Amazing Laptop, best for it's price.9/17/2016 6:43:41 PM

Pros: -Sharp Bright screen, don't know what everyone's complaining about - Sturdy keyboard -Came with a fast processor - 6th gen too which is rare for this price -Works amazing with an SSD -Comes with a decent GPU, enough to play top gen games on medium-low -Very lightweight and great material to the backplate

Cons: -Keyboard could be backlit -No optical drive so could've atleast came with a caddy for additional hard-drive -Had to switch bootmode to legacy inorder it to recognize bootable drives -Power button is a key

Overall Review: I immediately installed my SSD into this asoon as I got it. The SSD ran like a charm, the processor didn't bottleneck the speed so it ran flawlessly with an average 10 second boot time. The 1tb that came with it is now in a caddy I bought from another site where im just gonna store my mass storage files on. All in all, great buy! Have no idea what everybody's complaining about. I also notice the E5-575G-53VG counterpart to this on another site that is slightly newer is loved by thousands of reviews even though on paper, it seems the difference is the 256 SSD and backlit keyboard, but once you buy a 500gb ssd from newegg and put it in this laptop, it becomes even better for less the price - so it threw me off a bit when the reviews were so different, but I'm glad I bought this one and upgraded it.

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great product, alot of the issues from earlier reviews have been fixed7/10/2016 4:55:39 AM

Pros: - Easy to take apart for extra fan installation -Spacious -Convenient spots for cable ties - Lots of extra screws for mounting and upgrades - Issues in the past have been fixed (ex. usb 3.0 external is now internal) - Amazing air flow and beautiful design

Cons: - Although this con might be specifically for me but I wished the HDD rack was detachable since I only have SSD's I can simply mount to the back or floor of the case. This was an issue for me since my GPU is 299mm while the case fits a 290mm and would've easily fit if the HDD rack was not there so I had to do a bit of trimming on the case

Overall Review: I really loved the design of the case and the airflow so I had to get it hoping that maybe my gpu would've fit without any modifications but in the end good buy.

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