Used Not Refurb5/12/2019 9:32:33 AM

Pros: - Darn good price.

Cons: - Not "Refurbished" just an wiped down Used Card. - Rust present on some components

Overall Review: I removed the cooler to install a waterblock and discovered that the sellers definition of "Refurbished" is clearly pretty loose. Looks like the card was just wiped off externally and blown out. Lots of dust was under the cooler and inside of it. The thermal pads are deteriorated and crumbled upon disassembly and the thermal paste was dried and flaked off. Heck some of the parts have rust on them. Of course they happen to be ones visible through my waterblock too. If you don't mind disassembling and replacing thermal paste and pads, this is a good buy. If you however just intend to buy it and use it out of the box, I'd recommend a new one.

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Heckin' Heavy Refrigerator1/5/2018 7:05:02 AM

Pros: -Lots of Cable Management Options -Great fit for all kinds of watercooling options. -So much room for activities. -Excellent quality glass. -Solid build -All kinds of mounting options for drives. -Filters on every vent. -Easy break down of side panels and top. -4x USB 3.0 headers with plenty of cable length. -2x 140mm fans I didn't realize came with it. -Rubber isolated glass with excellent thumb screws. -Rear panel thumb screws are captive.

Cons: -HEAVY -Lower front vents (under glass) are riveted on. I had hoped to paint parts to change the color scheme, but will have to drill rivets to do so. -The radiator mounts have steps for the mounting holes that make every screw I have JUST too short. I wasn't able to mount my radiators how I wanted as a result. If the mounts have been flat it would have been a non-issue. AS it is I'll have to order all new bolts just to fit it together. -The Powder coating is subpar. It looks really good from a few feet away, but upon closer inspection it is quite thin in spots. -Removing the 5.25" bay cover requires removing the entire Faux HotSwap 3.5" bay assembly you see at the bottom middle. -The Faux HotSwap bay assembly has venting and holes for 120/140mm fans in it, but the holes aren't drilled out large enough to actually install a fan. A quick drilling will do it, and the holes are started, but odd they didn't just leave you the option.

Overall Review: -Radiator mounts put the radiators a little far from the side panels for my liking. Would rather be closer to make better use of the fresh air vents and filters. Likely so this can accommodate any range of radiator and fan thicknesses. I'm running thin radiators and thing fans so your mileage may vary. -Would have really liked to see a SD card reader on the front IO. That and a USB Type-C are all that is missing for me. -The Radiator Vent covers are tool-less removal via a lever under the top panel. I like the lack of visible screws there, but that means I have to pop the top panel off any time I want to check my radiators/filters for dirt.

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Quality Board without many Frills.12/17/2017 7:07:34 AM

Pros: -Running GSkill Ripsaw V series 16GB PC2800 RAM at 2800 without any issue. Doesn't want to go past that however. This RAM isn't on the support compatibility list last I checked but still worked out fine. (With a Ryzen 5 1600) -Fan control on all the headers is easy to configure and works well as far as I can tell.

Cons: -Should have bought the K5 Gaming Board. (Joking, but really I did end up buying the K5 Board to reconfigure this build with RGB lighting and a nicer looking board.) -The BIOS feels overly complicated to me as an old school builder. Too many vauge descriptions and lack of elaboration in the manual. -Wish the NVME slot was somewhere other than directly below the PCI-E 16x slot. Not a cool place for it to exist, but I get that this is a pretty standard location.

Overall Review: -Had some minor out of the box stability issues. Updated to the latest Bios F5a and seemed to cure any issues.

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Susprisingly well built, but lacking a bit of proper design.12/17/2017 6:58:14 AM

Pros: -Fairly Quality Construction -More Front I/O than anticipated -2 Fans provided are surprisingly quiet for how cheap they feel. -Windows are nice -SSD Tray puts your SSD on prominent display in the window.

Cons: -Using a Modular PSU isn't well thought out. The cords have to make a hard turn out of the power supply thanks to a support for the Mobo tray / 3.5" HDD bay. -Fan hole alignments don't seem 100% correct. I installed Cougar PWM fans in the top and the hole spacing on the case wasn't spot on for the 120mm fans I put in. I also put a 200mm Noctua fan in the front panel and it took me a bit to figure out the proper hole spacing for that one. Don't know if that was my brain fart or what. -Front I/O cables are just a hair shorter than I would like to see. -The 2 fans that come with the case are 2 wire only and have both Molex and Fan Header connectors. So now I have a molex connector floating around junking up the space until I cut it off. -Rear case fan is 120mm only. Some 140mm holes look like they'd fit and would be welcomed. -Quite a bit bigger than I anticipated. It really feels like the case could be a good 1"-3" shorter than it is without losing any usability. The front panel sticks up an extra 1" for no apparent reason. Wouldn't fit in the cabinet I had hoped to put it in as a result. (My fault for not reading specs better).

Overall Review: I bought this on sale for $49. If I had paid the full price of something around $89, I'd be disappointed. So if you can get it on sale its a good buy.

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Elegant Design but everything should have VESA mount11/27/2017 4:06:00 PM

Pros: -Nice Construction -Great Picture


Overall Review: I should have noted better before ordering that this doesn't have a VESA mount, but that was really disappointing. The available adapters people are selling are WAY overpriced and put the VESA at the bottom of the monitor where the stand arm is. That is really not ideal and for a lot of people causes interference with the VGA(why does it have VGA?) or DVI connector. I'm a Fabricator so I'm going to whip up a bracket that will work but it is silly that I have to. It should at least come with a quick bracket or AOC should sell one as an accessory.

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