Nice case10/14/2015 5:02:29 PM

Pros: Easy to work in, nicely laid out openings for cable management. Swing-out SSD trays.

Cons: Noisy 200mm fan, but this was fixable.

Overall Review: The only bad thing I can say about this case is that the front cooling fan (200 mm) was very noisy at first. It turned out that the metal grid it was mounted to was bowed-out a bit, although it didn't appear damaged. Possibly it happened in transit, or maybe in the factory--but once I realized what was going on, I was able to remove the fan and simply bend the grid away from the fan. Then I reinstalled the fan, and the rubbing was gone. Had I known what it was initially, I could have had it fixed in 5 minutes. But the area isn't all that easy to inspect until you remove the front panel--and that isn't entirely obvious in terms of how to do it without breakage. So maybe this commentary will help someone else that goes through this experience. Otherwise the case is very nice--and easily seems worth the purchase price. I'd buy another if I needed it. I really like the swing-out SSD tray, but a right-angle SATA cable will make cabling easier.

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