Would Be 5 Eggs Except for Poor Packaging for Shipment Causing Broken Spool11/1/2019 6:03:16 PM

Overall Review: The filament shipped promptly and was delivered ahead of the committed timeframe. The color is excellent, exactly as described, and the filament prints very nicely on my Ender 3. I feel that the price was fair for the product provided. I would give it 5 eggs except for the fact that the merchant packaged the spool of filament in a cardstock envelope. Yeah, you read that right - no box, just forced into a shipment envelope and taped around the spool. Predictably, the plastic spool got broken during shipment. Since my Ender 3 has a filament guide that forces the filament to unspool from the center of the spool, I don't believe that it will affect the way the material is able to be used for me. If the damage was more severe than it was, I would have been forced to return it for replacement. The merchant responded quickly to my complaint submitted through NewEgg, offering to replace the product. I declined because I am able to use the product. They also committed to working with their logistics team to prevent others from experiencing what I did. All in all, this was a good purchase and I am satisfied with their response.

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Excellent Product - Works Perfectly7/27/2018 10:47:15 AM

Pros: All Pros - it does exactly what it is supposed to do - split an HDMI output from a DVD player, etc. into separate 15-pin VGA and 1/8" audio. No separate power adapter needed. I replaced a $45 powered adapter with this nice little device.

Cons: None at all.

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Good Value, Selectable Temperature Control Works Well, So Far So Good6/19/2018 3:16:47 PM

Pros: Selectable temperature control was the key factor for me. Holds the temp (optionally) for 30 minutes. Gooseneck great for aiming the water precisely. Packaged well, survived shipping perfectly intact. Detaches from base (this is sort of standard feature nowadays, though). Holds enough water for several cups of coffee. Fairly quiet, heats up reasonably quickly

Cons: The lid is a little hard to remove and install (I'd rather have this than it falling off, however).

Overall Review: I really like this pot. I have had a boil-pot but to make proper tea and experiment with different roasts of coffee, precise temperature control is necessary. I love the fact that I can dial in the temp and in a few minutes the water is at the right temperature. The gooseneck is more handy than I thought it might be - I can aim the water exactly where it needs to be, and with a pour-over or Aeropress, that is key. I got this on sale, but even at regular price, I think this is a solid value.

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Had My Doubts, But This Is a Great Cable!12/19/2017 6:40:35 AM

Pros: Green (if you like green); flat cable does not tangle; excellent quality build; rotates smoothly; has the top 3 most popular connectors - all in a single cable!

Cons: Green (if you don't like green) - jk. I think that the green color is a plus because it stands out against my (and others') cables easily. I can find it in a hurry.

Overall Review: I don't own an iPhone, and most of my devices are micro-B. However, I like having a cable to help others out, and USC-C and Lightning are the top newest connectors. It's great to have a cable that has all 3 at a price comparable to just one quality cable. Definitely recommend this cable - great idea.

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Decent price, very clean inside, Windows 10 Pro a plus2/25/2017 2:42:05 PM

Pros: Intel i5; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit installed; keyboard and mouse included; clamshell design makes upgrade to SSD a snap; good number of USB ports; very clean inside for a refurb (I bought two of these).

Cons: Nothing major, really - probably about $30 more than I think I should have paid, but comparatively reasonable price. For this price, an additional 4G RAM would have been welcome.

Overall Review: Replace the HD with an inexpensive SSD and this thing rocks.

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Great for the price, somewhat lacking in both design and function12/7/2016 6:18:27 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Decent sound Cord between earpieces instead of rigid boom like LG Tone Multiple sizes of ear cups included Stay in my ears fairly well Charging port well placed to keep them small

Cons: Lack bass. Controls are combined illogically. Controls are not consistent - you cannot skip backwards to a previous song, just to the beginning of a song (next song/track works properly). Very small control buttons make them difficult to locate by feel. Does not always automatically connect to Bluetooth - a second one-second press of the MFB is required MOST of the time after turning them on. Not as comfortable as my LG Tones (that cost a lot more).

Overall Review: While I will definitely use these when my LG Tones are less convenient, they require fiddling to get to operate. For example, the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are logically (with a long press) dual-purposed as Next/Previous Song or Skip Forward/Skip Backward, the Volume Up button is Skip Backward or Previous Song instead of what you would expect to be Skip Forward or Next Song. That may e confusing - what I am saying is that the button for Up should also be Forward, and it is not. There are only 3 buttons and they are all on the same earpiece - the right side. These are +, - and MFB. The MFB (I assume that means Multi Function Button) is used for FAR too many different functions, including: - Turn On - Turn Off - Bluetooth Connect - Bluetooth Pair - Answer Call - Hang Up Call - Redial last number These are mostly differentiated by how long you press the MFB and what your phone is doing at the time. Remembering how to get it to do what you want takes thought, and that’s the last thing you want to do when making adjustments. Two more buttons would have made it a much more functional headset. For the money, these are definitely worth it for a set of headphones that you won't care if you lose or break.

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Decent Device With Some Caveats2/6/2015 3:37:19 PM

Pros: Great sound quality; super simple operation; rechargeable battery; easily pairs with any Bluetooth device; compact; comes with a male-to-male 3.5mm stereo connector; decent battery life; recharge time less than 2 hours; charger cable included; has a built-in noise-canceling mic for hands-free talk; really cool "voice information" (see Other Thoughts). For the money, this is a great deal. Also, the supplier is VERY responsive to issues and concerns (see Other Thoughts below).

Cons: Must use a charger that supplies less than 1A (1000ma) current or it will damage the device. Computers generally output .5A to 1A, but check your car power charger before plugging it in.

Overall Review: NOTE: This review is intended to replace my previous two reviews, and I have requested that they be removed. I received one of these and I damaged it by connecting it to a charger that output 2A current to the device. There is a note on the NewEgg listing that says that the charger must supply 1A or less, and I did not notice that (the manual included with the device do not mention this). The supplier sent me another unit (without my asking!) and I have been careful not to use a charger that supplies more than 1A current. The supplier immediately contacted me and gave me a replacement unit, which I have been using for several days now. They also promised to have the user documentation updated to include the note about needing to watch out for over-current chargers. I was really impressed with the supplier's response. The device is really pretty cool. It has a built-in female "voice" that informs you (over the speaker system that it is attached to) that it is ready for a Bluetooth connection, when it is connected, and when the battery gets low. I particularly like the last part - other devices simply stop working, while this one tells you in advance that it will soon stop operating due to a low battery. The range on the Bluetooth is very adequate for use in a car - I have mine plugged into the AUX jack of my car stereo and can set the phone down wherever I want without wires connecting it to the dash. The built-in mic works well but it ends up being located on my dashboard and is a little far from my face and therefore has limited functionality for me. I also use it in my office to plug into an amplified speaker and it works well. Everyone loves it when it "talks" to tell me that it is ready for a connection. I got about 6 hours of battery use (the specs say 8 hours), so that was reasonably close to spec, and a recharge took less than 2 hours. Operation is really simple - there is one button. Hold it down for 3-4 seconds to turn the unit on or off. That's it (once you have paired it with your device, which is a breeze - no codes needed). I also like that if it loses the Bluetooth connection (like if you leave your car and forget to shut it off), it turns itself off after about 2 minutes to save battery.

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Decent little speaker11/27/2014 4:09:02 PM

Pros: On sale it's a great price. The sound is very acceptable quality for a low-cost device. Rechargeable battery, does not require Bluetooth, nice size.

Cons: Not all that portable but much better sound quality than the really small BO devices (so I guess that's a con with a pro). The battery does not last terribly long (most of a workday usually).

Overall Review: I got a pair of these for less than the list price of one. Very happy with what I spent and what I got.

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Great Quad, Not So Great Camera5/5/2014 9:28:10 PM

Pros: Includes camera, larger "mini" sized quad, functions easily accessible on remote, looks cool, includes spare props, very decent price for a RTF quad with camera. Can add cool toys like missile launcher, bubble gun, squirt gun, and grappling hook. Starting and stopping video is one-button easy - taking pictures requires looking down at the transmitter to press the right button, so not as easy.

Cons: Videos and pictures pretty blurry, only comes with one battery, LEDs pop out (just hot glued in). Also the motor arms are held in place by friction, so if you happen to get caught up in a tree or (in my case) a chain link fence, you can pull a motor off and tear some wires pretty easily. Spare arms with wires are affordably available from other sources online.

Overall Review: This is a great value. The quad itself is "mini", about 300mm diagonally motor shaft to motor shaft. As such, it lumbers a bit with the camera. The camera is a fun toy, but the images are pretty blurry (I have to see if I can tear it apart to refocus the camera lens). But, take the camera off, and this thing can zip around like a micro quad! Very agile, easy to fly even at 100% without the camera. Also, without the camera, I can get 6-9 minutes of flight per battery even though I am yanking and banking pretty aggressively. I took this thing up so high it was hardly visible, and never lost signal. The flip mode is interesting - just press a button, and flip in the direction the next time you pitch or roll hard. Highly recommended for those that want more than a micro but can't afford a Phantom or 350QX just yet.

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Nice low cost projector1/22/2014 1:42:32 PM

Pros: Quick start up and shut down, fairly small, two VGA inputs and one output, nice bright picture, simple controls, adjustments for height and tilt, comes with a remote, low price

Cons: This is a long-throw projector (high distance to image size ratio) and needs to be fairly far back from the screen for a decent size image. Fairly limited amount of zoom adjustment. No lens cap (really?). Does not cool the bulb down on shutdown (maybe that's not needed?). No HDMI input. The case is shiny plastic that gets scratched up and dusty almost instantly.

Overall Review: I got this projector on sale and the deal included a free self-standing projection screen, so I am thrilled with what I got. When you are shopping for a projector, you need to consider not only the brightness (lumens), the contrast ratio (how black are the blacks), and the input connections, but pay attention to the "throw ratio", which is expressed in a ratio of some number to 1 (like 1.4:1), and will often be a range for those with adjustable zoom. This will determine how far back (or how close) you can and need to place the projector in order to get a proper sized image. If I knew this was a long-throw projector with somewhat limited zoom, I may have opted for a different model (though at the price and with the screen, I'd be stupid to have passed it up), It does mean that my choices for where to place the projector are limited. I'll deal with that. This is a nice quiet, bright capable projector for general purpose use at a very good price. It's my second Acer projector (the other one is an LED super-portable one) and I think their quality is above average. I would recommend this to anyone doing PPT presentations and occasional movie watching in an average lighted room.

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Awesome Screen9/18/2013 8:37:36 PM

Pros: BIG. 80" diagonal (measured it to be sure). Opens and closes easily, and the mechanics feel very solid. Convenient and comfortable carry handle/built-in case. Well balanced when carrying it. Feet swing out to give it extra stability. Nice reflectivity. Got it in a bundle deal with an Acer projector purchase.

Cons: Very few cons. It is not the most compact thing when it is closed, but it's BIG when opened, so those kind of go hand in hand. Mine had a few scuff marks on it and the very upper-right corner of the white area had a bit of black smudges/streaking, but those will be non-issues in my use of the screen. Also, this is really only for use indoors on a flat, level, hard surface. Any thick carpet or uneven floor might allow it to tip forward. We used it in a barn the first time, and it leaned forward a bit but never tipped.

Overall Review: I got this in a bundle with an Acer projector purchase, and this is the BEST bundled item I have ever received in all my NewEgg years. Everyone in our office was amazed at the quality for the price.

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Excellent wireless router, decent shared network storage2/2/2013 7:02:06 PM

Pros: Installing a hard drive is easy, though when I followed the recommendations online and formatted the 2T drive as NTFS before installing it, it showed up as a 289G drive with 117M available space. So, I used the “Format drive” option in the device’s management console, and it’s now fully available and I am backing up files from 3 different computers to it as I type (using Uranium Backup, not the software provided by Netgear). The format took about 5-10 minutes, and there was no option for “quick format”. When you attach a USB drive, it becomes available automatically, which makes it easy. It has an Access Point mode, which was great because I already have a DSL modem/router that I needed to attach it to. You lose much of the router configuration options when in Access Point mode, though. It also has a repeater capability, but can’t see it being used for that. Wireless setup is a breeze if you know what you are doing, and it had a default SSID with WPA to protect you if you don’t. Throughput is more than adequate for my needs (backup and shared network storage, primarily). Controlling access to folders on the unit is easy, but it MUST have at least one folder that is accessible to everyone on the network – you cannot restrict them all. The wireless has both 2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n, so that’s a plus. The wireless and the router are really strong suits for this device. Shared storage, particularly on the Internet, is not. The Cloud feature requires an account and installing software to access it. Not a high value for me. As for the printer sharing, you can connect a USB printer and allow access to it by any computer on the network, but you need to install software on each PC to use it. I guess if I really needed a printer on the network, I would use this, but getting a wireless printer is probably an easier option.

Cons: Con: You need to have one folder that everyone on your network can have access to without a password. I set this “must include” access up on an empty folder so that all other access requires credentials, but why it forces me to have one folder that everyone can access is beyond me. It does not make things easier for the novice, and it gets in the way of an experienced network admin. Other than that, the LAN access configuration is easy and well-featured. When it comes to allowing access from the Internet, it let me down. Big time. I have not yet got the FTP working, because apparently it needs to have “/shares” on the end of the server to be accessible, and I don’t know of a client that allows that (both IE and FileZilla fail to connect). FTP services from the Internet is a bust at this point. Next comes the HTTP access from the Internet. It does not allow for complete access control. Remember that “everyone has access” default required folder I mentioned? Guess what – that folder is accessible via the Internet if you turn that feature on. No username, no password. Just a URL and it’s wide open. Now, it’s read only, and I left this default folder empty, but so what? I should be able to control access to EVERYTHING if I want to. Finally, an annoyance with no resolution – the admin login times out in about 5 minutes and I have not found a way to adjust it. When experimenting with the settings and remote access, it’s just plain a pain to have to re-enter the name and password so often.

Overall Review: It’s a solid value for a great router and shared storage that’s easy to configure. The Internet accessibility works for read-only but lacks features to make it a secure and flexible solution. It has several other features that come along for the ride. I like it for what I wanted it for (good wireless and shared storage for backups), but if NAS storage is your priority, getting something with RAID capability would be better.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jonas, We apologize for the delayed response, but have some updates for you on some of the issues you mentioned. First, we’re aware of the shared folder restriction as you mentioned. We plan to remove this restriction in the upcoming firmware release, so users will not need to grant everyone read access on at least one shared folder. However, please be aware that in order for the Centria’s media server to serve the media through DLNA, users still need to have at least one shared folder accessible to everyone. Also, for the storage FTP access via Internet, we have tested and confirmed that IE, Chrome, and FileZilla do work correctly. We're concerned that you're still having problems, and would like for you to contact us directly at newegg@netgear.com so we can help further. Regards, NETGEAR Team
So Far So Good2/3/2012 8:29:51 AM

Pros: Large capacity, lid removes easily for cleaning, cool light that shines into your mug when dispensing, water temp control (though I imagine most everyone keeps it at 98C for tea, cocoa, etc.), great price before they ran out! It also has a little filter to prevent hard water calcium flakes from making it into your cup if you haven't cleaned it recently.

Cons: None really at this point. I gave it a really thorough cleaning and boiled diluted lemon juice to avoid the taste/smell problems that others have mentioned, so no problems there. Though I like the idea of the little filter, it's at the bottom and you'd have to remember to remove, clean, and replace it too before you re-boil. Not a con per se, but something I noticed. Also, the lid needs to be pressed down fairly firmly to be sure it's sealed. It clicks when closed, but you need to be sure to press firmly.

Overall Review: I replaced a Tatung 3L unit that has seen 2 full years of daily use in an office kitchen (the pump eventually gave out) with this model. This unit's lid is MUCH easier to take off for cleaning than the Tatung's was, but it also needs to be firmly pressed to close completely. We have the unit on an industrial power timer so that it is only on M-F 6am-6pm, so all we do is refill it and occasionally wash it out. Here's hoping for 2 more years!

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Good Idea10/31/2011 6:36:46 PM

Pros: An intelligent layout of 6 outlets to give space for wall warts and big plugs

Cons: It's spaced for a wall outlet, but won't work on most power strips. It would be really cool to have a power strip with this kind of intelligent layout.

Overall Review: Good price for 2

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Not Impressed - RMA Here I Come!7/15/2011 10:57:18 AM

Pros: I got it on sale. It had a mail-in rebate, though I'll not be using it.

Cons: MANY. The product does not work well. The documentation is very lacking. The reset button works differently on one than it does the other. The pass codes printed on the unit do NOT work when trying to use the software to manage them (it says the pass code is wrong when using the software.

Overall Review: There should be a zero-egg option for products that fail to work as miserably as this one does. Clearly, this is not a product that was well designed or properly tested. Even if I just got a lemon, the poor documentation alone is worthy of the low rating. Aside from the useless documentation, these things do not work beyond a minimal functionality. I live in a 1100 square foot Cape Cod, so my house wiring is not very long even if every room ran back to the circuit breaker, which it does not. If they are plugged into the same outlet, you will get a good connection. If they are plugged into two outlets one room apart, the connection is "FAIR" to "POOR" according to the software. If one is in the house and the other is in the garage (my intended use), the connection is NONE. I REALLY wanted these to do the trick. My garage is 60' from my house and has cinderblock walls, so wireless does not work. I will be returning these and trying something that others have had good success with.

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Awesome Mini Speaker6/20/2011 2:37:45 AM

Pros: Remarkably good sound for its size. Small, very portable. Collapses to make it smaller, expands to boost bass (it really works). Rechargeable battery via any standard mini-B USB cable. Volume control on the unit. Can daisy-chain with more X-Mini speakers or another type with standard earphone plug.

Cons: A little on the expensive side. Not stereo. Not for audiophiles.

Overall Review: I have recommended this speaker after buying my first one over a year ago for $30, and everyone that has bought on my recommendation is pleased with their purchase. This is not a speaker that can fill a concert hall with symphonic sound, but I have used it to great success with PowerPoint presentations that required sound in a standard boardroom and for that it is surprisingly adequate. Sometimes when I am working in the kitchen or the garage, I will connect this to my MP3 player and have some ultimately portable tunes. I own 3 or 4 other types of portable personal speakers and while this isn't stereo, it is the best sound quality of the bunch.

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Recommended2/24/2011 3:56:49 AM

Pros: Large heating surface that won't burn you if you touch it, wheeled base for easy movement, throws a lot of heat, heats up quickly, very quiet (just a click now and then), wall mount bracket included. Price on sale was eggcellent.

Cons: It's bigger than you think - check the dimensions before ordering. Cannot use with kids or pets around unless you wall mount it, as there is a reasonably high tip-over potential when it's used on wheels. Need better screws than the ones provided if you'll be wall mounting it. The power switch is behind a stiff clear plastic cover for no good reason, making it harder than it needs to be to operate. Also, why the manufacturer couldn't have just plugged each unit in for an hour before packing and shipping them is beyond me - running an extension cord out the door and placing the unit outdoors to burn off the chemical smell for an hour was an annoying requirement, hence the loss of one egg.

Overall Review: I replaced a catalytic fan-forced heater with this, and the quiet is very nice. It heats up the room reasonably well (my office is a converted loading dock, so without a heater, I walk in to a 50-degree space every winter morning) and provides radiant heat that's nice to have near me. I'm going to add a heavy-duty timer to turn this on an hour before I get in every day.

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Solid Value, Straightforward Use6/3/2010 9:03:45 AM

Pros: Neither too small nor too large, convenient dongle storage inside unit turns it off as well, uses standard batteries, simple controls

Cons: None if you got it on sale

Overall Review: I have several of these devices (I keep breaking them) and they are all slightly different in functionality. The Kensington presenter was not my favorite as far as function goes, but it does include a "screen blank" function that is very nice. Forward and backward plus a laser pointer, so add these together and you get a reasonably full set of features.

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Great value5/13/2010 6:41:01 AM

Pros: Well constructed, 4 total outlets, hinged

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I use this in my Pontiac Vibe, and with the hinged connector, it folds down so it doesn't interfere with the shifter. The hinge has a ratchet that you can adjust for stiffness, which is nice. The DC ports seem well constructed

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There are no volume buttons2/26/2010 8:35:17 PM

Pros: 8G capacity, expandable using micro-SD cards. Great sound - on par with the excellent Sansa Clip. Navigation is easy and is done using a scroll wheel that also clicks plus a center button and a menu button - easy to operate one-handed. Power switch is difficult to turn on or off accidentally and has a "hold" position. Plays WMA, MP3, Audible.com and other audiobook formats. Supports DRM. Has an FM radio with something like 20 presets. Nice screen. Plays videos. Very slim design. Battery life is good (rated at 24 hrs, I get 12-15, which is still darn good). Drag and drop, though you can create playlists using WMP if you want. Excellent bookmarking support - as long as your files are in the Audiobooks folder, it will give you the option of resuming where you left off if you happen to switch to another book, or to music, video or the radio and then return to the book. The micro SD and internal memory are separate when loading stuff, but playback is as though it was one space.

Cons: Uses the classic non-standard Sansa cable, so you can't just use a standard USB cable that you probably have lying around. Non-replaceable battery (unless you want to crack open the case and re-glue it). Getting videos on this thing is a bit challenging and (imo) ultimately not worth the effort, as the screen is pretty small for videos. Having said that, I have ripped and converted entire DVDs and watched them on my Fuze, it just isn't a preferred method for me. After you add stuff and unplug the cable, rebuilding the catalog can take several minutes if you have a lot of stuff on your Fuze.

Overall Review: Not sure what the other reviewer was going on about with volume buttons, but there are none on a Fuze. The scroll wheel acts as a volume control as long as you're not in a menu at the time. Lots of people want to put Rockbox on these, and the V1 has a build for it (the V2 seems to be in constant beta), but I like the Sansa menu system well enough not to fiddle with Rockbox on my Fuze. To each his own.

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Nearly Perfect2/2/2010 9:39:57 AM

Pros: Water plenty hot for tea or French Press coffee or oatmeal or...; nice power cord attachment (magnetic); dispenses solid stream of water that does not splash; stainless steel interior; lid arrangement makes filling easy; uses very little power compared to other faster-heating types of water boilers

Cons: Lid a little difficult to detach for cleaning, but I only do that once in a great while. If you want a fast-heating hot pot, this isn't it.

Overall Review: I have had mine at the office sharing it with my staff for over a year and it still works as perfectly as the day I got it (I might be lucky given the other comments). I have it on a heavy-duty timer so it's not always on, just during weekday office hours). I have taken it to other locations for meetings, etc.

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Returned for Refund12/21/2009 11:18:49 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, pocket-sized, uses AA batteries available anywhere, 5X optical zoom, uses either xD or micro SD cards (includes a nifty micro SD - to - xD adapter), has some built-in memory in case your card gets full, takes decent movies and the digital zoom function works while taking a movie.

Cons: Pretty poor picture quality even outdoors, certainly bad indoors; I own 2 other Olympus cameras and this camera's menu system is a departure from what they have been doing and it's not an improvement; Uses a non-standard USB cable that is different from my other three proprietary Olympus camera cables; Poor flash functionality beyond a few feet; Poor placement of flash so that if you hold it with 2 hands you'll likely block the flash; No optical viewfinder (common for cameras this size); LCD display does a poor job at showing what the picture really looks like; Fairly slow to recover from flash to take the next shot.

Overall Review: I own three other Olympus cameras and hoped this one would solve my need-a-pocket-sized camera dilemma. I got it on sale from NewEgg and disliked the picture quality enough to return it with shipping and restocking fees amounting to more than 30% of what I paid. Plain and simple, this is not a good camera for taking pictures (the movies were actually pretty good for a small camera). The pictures were grainy no matter what automatic or manual settings I tried, even outdoors. I think they went cheap on the optics and/or the internal software to keep the cost low. In case you wonder what I am comparing it to, I had bought my wife and kids each a new Pentax Optio M50 last Christmas for the same price I paid for this Olympus, and kicked myself for not having got one more for myself. I ended up finding a used Optio M50 for $72 shipped that replaces this camera for me. Even my 8-year-old 2-megapixel Olympus D510 takes MUCH better pictures than this one does.

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Interesting and Fun11/26/2009 11:43:16 AM

Pros: Just plain fun! Stable software, installed easily, did not interfere with other input devices, lots of configuration options.

Cons: Takes practice even for someone with good hand-eye coordination, limited real-world functionality

Overall Review: I got two of these from a deal-a-day site and they have been a lot of fun. I wanted to use them with PowerPoint, but regular wireless presenters are a lot better suited for that. I have been trying to think of a really solid use for it, but the coolness factor is the best I can come up with.

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I Like It Because it Works9/24/2009 2:59:45 PM

Pros: Very inexpensive. Includes a USB A M-F cable so I don't have to plug it directly into a USB port. Driver installation on XP SP3 and Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP1 went flawlessly. Allows Windows wireless configuration option on an XP install (nice touch) - Vista installation offered no such option, but works great.

Cons: The installation went well, though there were really long pauses of inactivity that may be interpreted by some as a lock-up (I tend to be a patient person). I saw no need for this, but when things got rolling again, they did so on their own. Good thing it comes with a cable, because this guy is fat. It has some sort of plastic shroud thingie that you slip on over the end if you are plugging it directly into a port, but if you did that, you'd be blocking one or two other ports. Use the cable!

Overall Review: I prefer Windows-direct configuration control, but I realize that is an infrequent option. I do like the NetGear configuration utility better than the one for the LinkSys wireless cards. I bought this to have a spare in my case. It was a refurb, but I was unimpressed with the Sharpie job on the serial number label. Seemed pointless.

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Not the Best BT Headset7/13/2009 1:17:40 PM

Pros: Reasonably comfortable, non-intrusive LED, tiny, fits into ear canal (somewhat), easy to setup with my Palm Treo 700p. Got it on sale at NewEgg, so good price.

Cons: Volume is not high enough. My first unit was defective (battery would not last, kept dropping the connection to the phone), and the replacement (NewEgg is excellent about replacements) had what appeared to be ear wax on the clip - yuck. I cleaned it up with a toothbrush and used some alcohol to disinfect the rubber earpiece. Returning this one is not worth the second round of return shipping costs.

Overall Review: Wish my Jabra and Motorola BT headsets had not been swiped from my car (but I hope they had MY ear wax in them for the thieves to enjoy). I'll use this headset because the law requires that I use one, but I am on the lookout for a replacement and this one will be relegated to a backup device. Would NOT recommend this device.

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