Excellent product3/17/2014 6:24:55 AM

Pros: It's small It's light It's working with other switches and converters Has a remote Doesn't heat up much

Cons: Haven't found many cons yet, the power cord could be longer as could the ir receiver

Overall Review: Would buy again for myself not business

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Awesome so far1/7/2013 5:45:51 AM

Pros: 1) Thing is lethal, Battlefield 3 on ultra runs about 32 fps, not amazing so i play on high 2) Minecraft FPS stays about the same 3) Runs quieter than my 8800gt although still loud 4) my opinion best bang for the 70 bucks i paid OVERALL REVIEW Paired with a i3 3220 and 8gb of ddr3 corsair ram, this thing is lethal. Not the best frame rate I've seen but it was on sale for 70 bucks and i bought it. I would still recommend it to anyone looking to build a low budget gaming computer. Low power consumption, although i have a 600w psu, and im guessing its going to be awesome when i get an i7 3770k, and another 8gb stick.

Cons: 1) Minor lag when gpu is idle, it kicks up but its better to just have it max performance 24/7 OVERALL CON REVIEW Very few cons when working with this card, i would say that gtx 680 is better, but for under 1/4 the price, this card is a beast.

Overall Review: Although this thing is small and relatively loud at max, it is worth it until i upgrade cases and cooling.

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Very nice12/1/2012 1:19:41 PM

Pros: 1. Very easy to cool 2. Many cable management conections 3. Very nice metal case and aluminum coated plastic. 4. Very easy to build in 5. The dual card slot is nice 6. The Harddisk bays are easy to use 7. Toolless design very easy to use 8. Full sized atx power supply mount allowed me to mount a 600w 9. Very Customizable

Cons: When i was doing cable management, the power button wires snapped incredibly easily. It may have just been my case but many of the fron panel connector wires seem flimsy. The fan wires however are very strong, Lucky for me i have about 20 computer power swithces, so it only slowed me down for a minute.

Overall Review: I bought this case for a mini itx gaming solution Current specifications and future spesifications are listed below Current: i3 3220 ivy bridge Gigabyte ga-z77n-wifi Zotac nvidia 8800gt 512mb 8gb (single stick) corsair ddr3 ram 1600 Standard disk drive 140gb hdd (soon to be upgraded) Future: i7 3770k ivy bridge 1tb (at least) hdd @6gib/s 64mb cache EVGA nVidia gtx 680 superclocked 16gb(two sticks) corsair ddr3 ram 1600 BlueRay dual disk burner/DVD drive

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