booted fine. I did have to go back into the Bios of my Asus Formula III X58 and set my cpu overclock up again. My I7-950 reaches 4.21G so it is worth it. I have used GSkill in my last (4) builds plus I upgraded my wifes laptop to (8) gigs of GS too. I love the quallity of their memory.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I had (6) gigs of GSkill pc2000 I am not sure going from 6G to 12G makes a huge difference in windows but for 74 bucks why not.

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Great memory10/7/2011 9:03:00 AM

Pros: Great memory and very stable, I switched to GSkill memory last year for all of my desktop and laptop needs and never had a single chip fail. I ordered this for my wifes new Lenovo Z570 laptop. The original memory was rated a 5.9 in the winodws 7 performance index the Gskill memory rates a 7.3. For 35 bucks for 8 gigs how can you not do it.

Cons: NONE!

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Great laptop for the money9/29/2011 7:48:04 AM

Pros: Great build quality looks and feels very sturdy. The system came with very little bloat ware I uninstalled 2 apps from add\remove when getting it, McAfee antivirus and MS office 2010 starter. Wireless range is fantastic, it is sitting at the opposite end of the house from where the Actiontec router is located and I get 5 bars. The hard drive is only 5400rpm but I have to say it boots up in 28 seconds after optimizing the drive with perfect disk 11. I will add 4 gigs of ram at some point but it is not really needed. The LCD is really nice looking and the keyboard is a nice size. I paid 429.99 for it a couple of days ago on NewEgg it has jumped to 599.99 now still a good deal but I am sure there are better deals at the 599.99 price point.

Cons: None at the 429.99 price point

Overall Review: At the 599.99 price point I would expect a 7200rpm drive and a I5 cpu not at the 429.99 price I paid.

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Great board9/8/2010 6:11:58 PM

Pros: I like the layout of the board, you can tell as soon as you open the box this board is special. It shipped with the latest bios available 0402. I paired the board up with GSkill Ripjaws PC 2000 and they are rock solid. Overclocking is good I have an I7 950 up to 3.9G without breaking a sweat. It has an Intel NIC which is good. I have not tried the onboard sound as I don't think it would be better that a true X-fi addon card. If you are on the fence about this board trust me just get it.

Cons: None its Asus at its best!

Overall Review: The board has the ability to run (2) different bios versions at the same time, I don't think I will need that feature but it's still cool.

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Great Hardware!9/1/2010 11:30:24 AM

Pros: Quiet drive even when opening the tray. Plays Blu-Ray disks and they really look good. The drive is rated at 4x but I have to say it loads a BD fast. I have no real complaints about the hardware. It's also cheap in price!

Cons: I did receive software with mine it seems to be hit or miss on whether you get PowerDVD version 8 or not. That is not the fault of Lite-on I am guessing this is the fault of New-Egg not packing the disk. PowerDVD version 8 bluescreens Windows 7 - 64bit with a Nvidia video card, I looked at the crash dump and it is a Nvidia .sys file causing the problem. I downloaded and installed (PowerDVD version 10 mark II) and it worked perfectly. I installed the latest patch for version 8 but it still bluescreened my computer. So for now I will use version 10 until I find a solution. It only costs 53 bucks to get the latest version so I might just do that.

Overall Review: It is a little disturbing some people get software and some don't. Maybe New-egg is not at fault and Lite-on is I just don't know. There are many threads popping up about the bluescreening issue. My guess an older version of the Nvidia display driver might help. I have a GTX 470 but the 460 also seems to have the issue.

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Great card!!!7/28/2010 1:07:05 PM

Pros: I installed the card after removing all of my old video card drivers using drive sweeper in safemode. I installed the new card, registered it filed out the rebate online then downloaded EVGA OC Scanner to test my overclocks out using MSI Afterburner. Within 2 hours I had the card running at 800\1600\1850. I am sure I can go higher but at these clocks I am already much faster than a 5870. Got a 22,444 in Futuremark Vantage. Not bad for a $300 dollar card.

Cons: It's big

Overall Review: Runs hot when using EVGA OC Scanner it got to 100C but in real games like BFBC2 is was running at 81C Left4dead 2 it barely heated up at all mid 70's. Idle it runs at 52C. Running Vantage it got to about 86C. Great card and EVGA seems to have the best support and a great website. Don't forget to register your card on there website. I had to bump up the voltage a tad from .950 to 1.050 to get 800 on the core

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E0 Stepping!!!8/12/2009 6:16:45 PM

Pros: Well I got a SLB8V, Intel's site shows it to be an E0 stepping. After google searches it looks like I got lucky and received a good cpu although I have not installed it yet I have a good feeling about this one.

Cons: None it is cheap and it's a quad

Overall Review: I have an Asus Rampage this is a great board for overclocking my current E8500 past 4 gigahertz. This should play nice with my ATI 4870 and 4 gigs of Gskill pc1066. Thanks Newegg!

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IPS or TN3/2/2009 2:25:42 PM

Pros: I have to know is this panel is a TN panel or a S-IPS. Trying to find this info in difficult. If you do know what panel is being used please prove it somehow.

Cons: Can't tell if it is a TN or S-IPS panel

Overall Review: It should be clearly marked.

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NOT AGAIN!!!!8/30/2008 9:18:34 AM

Pros: Well my second kit just went belly-UP. Seems to be a major quallity issue with this ram. Lucky for me a new bios was just release for my board that allows the GSkill PC-1066 ram I bought when I first built this new system to run at 1066 so I will use that ram on my new system.

Cons: I always by Corsair or OCZ, this time around Corsair really let me down.

Overall Review: It's a real gamble buying this ram.

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