Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Grr9/8/2010 11:13:20 PM

Pros: Graphics beat out the snes

Cons: The controls. Switching into fps mode is slow and clunky when you're in a hurry. I hate not being able to change the perspective while running around. I hate what they did to Metroid. This game could have been so much better had it used the chuck. Oh-well, good thing I played my friends copy before waisting my money on it.

Overall Review: I was very skeptical when the Metroid Prime series started. "Metroid as a first person shooter?" I said to myself. But I was very impressed with all four of the games (including Hunters). But when I heard about Other M I was very excited. It looked like they were going back towards old school Metroid. Boy was I disappointed. I can honestly say that this is the first Metroid game I don't like.

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Meh...8/2/2010 8:20:20 PM

Pros: Maybe the multiplayer options?

Cons: There is absolutely nothing about this game that makes it stand out as an RPG. Take any really great RPG and strip it of all its unique and creative elements and you have Dragon Quest IX. The game was way too easy and the monster variety is lame at best. I could never bring myself to play this game for more than 30 minutes at a time because it was just too boring. I actually found myself switching over Final Fantasy VII on my PSP, a game that I have beaten dozens of times. If this is your first RPG, I'd look elsewhere. If you already have experience with RPGs you will find nothing new here.

Overall Review: If you're looking for an RPG that will take you forever to beat because you just can't bring your self to actually turn it on then look no further. IMO, this game is maybe worth 10 bucks... I got hosed and if you buy this game you will too.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Not bad6/21/2010 10:23:42 PM

Pros: The fighting portion of the game is actually very fun. The controls are easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Cons: The story line is garbage and too much of the game consists of 8-bit side games that are extremely lame.

Overall Review: I would actually rate this game a 3.5 but since that's not possible I rounded up to 4. No buyers remorse on this one but it could have been much better.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
No good6/21/2010 10:08:50 PM

Pros: The disk makes a nice cup holder, seriously, that's what I'm using it for...

Cons: The controls are awful. To turn left/right you have to aim the wii remote off the screen. To swing the sword left/right you have to swing the wii remote left/right. Every time you try to swing the sword at an enemy, you end up turning away from them and swinging at air. The graphics look slightly better than the N64, the story line is terrible, the game play is repetitive and did I mention that the controls make you want to launch your wiimote at the wall?

Overall Review: I was going to sell the game used, but decided that using it as a coaster would better warn all those who see it as to how much I think it's worth.

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This was a good deal 18 months ago...5/28/2010 10:06:26 PM

Pros: Great CPU. Runs cool and OC's very well. I run mine at 4.2 ghz with a megahalem and two UltraKaze 3000s. Core temps never go above 60C while running linx with an ambient of 75C.

Cons: I paid $20 less than the current price almost 18 months ago! I paid less for my i7 920 DO which spanks this chip. I gave a 5 egg rating because this is a great chip but if you're currently thinking about spending over $300 for it you need to smack yourself in the head.

Overall Review: none

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Fairwell RAZER, nice knowing ya3/9/2010 7:28:05 PM

Pros: rubber coated keys even back-lighting Makes a nice clacking sound

Cons: Glad I didn't get this from newegg. Nothing against the egg, but the RMA process is a PITA even with the best of customer service. The first board I picked up suffered from the all too common dead key issue. This problem is so pervasive that I really wonder how this model made it to resale. I returned it for another and opted for an insurance policy through the store to insure that I would be able to get another replacement without spending a small fortune on return shipping if the second, third, fourth one took a dump on me after the first 14 days of ownership. The second one lasted 16 days before it started randomly launching WMP. Once this started happening I tried to close WMP only to have it re-launch immediately. Not a good feature for a gaming keyboard when you're in the middle of shooting zombies online. The only way to make it stop was to unplug it and wipe off the touch-pad (works about 70% of the time).

Overall Review: I should have just returned it and bought another Saitek Eclipse II. I like my RAZER mouse but this keyboard has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will not buy anything from them again.

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Zoooooom12/22/2009 11:38:43 PM

Pros: Fast with low latency. Very oc-able. Runs at rated speeds and beyond. Very happy with purchase

Cons: The price; I'm glad I got mine back when they were only $180 bundled with the evga classified E760. Still worth it if you want quality RAM.

Overall Review: If you like large cpu heat sinks, such as the megahalem, keep in mind that the tall heat spreaders may limit your choices. For example, I was unable to use a 120 x 38 mm fan on the ram side of my megahalem (120 x 25 mm fan will fit with the EVGA E760)

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Great case, poor QC11/21/2009 11:49:33 PM

Pros: I got this case as a shell shocker for 130 + free shipping. At that price this case is easily a 5 egg product. However, those reading this will probably have to pay full price and at 200 clams this case should not have had some of the issues I had to deal with. Regardless, the overall design is fantastic. The case is huge, which for some is a con, but not for me. I love a big case with lots of airflow and in that department, this case delivers. You can mount an ATX mobo BTX style which is kinda cool. Massive amounts of ventilation allows for lots of intake power without having to worry about balancing exhaust. Removable fan wall able to hold up to 4 140mm fans (unless you have a big cpu cooler. With the megahalem I can only fit 2 fans) Case is easy to mod to to allow for two additional 120mm fans on the bottom (holes are already drilled but covered by mesh ventilation, just drill through the mesh for up to 11 fans total)

Cons: Case vibrated way too much out of box. I traced the problem to loose rivets and had to drill them out and re-rivet a few spots which fixed the problem. Power/reset LEDs do not work. Not worth paying the $30+ to ship back for RMA. Oh-well... Many sharp edges on chassis. The included metal mouse pad is cool but also suffers from sharp edges (it cut me as soon as I picked it up). I had to sand down the edges to fix the problem. Some of the plastic parts (mounting clips for fan wall and front door) feel extremely cheap. I move my computer around a lot and nothing has broke on me yet, but some stronger pieces would have been nice. Some of the aluminum parts were damaged. The HDD cage was scratched so bad that... well, it's bad. The machining on one of the front rails (the thing behind the door that has to be pulled open to access the 5.25 bays) was horrendous. Unfortunately this is so bad that I can't fix it and it is visible when the door is open.

Overall Review: I read almost all of the reviews on this case before I bought it. While some of the issues I had seem to be fairly common (vibrations and cheap plastic parts), the cosmetic issues (which is mainly to blame for the three egg review) are most likely very rare. I also have a Cosmos S case and the craftsmanship is superb. I would still highly recommend this case to anyone (even at 200 bucks) and will gladly buy coolermaster products in the future. In all fairness, I never contacted coolermaster to request replacement parts for only the damaged stuff. For all I know they may have been willing to ship those out without requiring me to send back the whole case. For how much this case costs, I should not have had to spent the time and effort I did on fixing it. However, now that I've addressed most of the kinks, this truly is an amazing case!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good for a mild OC10/17/2009 5:44:20 PM

Pros: Sufficient for a 3.89 OC on my Q9650. Temps got a little high for my liking during Prime95 runs and VMware folding so I dropped it down to 3.60 when I ran my cpu at full load. With 6 120 x 120 x 25 mm case fans and a 230 x 200 x ?? mm case fan, my max load (after 12 hours of Prime95) temps @3.60 were 75, 73, 72, 69 as reported by RealTemp. The average core temps were all about 2-3C cooler. Not bad for a HSF at this price point. If you have less case fans, then expect your temps to be a little higher.

Cons: Installation. If you are putting this on a Gig UD3P it will fit, but the instructions will be useless since there isn't enough clearance around socket for the clip. I had to bend the clip a little and hook it onto the mounting bracket and then hold it there while I wrestled with the HS. But it does fit and patience is most certainly a virtue.

Overall Review: A constant frustration I have with reviews on cpu coolers is (and this goes for all coolers, not just this one specifically) is that when most people give their temps, they do not specify if it is a core temp or a socket temp. When I hear someone say that their cpu temp dropped to '55C', for example, and notice that they are running a quad core, I have to wonder what temp they are referring to. This is important since core temps (in my experience) tend to run at least 10C - 15C hotter than socket temp and both can be considered a cpu temp. So, with a socket temp of 55C, core temps are probably running at at least 70C (this will, of course, vary from one machine to the next and from one cpu core to another).

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Great if you know what NOT to use them for.10/13/2009 11:07:43 AM

Pros: They move a lot of air.

Cons: none

Overall Review: These fans move a lot of air, however, they produce very low static pressure. Using the fan as a heatsink fan is not advised since the heatsink will restrict air movement and reduce the effectivness of the fan. It is a great fan when used as an unrestricted case fan, otherwise you might want to consider the Ultra Kaze or even a Delta as they produce much more static pressure.

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Maybe a bit overkill, but so what!10/9/2009 5:39:29 PM

Pros: I bought this mobo for my new i7 build and have no regrets. Not only does this thing look awesome but its performance reflects the price tag. 1. Overclocking options were a bit overwhelming coming from a Gig UD3P mobo which is a good thing since it gives the owner much more control over the system. 2. V-droop is a thing of the past. When I set the vcore to 1.3v in bios, the cpu actually gets 1.3v +/-.005v! This range holds from idle to 100% load. 3. The ability to save something like 9 or 10 cmos profiles and switching between them is a breeze. 4. Onboard LED which displays error codes and cpu temp. Very useful when your system doesn't post and you need to know why. 5. cmos clear button on mobo and on rear I/O panel. Also has a power and reset button on the mobo which is awesome for testing your mobo on a bench or without a case. 6. Layout of the board couldn't be better IMO; works extremely well with the CM Cosmos S. There are too many pros to list here.

Cons: None for the mobo. However, and I did not let this affect my rating since it doesn't reflect poorly on the hardware, the mail-in rebate is a bit misleading. I purchased the mobo in time to get the $30 mir but by the time I received it via UPS, the deadline to submit the mir expired! There was a new mir offer, however, my purchase date didn't qualify. Granted, I would have bought the mobo without the mir, but I would have ordered it directly from EVGA and used my EVGA Bucks.

Overall Review: If you want the mir, don't buy this mobo at the end of the month. Also, there were known compatibility issues between this mobo and the enermax revolution85+ 1050 psu. I fell victim to this proplem but the newer revolutions solve this issue and an RMA of the PSU fixed it for me. So, if you have your heart set on this mobo and the revolution, just make sure that you get a newer version of the psu. Enermax can verify whether or not you psu will work if you can provide them with the serial number before you purchase.

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enermax rep gave me bad info!9/28/2009 6:43:23 PM

Pros: Continues to work perfectly with my lga 775 mobo

Cons: I did my homework and read the reviews on this psu. I knew that it had compatibility issues with the evga classified mobo. So I emailed the enermax sales dept. and asked if there was a solution to this problem since I wanted both the revolution85+ 1050 and the evga classified. I as assured that the only compatibility issues were with the e759 version of the classified and NOT the e760. Based on this information, I purchased the psu. Now, about 3 months later, I receive my e760 classified and the psu DOESN'T WORK ! ! ! The mobo works fine, I tested it with a 450w psu and it fired right up. I was given false information my enermax and now it is too late to return my psu. What a waist. If this issue isn't resolved very quickly then enermax will have lost another customer for life!

Overall Review: I feel betrayed. Thanks enermax.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, Please contact our technical support at toll free 888-778-7878 ext. 108, thank you. Sincerely, Team Enermax USA
Very nice9/6/2009 12:25:22 AM

Pros: Way better than the old logitech wireless (and I mean OLD). I know that there are mice out there with over 5000 dpi, but 1800 ain't too shabby from where I'm sitting. So light that it glides, seriously, I don't even push the mouse, I just touch it and it moves on its own, kinda like a Ouija board. I would gladly pay thirty eight bucks for this mouse even though I wooted this baby for twenty.

Cons: My instruction manual was in some sort of chinese/japanese looking language. But I attribute this to the fact that I got mine from woot (Probably why it was only twenty bucks) But seriously though, if you can't figure a mouse out then you have no business around a computer.

Overall Review: Razer makes a very nice mouse and I highly recommend this one.

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Very nice8/29/2009 11:23:36 PM

Pros: Big step up from the 9800GT. Mine is currently OCed to 725 with the shader clock at 1620 and there is still plenty of room to push further. The twinfrozr cooler is incredible, it keeps my card cooler at 725 MHz than my buddies reference 275 at the standard 638 MHz. I just bump the fan up a little and this thing can fold 511s all day long without breaking 70C according to eVGA precision. Did I mention how quiet the fans are? It also comes with an adapter which allows you to get audio through the Dual DVI port via HDMI connectivity. I don't understand why people buy other brand cards when this one has the best overall reviews and was one of the cheapest 275s when I got mine. I would highly recommend this card to anyone looking for a GTX series card. Best bang for buck hands down.

Cons: Since Newegg requires that I say something, the supplied utilities s u c k. But no biggie, Precision works flawlessly with this card anyways.

Overall Review: Some people complain that this card's fans are loud when their computer starts up. True, but why is that a con?

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It's cheap8/9/2009 2:33:35 PM

Pros: It's cheap

Cons: It's cheap

Overall Review: It worked surprisingly well for a $ 2 0 adapter... That is until I dropped it onto the coffee table @ work. The external antenna adapter is EXTREMELY FRAGILE and snapped off the pcb taking the copper lead along with it. So I had to take it and soder a coil of speaker wire directly to the board to act as an antenna just to get on line @ work and order a new one. I give it 2 eggs for working as well as it did before I dropped it and deduct three for it braking after dropping it only one time onto a table. I would suggest getting one with an internal antenna though.

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Killer PSU7/30/2009 8:56:25 AM

Pros: Lots of power and 80+ Silver with modular cables. Fits very nicely in my Cosmos S. Huge future potential with all the connectors. Awesome price from Newegg (THANKS ! ! ! ). Cool red fan bezel (which I cannot see because I have a Cosmos S).

Cons: 6x 12 volt rails. But with 30 amps each and a 1048 watt 12 volt max I can do the math, no significant chance of an overload even in the future.

Overall Review: What's with all these people leaving reviews for things that they DO NOT OWN? Like the last guy who posted a "review" for this psu which asked if it was compatible with his/her mobo. THIS ISN'T A FORUM. Seriously newegg, you need to screen the reviews better.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Shady Advertising7/24/2009 4:09:30 PM

Pros: This board works very well and is an overall value, however...

Cons: This board advertises that its memory standard is 1366+. That was the only number given on the box for memory which means that this board is capable of overclocking memory beyond 1366. It also advertises that the board supports 16gb of ddr2. What they do not tell you is that if you are going to use all four dimms, them you will have to run your ddr2 under 1000 MHz. One reason I bought this board was to overclock 8 gigs of ddr2 1066. Thanks for the heads up Gigabyte.

Overall Review: Now I have to buy a new mobo and I can guarantee that it won't be a gigabyte board.

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Sweet chip7/21/2009 8:58:24 PM

Pros: OCs like a champ, mines at 3.89 on air and I could go higher if I got a better cooler. In the six months that I've owned this chip it has only gone down ten bucks in price even with the i7's being so popular these days.

Cons: Don't you hate it when people list as cons that "It won't go to the bathroom for me"? I mean this is a cpu, not a colostomy bag!" I would be more worried if it did do something like that. I mean, it could poop for you when your lazy, imagine all the other things that it could do, like your wife. Now that would be a con!

Overall Review: I have no regrets and even though the i7s are looking more attractive all the time with mobos and ddr3 getting cheaper, I still love this cpu.

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Sweet7/21/2009 8:29:12 PM

Pros: This card is advertised with a 600 MHz core but all the system monitoring utilities I've used tell me it runs at 669-670 MHz without messing around with it. I've since used the nvidia tools to oc it to 700 MHz and with the fan at 65% the temps never go over 73 C at full load and I've gamed for hours (artifacting started around 720 MHz and the temps went through the roof). I don't know how typical these results are, but I can't complain.

Cons: Don't you hate it when people list as cons "It doesn't make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when I'm hungry"? Well no ****, this isn't a PB&J making machine after all. I would actually be worried if that did happen, I mean what else might this thing do when you get lazy, your wife? Now that would be a con!

Overall Review: I have received nothing but excellent performance from this card considering the price I paid and would recommend it to anyone in the market!

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Great value7/21/2009 8:17:15 PM

Pros: Sure beats S-video on my 47 inch philips lcd tv. The price was awesome compared to what I paid for my hdmi cable for ps3 from target.

Cons: Don't you just hate it when people list things like "It doesn't wash and wax my car while I'm sleeping"? Well no kidding, it's not a car washer/waxer. Quite honestly, if it did do that I would be a little worried, what else might it do while you're sleeping, your wife? Now that would be a con.

Overall Review: No cons for this thing and 5 eggs for the great value!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Nice fan7/21/2009 8:12:25 PM

Pros: It moves plenty of air.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I don't really know how loud this thing is since I have it in my Cosmos S with five other mismatched 120mm fans. My computer sounded like an air conditioner before I installed it and nothing has changed. I can't hear it over everything else though.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good stuff7/21/2009 8:08:12 PM

Pros: Does what it's supposed to. No problems with it at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Cosmos S 6x 120mm fans 1x 230mm fan 2x 320gb hdd 1x cd/dvd burner q9650 oced to 3.89 Gigabyte ep45-ud3p 1x xfx 9800 GT 2x gskill 2gb 1066 5-5-5-15 Zalman 8700 cpu cooler 3x 12inch UV cold cathodes This psu runs it all very well with nada for problems. How much more could it handle? Ahh... I don't know that's why I'm replacing it, but for the price I am still extremely happy with this psu and would recommend it to anyone who needs dependable power for a mild gaming rig!

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stay away6/30/2009 10:44:46 AM

Pros: none

Cons: The mouse wheel only works when it feels like it. Total pain when on the web and makes gaming impossible if you need to use it. This problem seems to be very common from what I hear. The mouse wheel also has problems when you try to use it as a button. When the scrolling does work, it is way too slow or way too fast depending on the application. Adjusting the scroll speed from one extreme to the other has a miniscule effect. My mouse would also lag when I was connected to the internet. This mades online gaming impossible and anything else if you always have an active internet connection. I have owned several wireless mice and have never before had this problem. I even tried a differant mouse to see if it was a problem with my other hardware. When the other mouse worked, I tried this piece of junk on my brothers machine an LAG.

Overall Review: My real overall rating of this product is one egg, but new egg keeps removing my one egg reviews. Unfortunately, it seems that newegg does this review editing quite liberally. My original review for this product was not my first to be removed my newegg. I try to honestly review every product I purchase but around 30% of my reviews (usually the bad ones) never make it onto the sight. I can understand if a review contains off colored remarks, but only one of mine did (and I never actually planned on peeing on anyone btw). In all other respects, newegg is absolutely unbeatable (with VERY fer exceptions), but I can no longer trust their online reviews if newegg is actively deleting the ones that discourage consumers from purchasing bad products.

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Get one!6/24/2009 12:50:23 PM

Pros: It's sturdy and looks great. I love the power "button" and the top I/O panel. With all the optional fans installed, this case stays coooool inside. The cable management works great. My CPU temp at load went from 75c to 67c! That's an 8c difference without upgrading by cpu fan! It can also support a large radiator without modification.

Cons: No deal breakers, but there were a few very small details that I must deduct an egg for since this is a $200 plus case. 1. A little more room in back for the cable management would have been nice. The provided room is sufficient, but a lot of thought and planning is required if you want the side panel to close properly. With the already massive size of the case, that's another 1/8"? 2. Some parts are surprisingly flimsy. Ex. where you install rear I/O plate and where you mount mobo. The aluminum could have been a little thicker without adding too much weight. 3. If you mount the optional intake fan in the bottom of the case, you will be unable to remove the psu's dust filter. 4. Coolermaster's own cpu coolers don't fit if you use the supplied 200mm side fan. Non issue for me since I use the optional side window and will be water cool my pc very soon (that's why I got this bad boy), but for some this is irritating. 5. Paint on the carry bars scratches very easily.

Overall Review: Cons cont. 6. I had to bend some of the tabs in the case before I could get the optical drives to slide all the way in. All my above mentioned cons are very minor problems and I only bring them up (and deduct an egg) because the case does cost over $200. I would still highly recommend this case to anyone. I have read in a lot of reviews that the cable management side panel pops off very easily. I too was having this problem initially. I would suggest revising your cable management layout. On the side panel itself, there is a frame/reinforcement that sticks out almost 1/4" (rough guess) which reduces clearance allowed for thicker psu cables. By simply routing my cables above this and using the zip ties to hold them tightly against the case chassis I was eventually able to get the side panel to close properly. Setting up the cable management properly will probably take a long time so don't rush it. It requires thought and planning and will work very well if done correctly.

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Great panel6/19/2009 4:46:40 PM

Pros: Sturdy construction and it looks great on my cosmos s. Considering the shipping box I am absolutely dumbfounded that there were no scratches on the window

Cons: The packaging for shipping is horrible. When the UPS guy dropped it off he looked embarrassed by how beat up the box was. However, after examining the packaging it is impossible to fault UPS in any way whatsoever. The cardboard shipping box is little thicker than construction paper and there is no protective covering over the Plexiglas window. Might as well slap the shipping label right on the panel and use the shipping box as toilet paper.

Overall Review: I received the side panel at the same time as the actual cosmos s case. I just can't figure out why coolermaster would put such thought and effort into protecting the case and then ignore delicate accessories like this side panel. I gave a 5 egg rating because the panel just plain rocks and mine didn't come damaged (I consider myself very lucky). If, however, this were a rating for the shipping material, one egg would have been generous.

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