Works Great3/11/2014 1:59:26 PM

Pros: Quiet, cannot hear the fan.

Cons: The only con is what took me forever to figure out to get high-res hd to work, and actually, I had help from PNY tech support at 973-515-9700, These guys were great, one phone transfer to a state side technichian. The cables provided with this card do not support 2560x1600 (displayport to d-dvi) 1920x1200 max with d-dvi I have two Dell u3011 HD displays and the card puts out the 2560x1600 when using a diplayport to displayport cable. I never uninstalled my previous AMD Video Drivers and everything still installed perfect by NVIDIA. I also have a Wacom Cintiq HD tablet and use a j5 create HDMI/USB connector for a third monitor, and the NVIDIA control panel recognizes it and lets me configure it. I am using an XT Desktop, 350 watt consumption, windows 7, 16GB RAM, i7 processor at 3.4 GHz In closing my only recommendation is stay with the native connector for the video card. PNY Tech support said that displayport to d-dvi doe not support 2560x1600 but does at the lower HD. This would have been great if it was in the spec sheet.

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