room for improvement9/16/2013 6:31:13 PM

Pros: Set up was easy for me, I was done in 15 min. I using as a repeater. I do notice a increase in range. Areas where I use to have 2 bars I now have 4 bars. The range isn't great around 15 to 20 feet I say.

Cons: -Price doesn't match the performance. -Its unstable, it bounce between 3-4 bars within a few feet (clear path line of sight) -I notice speed difference between my ASUS RT-AC66U router vs. this repeater.

Overall Review: I'll give it a little more time but, so far after a day of use I am a little disappointed with the performance.

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some good some bad -Its okay.5/8/2013 7:58:13 PM

Pros: -Its looks better in person. -you will notice a differences connecting using wireless on your down and up speed.

Cons: -not very impress about the range (not much of a difference from my verizon fios actiontec) -the price they charge we should really get USB 3

Overall Review: I notice a 40% more range once I replaced the antannae with a more heavy duty antannaes.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
My 5th Nas...WOW! WOW!11/19/2011 5:55:36 PM

Pros: This is my 5th Nas - purchase few in the past like Buffalo, WD Sharespace, and QNAP turbo Nas...etc. I got this because I need a fast NAS for Home (not Business use). This got to be the fastest NAS I have ever used. I mean in the past I use to get 40mb-50mb with my QNAP but this bad boy does 100mb on average....WOW! this thing is fast...DSM is very good. I have two 2tb WD Black C. resulted in 3.58 tb doing Raid 0.

Cons: None really. Price lower than my QNAP. Wish it was more bays. I know you can add 4 more to it but, I wish it was like my WD 4 bay.

Overall Review: Did I mention this is FAST FAST FAST nas.

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Good!11/9/2011 6:48:39 AM

Pros: Good for the price. Night vision is alright but not too bad. Iphone app works but require some tweaking.

Cons: During install the screw on the camera arm broke the plastic washer on oppersite end of the screw. Had to be extra careful after that. Minus one egg for cheap washer. The camera doesn't have a wide angle - it wasn't enough to cover my property

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MR. SSD9/26/2011 1:54:04 PM

Pros: NONE!... own 5 ssd -2 of it Intel both still running strong.

Cons: expensive

Overall Review: 2 Intel -still strong after more than one year 2 ocz - dead as a rock 1-plextor - still strong 1 - G SKILL - still strong.

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4TH SSD9/26/2011 1:50:31 PM

Pros: I have 5 pc in my house and all five have different brand of ssd in it. So far Plextor ssd has held its own vs OCZ VS INTEL VS g SKILL.

Cons: No thing yet.

Overall Review: Out of the 5 SSD I own- 2 intel still running strong, G skill phoenix pro still strong, & Plextor still strong. The only two that die on me is OCZ Vortex and AGility. I also purchased all from NEWEGG!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year

Pros: Great Graphics. Battle system is good.

Cons: THE WORST FF I HAVE EVER PLAYED! after 10 hours of play and I still don't know the story. I give up and put it aside and Imagine I never brought it. I also dislike the main person was a female....but, it wasn't the reason I stop playing.

Overall Review: WOW! Now I know why Square soft ( I mean enix) is dead!

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Its Okay - Does the job.6/21/2011 6:48:08 AM

Pros: I didn't use it for outdoor I simply use it for indoor and pointed at the direction I needed wi fi. It did the job I mean I got 4 bars in area that I got 1 previously. However, I was hoping to see a little more distances. The current location with my set up is in line of sight - I have nothing blocking it because its pointed the antenna facing my balcony sliding door (which is glass) and even through I get better reception in area where I wasn't but, it was only 50 feet away from this antenna. any more than 50 feet I notice the speed would drop significantly - not sure is the 30 feet cable making it weaker.

Cons: none really it increase wi fi - just don't expect too much.

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h 0 l y batman!6/21/2011 6:39:38 AM

Pros: WOW! This thing is thick.. looks like great effort is put in making it. Its long ...longer than what I needed. Did I mention its THICK...

Cons: Its thick...thump size thick. The size could be a pro and a con. It depends how you look at it.

Overall Review: its a big cable...

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Its what it is6/21/2011 6:35:59 AM

Pros: It is what it is an ext. does what it suppose to.

Cons: none

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LOOKS BIG!6/21/2011 6:34:40 AM

Pros: Didn't gain any distance on my verizon fios Antec router. Didn't lose any either. Not sure did I get extra bars.... If I gain its might be one. However, this baby is huge compare to my OEM one. It might not have great performance gain but its looks cool.

Cons: none- just buy it for size!

Overall Review: didn't notice any rathing or noise when shaked - like other reviewer got.

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Awsome! Just Awsome.6/16/2011 1:32:15 PM

Pros: This is a Awsome card. I was afraid to install it on my xps420 at first but, did it and been running fine issues. Window index 7.9 if this means anything.

Cons: none really. It huge as expected.

Overall Review: didn't do the rebate. too much work.

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REALLY! 1402/21/2011 6:24:44 AM

Pros: These are good speaker but, not for the price its currently at. The knobs at front such as base and treble knobs are a great unlike my bose companion 2 speaker which have volume only.

Cons: BASS! BASS! BASSSS? There is non.... compare to my $90 bose companion 2 speakers These are huge speakers compare to my bose Campanion 2 (2x the size) That silly light in front is awful You will need your rubber gloves to adjust the volume(not kidding) The knobs are ultra smooth <---understatment The genius that put that idea there is a complete idiot.

Overall Review: Compare to my Bose companion 2 that cost much less these are awful for the price. The price for these should be 75 for the proformance.

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Really! $140?2/19/2011 4:44:40 AM

Pros: Front control for base and treble. Front "on and off" knob. Removable speaker cover.

Cons: Base! Base! Base? There is none. Compare to my Bose companion 2 speaker these didn't even come close. I was expecting more from them since they cost more than my Bose. -That silly bright light in front (wth) -The knobs has no grip on them so make sure you have your rubber glove on when you want to adjust the volume (not kidding)

Overall Review: I got these for my second pc that I just build. I must said I was really disappointed. They are twice as big as my Bose companion 2 in size AND cose 45% more. I expected better performance compare to my bose companion 2 speaker but I was wrong.

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Awful game1/30/2011 6:41:18 AM

Pros: There really no pros for this game. From the Get go you have to pay the 56 dollar and 15 every month just to play something you pay for already. I didn't buy this from newegg because I pick up on a snow day and was just idling at home.

Cons: Pay to buy the game and pay to play the game - that just awful!

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so far so good1/29/2011 4:45:07 PM

Pros: It prints good photo and all in one. Wireless/ ethernet port, usb port....good stuff

Cons: The rear is has its bulk part that protrudes out and makes it hard to line up against the wall...not sure is that done for a reason...but none the less very bad design.

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It makes a differences1/29/2011 4:41:45 PM

Pros: I have the 10/100/1000 dlink and needed another. After easy plug and play transfer between my NAS and my computer increased from 11mb to 16mb.

Cons: the product seems to be very fragile..most notable part is the rj45 ports. However, I don't think it will break just fragile.

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Good drive but!~1/17/2011 4:10:34 PM

Pros: The drive still running.

Cons: The drive is stilling so is the rebate. I have a feeling that OCZ will screw me on this. There still no sign of rebate anywhere ....almost a year. Second rebate that I have receive from them.

Overall Review: Trick me once - stupid me trick me twice - stupid you. Never again.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are happy that your drive is working well, and are very sorry that you have had rebate issues. Please email and include your full name, address, product and date and place of purchase. We will be happy to look into this for you, and will see that all valid rebate claims are paid. Thank you
Its loud12/9/2010 6:34:03 AM

Pros: It does what it suppose to ... burns dvd and still working.

Cons: its loud. More noisy than any other dvd burner I have in my other comps.... I have 5 cpu in my office.

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Great processor12/9/2010 6:31:36 AM

Pros: There really nothing out there that can beat it for the price. I got a windows index rating of 7.4 (if that means anything)

Cons: The cooler that came with it is shady.... its loud ... but it cools the cpu under 43 degree ...but its loud.

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PnP (plug and play)12/9/2010 6:27:28 AM

Pros: Three letters P n P ....nothing more is needed.

Cons: Four letters Z E R O

Overall Review: Great product. It works.

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Really disappointed (CLEAN INSTALL win 7)12/6/2010 12:23:34 PM

Pros: At least it work 50% of the time. When it worked windows index 7.6. I did a clean install for Windows 7 64BIT.

Cons: 25 % of the time the disk can't be found. 25% of the time the disk fail to boot.

Overall Review: This is my Third SSD - All purchase from Newegg. I have the Intel x-25m, OCZ AGILITY 2, and this G. Skill pro. I have never have ANY issue on clean install on the intel and OCZ. I really wanted to put this one to the test against the ocz and intel but, I was disappointed that it keeps failing. Lets hope the RMA is good.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We sincerely apologize for the incovenience. We are sorry to hear you are having such problems. Please send the SSD in for RMA and the replacement should work much better. All G.Skill Phoenix Series SSDs are backed by a 3 year warranty. Should the SSD become defective within this time frame, we can surely exchange it with a new one. If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
AWSOME7/9/2010 1:30:54 PM

Pros: Great speed - I have few 8 gig P. xrt and this is even faster than the Patriot.

Cons: The light is kind of low - you really have to look at it close to see it blinking.

Overall Review: cap is gone after 2 idea where it when...knew this was going to happen.

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Great SSD6/22/2010 7:55:39 PM

Pros: AWSOME SPEED. compare to my 80 gig Intel x25-m -which got a 7.7 WI -the OCZ Got a 7.8.- shut down and boot is about 1-2 sec faster than the intel x25-m.

Cons: None yet- fresh install on window 7 32bit.

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Fast Read vs write5/5/2010 6:18:52 AM

Pros: Very fast read! WEI on window 7.1 vs 6.1 on old hard drive. Boot time drop to 25 sec and shut down to about 5 sec.

Cons: -The write also drop compare to my HDD. for e.g when converting video from avi to mp4 it takes about 30% longer on this ssd vs hdd.

Overall Review: -Don't know what the big deal is about these SSD. I guess its worth the try if you like me just wanted to experience it. If not I would wait for the price drop on these.

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