Great Case3/6/2015 6:53:55 PM

Pros: Very spacious, I was able to fit everything well and keep everything clean. USB 3.0 front panel

Cons: Front Panel audio doesn't seem to work correctly. Having it connected to the motherboard, it disables my rear speakers for some reason. When connected, plugging in headphones the sound is distorted. I see other people having issues with their front Panel audio in the reviews.

Overall Review: Great Case aside from the front panel issue. intel i5 4690k 16gb ram gtx 960 biostar hi-fi z87x 3d

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Works fine7/11/2014 8:43:56 PM

Pros: Works well, much better than stock cooler which I needed to replace over so many years of having an LGA775 cpu. It isn't as big as I thought it would be either so it fit nicely in my mid-atx case.

Cons: It's a 3 pin fan so it's always running at full speed. Not much of a con since I like it at full speed but others might not enjoy that.

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Second time buying this7/11/2014 8:39:24 PM

Pros: Does what it should. Easily dropped 10c degrees over stock thermal compound.

Cons: none

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great gpu12/3/2009 4:19:13 AM

Pros: Runs games great. Silent fan & idles at 28c This card has blown me away with its performance, upgrading from an hd 2600 xt. Can run Batman Arkham Asylum at 1680x1050 with 4xMSAA & 16x AF smoothly. DX11 ready

Cons: there are cons

Overall Review: It was a tough choice choosing between this and the gts250 Read through many site reviews & checked benchmarks Both cards performed roughly the same I even considered the gts250 for its PhysX capabilities But then I thought, gts250 is aging old DX10 hardware which of course will still last for it is a good performer, but no DX11 eye candy then I though about the amount of watts it uses which is way more than this card, not to mention higher temperatures the performance per watt was the 5750 by far, and decided on it. my system is a core 2 e8400, 4gb dual channel 1066, p43 chipset & now this radeon hd 5750 I am satisfied... for now

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addition to my previously made review6/27/2009 5:32:17 PM

Pros: it is 8500, I just had to set it on the mobo =p

Cons: works great

Overall Review: make sure to look into bios to make sure you have it set right at 1066

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nice ram6/26/2009 3:07:31 PM

Pros: very nice ram

Cons: in bios says clocked at 800mhz but I'm sure it's the mobo being weird

Overall Review: using a p43 mobo so I'm sure taht's why it says 800mhz, pretty sure on an AMD set up it'll read 1066 (ty memory controller). So don't let other reviews fool you.

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very nice motherboard6/26/2009 3:05:20 PM

Pros: Works great, easy to install and worked right away

Cons: the network didn't want to work at first (had to dl drivers on other pc) and the cd wouldn't read for some reason but that's fine I know how to get my way around things.

Overall Review: I like how it has many features in the bios for tweaking.

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great cpu6/26/2009 3:03:15 PM

Pros: It's fast, energy efficient. large l2 cache, best dual core for the price

Cons: I miss AMD's hyper transport and memory controller =/

Overall Review: this is a great cpu, keeps low temps and I'm glad I decided to get it than the e7XXX series.

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