Overall great value, Well constructed, decent reserve4/16/2014 8:31:58 PM

Pros: Great Bang for the buck if you get on sale! I got mine for 10$ after a shell shocker + coupon code deal. Solid Ports and connections, extremely well built Aluminum housing dissipates heat very well, keeps the unit from overheating. Power output is higher than rated, around 1.5A @ 5.0V Flat profile and small size is perfect for keeping it in your pocket Great power capacity for a unit of this size. Will keep your smartphone or tablet playing Netfilx all day

Cons: Does not have auto on feature when you want to recharge something, you have to press the power button for it to start discharging. Not stated capacity of 6000mAh. After a few complete discharge and charge cycles, I have determined the actual working capacity of this power bank to be approximately 4000mAh.

Overall Review: As with all power banks on the market, the advertised capacity is never the true working capacity. The battery has to retain some juice so it doesn't go bad. You always have to figure about 50-75% is usable juice. The Scud Elf, a power bank to be this small and this flat (the size of a iPhone 4s), 4000 mA is an amazing. It takes about 4 hrs to recharge on a 1A charger from empty to full. I wouldn't recommend using a 2.1 A charger cause it will shorten the life of the unit. I was really surprised as this power bank will output more power than it is rated. I would estimate about 1.5 A out, it powers and charges my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 even while I'm surfing the net and watching NCIS. My HTC One M7 loves it as its partner I get two full recharges. This is a great buy, but i would not spend more that $20 for it, For a $29+ price range, I would look at a RavPower power bank, they have bigger capacities, great components and reliability.

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Great alternative if your Wireless N and AC cant penetrate washing machines2/9/2014 1:55:01 PM

Pros: Great price @ $39, Im getting quicker response times to internet browsing, netflixing in HD, Amazn Prime Video and overall internet performance over my previous wireless AC 1200 connections. Internet response time cut in half or more, Pings 5ms or less Near instantaneous web browsing and HD video playback. Powerline connections between the adapters was painless and as easy as a press of a button. + Fast connections between Powerline adapters. Nano Size is a plus! Compatible with Trendnet 200 Mbps TPL-308s

Cons: Payed 22$ for a third single adapter, better off buying two starter kits when on sale! 100Mbit port in adaptor is what limits your maximum speed download/ upload, Computer to Computer transfer speeds no greater than 12MB / sec aka 100Mbps, but that isnt bad considering Wireless N struggles to transfer data that fast even @ 300Mbps connections and most of us do not have greater than 15 or 30 Mbps internet plans with our ISPs. Remember real world wireless performance is a lot less than advertised.

Overall Review: Bought this kit hoping that I would get more stable connections and faster network bandwidth. Im using several PC and mac computers, each with varying hi performance configs and some decent router hardware. Despite my investments, I was getting ok internet performance, 2-5 sec delays from from any youtube, netflix video, or any higher bandwidth using sites. Normal 1 sec delays between web pages/ emailing. IT was really starting to bother me. Switching my network everything to 5 GHz, helped some, but not enough. So After doing some research, these TPlink powerline adapters seemed like an good buy. So here i am, trying them and Im amazed. Im getting a solid 224 Mbps connection from my 2013 Macbook Pro to my FIOS router, with amazing performance. Im not talking about theoretical speeds either, Computer to Computer connections are @ 337 Mbps with better performance than my Wireless AC connections. Even @ 867Mbps Wireless AC, Computer to Computer file transfers were improved from 8MB/sec to 12MB/sec. I wish i had got the TP-link PA5010 with gigabit ports, but @ double the price, IM PERFECTLY HAPPY. TY NEWEGG for extreme service and shipping times! Got my package in less than two days!!! HP DV6 with ASUS 867Mbps Wireless AC USB Custom PC with TPLink 450Mbps Wireless N 2012 Mac Mini with 2.4/ 5GHz 300 Mbps Wireless N 2013 Mac Book Pro with 867Mbps Wireless AC I live in an apartment where I have two walls, a washer/dryer. and 1 hallway between my computers and routers. The Two routers: Dlink Wireless DIR 860L AC1200 and Actiontec (FIOS), all systems were connected wirelessly.

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Rock Solid Upgrade for PCs and 2012 Macs12/16/2013 2:16:37 AM

Pros: Heat sinks are small enough to fit without problems, works great in my 2012 mac book pro and mac mini as well as HP DV6. Low Voltage 1.35V for 3rd and 4th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7s. Iron Egg guarantee is always a plus. Stable as a Rock

Cons: None,

Overall Review: I looked long and hard for RAM that would function in the newer Mac computers. I wanted to make sure that I was matching the specs because the 2012 mac computers use 1.35V 1600 MHz DDR3L with CL11 Timings memory. Low voltage memory seems a bit more expensive than the 1.5V and I was not about to spend a whole bunch of money on OWC memory. I have always put G.Skill RipJaw memory in my laptops and custom desktop builds and have never been disappointed. Gskill always has lifetime warranty and in my opinion is better quality than the Elpida and Hynix memory I replace in my laptops.

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Amazing solution to having thick plaster walls and 2.4 GHz apartment congestion8/12/2013 6:45:54 PM

Pros: Literally Plug and Play. The Nano adapters are nice and small, and only two prong. Works great with my Verizon Fios Router and an Apple Airport Express in AP mode. Zero loss in performance, matter of fact. My wireless performance as improved. Ping is 10ms, and my download speeds remained the maximum @ 25Mbps

Cons: None really, it works flawless and hits very high speeds. But beware, just cause its says 200Mbps, doesnt mean it is. 200Mbps may just mean 100Mbps up and down. But thats ok cause this has only a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet controller.. something shared by 95% of all powerline adapters... including the 500Mbps ones. Maximum speed is 12.5 MB/sec if you are moving around files in your network. But that isnt bad considering most 300 Mbps Wireless- N connections max out around 6-8 MB/sec.

Overall Review: Distance and wiring of your domicile is a huge factor. Modern wiring and you will get good range and speed. The distance of my setup is only 20 feet, but there are 4 shielded walls with a double washer, and AC unit between me and my router. I am getting full speeds and I love it. For $30 this is a steal. I cant wait till trend releases a Gigabit 500Mbps AV powerline adapter.

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Wow. Pleasantly surprised. Speediest Wireless adapter I've ever had.8/12/2013 6:30:54 PM

Pros: Fastest latency I have ever had! 9ms. No problems installing... Loaded the drivers, everything worked perfect. Detects and works scary great with Verizon Fios router and my old 1st Gen Apple Airport Express in AP mode with a Trendnet TPL308E Powerline 200 Mbps AV adapter connecting the two. Signal reception is amazing on the 5GHz frequency, Its receiving a good 3-4 dbm better than my PCI -E x1 N900 card. Stays a nominal temperature when hooked on its included "mini dock". ASUS quality and attention to detail. This Adapter is beautiful. The dock and and extension cable are good quality. Delivered by my favorite Ontrac instead if UPS and Fedex.

Cons: Windows 8/ 8.1 preview didnt recognize it outright, But im kinda glad cause I found the updated Windows 8 drivers on the Asus product page released a month ago. I prefer the Asus utility over windows 8 wireless management.

Overall Review: MY new 25/5 Mbps FIOS connection came with an Actiontec 2.4 Ghz router So i hooked it up to my custom pirateship computer. Armed with a TPLink TL-WDR4800 N900 Mbps Wireless adapter I was receiving a 14ms ping via my TPLink . Not bad, but with all the 2.4 GHz noise from living in an apt complex, my pages were not loading fast at all. The fact that the actiontec only runs @ N150 at 2.4Ghz didnt help matters. I bought and tried 3x 8dbm antennas giving me a signal strength of -50 dbm on the TPLink, but still my ping and wireless speeds seemed delayed.. So i went and bought a clearance 1st gen Apple Airport express running 2.4 and 5 Ghz wireless N both running @ 300Mbps . I set it up as a 5Ghz AP. What an amazing purchase for 30$ but alas @ 5Ghz, the 8 db external antennas didnt help and only boost 2.4 Ghz signals, not 5Ghz. I was stuck @ -77 dbm with my supposedly epic 3 external antenna . So I figured, a Wireless ac adapter would get better reception at 5 GHz right? The Asus USB AC53 is designed around a 867Mbps signal. So it was on sale for $40 bucks. I am so glad i did I tried this,I got a 4db boost! In physics, 3 db = double the reception power! My web and downloading experience was vastly improved! 5Ghz signal ran at -70dbm with only 12ms of ping via speedtest.net Then i got an idea. What if I used a Trendnet 200MbpsAV nano powerline adapter and brought the access point to my office. I expected huge losses in performance cause powerline adapters can only carry 100mbps of data anyway. I plugged in my apple AP and BAM! But I got better wireless performance than any of my original configurations and I am getting faster 10ms pings, full download speeds, and -50 dbm @ 5Ghz. My wireless devices have never run so fast when off on a Gigabit Ethernet. I had zero problems installing, the Asus utility works great and is very informative. THANK YOU NEW EGG for your fast shipping and service. THANK YOU for using ONTRAC, UPS and FEDEX are horrible in this area.

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Pretty much a 10dbm boost, Works great on my Clear 4G modem and TP link WDR48006/28/2013 1:06:31 PM

Pros: A most excellent boost in signal strength in the @. 2.4 and 2.5 Ghz frequency. My Clear 4G Hub Express increased signal strength with a 11 dbm gain, giving me a CINR of 8 to 16... Using inSSDer,, my 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks increased by about 10dbm and modest boost @ 5 Ghz. through several insulated walls

Cons: Not really a con, but Its heavy, and about a foot tall, so it can get in the way

Overall Review: Remember!!!!! In signal strength, -40 is better than -80 dbm Here are the tech specs: Clear modem 1mile from tower with 5dbm internal -88dbm CINR 8 With RNX A8 +8dbm = -77dbm CINR 16 Connections with Dual band Router Belkin N450 @ 35ft and 4 wall barriers TPlinkTLWDR4800 3dbm @ 2.4 Ghz =-68dbm @ 5GHz -80dbm TLWDR4800 with RNX 8 antennas @2.4G =58dbm, @5G=-73 dbm Would definately buy this again, Have a Trend TEW A1770B with dual 7dbm antennas i used previously, and these Rosewills @ 8 dbm are far superior.

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Great Value! Near Mint condition/Steal for 59 After Rebate6/6/2013 7:29:58 PM

Pros: This is like a mini 2.2 Subwoofer system. The tweeters put out excellent his, The midrange comes out crisp and clear. THE biggest surprise are the two 2" passive radiators. They put out bass similar to a 20 - 30W subwoofer in another desktop system i have The lithium battery acts as a capacitor so you don't loose volume as your music hits a lot of bass

Cons: The unit was perfect, except there was a small white scratch on the bottom... Other that that its new.

Overall Review: There is no Ipod dock on this model or remote... I didnt care.. I bought it for its bluetooth capability to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy S3. Connection stays strong. clear and no static. BT connection draws minimal power at close range, only a minor hit on my GS3. One odd thing I have noticed.... The power light blinks sometimes while music plays... indicating the battery is charging, even though it was fully charged before.. I think its because The unit might be drawing extra power from the battery while im playing music, or cause its trickle charging the battery

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Best Deal from Newegg I've ever had!4/29/2013 1:44:09 PM

Pros: Its brand new, not a scratch on it! Illuminates brighter than the Wired Logitech Illuminated Keyboard this bad boy replaces! Very comfortable on your lap, Unifying receiver from my M570 trackball connected to the K800 keyboard in seconds! More comfortable experience keys/ rebound than previous illuminated keyboard. Spare unifying receiver works fine as well, keeping it in my Logitech m570 trackball!

Cons: No driver software included in the pure black box it came in but i just went to download the latest unifying and setpoint software which took less than a minute anyway...

Overall Review: Was a little leery about buying a refurbished keyboard from the reviews... But I have been shopping with Newegg for years so I figured if it was bad they would have my back, besides a K800 keyboard $44 + free ship vs $90?!?? Ive gotta try the gamble... IT panned out! The keyboard came in a unlabeled black box, the keyboard itself wrapped in new plastic.. Looked brand new. Inside was a charging cable, unifying receiver, and keyboard. No instructions or driver CD. Not really a problem, its plug n play. Battery was already fully charged. Buy this its worth the gamble!

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Awesome USB 3 speeds and USB 2, great price4/12/2013 6:19:29 PM

Pros: Needs only a single screw to lock everything in place... Better build quality than others dobule the price.... Works on all my computers using USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. Comes with rubber feet that prevent it from sliding off my Bluray player. With my Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM drive, im toping out at 100 MB/sec on a USB 3 port, and a 35MB/sec on a USB 2.0 port

Cons: None, i wasted money on horribly built Masscool and defective UHB-2233 instead of this first..

Overall Review: I have been looking for a good quality, low cost enclosure for a 640 GB Hard drive i replaced out of my HP laptop.. This is a great enclosure for any extra 2.5in sata hard drive you might have around or for a external junk drive. At $ 16, this was a steal and is more reliable than the high rated masscool USB 3.0 external enclosure. Rather than RMA, i spend the money on this enclosure and I am impressed. The Green LED is not too bright, and comes with a nice full size dual male USB 3.0 - micro B USB 3.0 cable. Tested with a Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM, and Hitachi 640 GB 5400Rpm Drives

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First Masscool product I've bought that sucks3/8/2013 8:16:25 PM

Pros: Pretty rigid, solid enclosure... Slimline, usable USB 3.0 cable that works with my SIIG 2.5in USB 3.0 enclosure. Solid USB 2.0 speeds, around 26 MB/sec. Uses the AS2105 Chipset

Cons: Cheap construction, the USB 3.0 connector connecting to the enclosure housing was 2 mm too short, so you had to angle the USB cable at a 30 deg angle for the cable to connect. When i plug this into a USB 2 port, instant recognition and ready to go but USB 3.0 connection failures... Have had three different computers fail connecting with the enclosure, yes it was plugged into the Blue USB 3.0 ports, and yes they were all driven my NEC/Renesas chipsets with the latest drivers driving them, Two were windows 8 x64, one was a Windows 7 x64 computer. Tried a few different hard drives, still Fail... Not worth the RMA, cost more to replace it...

Overall Review: This is my first masscool product to fail me, I find it so annoying that when ever this enclosure was plugged into my Asus computer, Two HP laptops and a dell 's USB 3.0 port, the systems wont even detect the Hard Drive. Yet when plugged into the USB 2.0 ports the enclosure works perfectly... At first i though it was a power problem, so i hooked it up to a USB 3.0 Powered hub... Still no connections... So i tried a USB 3.0 Y cable from my SIIG enclosure, still no connection... Yet the cable for the Masscool enlosure works great for my SIIG enclosure(AS1051 Chipset) on all computers with any of my USB 3.0 ports and reach speeds up to 100MB/sec so i know its not my computers.

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Great performance, Good looks, Good Cable2/28/2013 5:54:38 PM

Pros: THis is one speedy External enclosure, it is limited to the Uses the ASM1051 Chipset, outputting Reading/ Writting 110MB/sec on a 2.5in HGST 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB cache drive, 80MB/sec on a HGST 5400RPM 640GB 8 MB cache drive. The Full size USB 3.0 Y cable and ports ensures adequate power to spin your hard disk. This Enclosure looks beautiful thanks to its brushed aluminum body, and conducts heat well with lots of air circulation holes at the ends of the enclosure. My two hard drives that i tested, mount securely to the plastic frame

Cons: The frame to which you bolt your HD is is plastic. The circuit board that connects to your 2.5in drive is only stabilized by some sturdy plastic tabs and you must be really careful to align in in the housing to fit properly...

Overall Review: For the price i payed, 19 bucks, it was worth it. Despite the funky internal construction, the enclosure is pretty reliable in its performance, connection and data speeds. USB 2.0 speeds are consistent,, R/W 27-31 MB/sec. Initially my USB 3.0 speeds did vary from 27MB/sec to 100 MB/sec. Make sure you have the latest drivers to ensure fast transfer speeds in your computer, i had to download new USB 3.0 drivers from Intel for my new desktop and laptop with windows 8 x64. Windows 8 has horribly underdeveloped drivers for many peripherals including most wireless network adapters, but that is another story. After downloading the latest drivers, speeds are never lower than 48MB/sec and average 80MB/sec. Again min/avg/max speeds depend on how fast your HD is. The enclosure is fast, seems to secure, holds the HD firmly in place and is sufficiently durable to deliver years of fast service, and keep the drive cool, but the aluminium frame is rather thin and light, and is just fine chilling on the desk, but I wouldnt trust it with the daily abuse of leaving it in my backpack as i do for too long... Grab a $5- $10 HD case for it.

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Good MB, once configured solid as a rock... Nextime i would have bought the Z77-ds3 for tweakage8/3/2012 1:17:47 PM

Pros: Setup was pretty easy, System was up and running on first boot... Great control of memory timings for each RAM bank, the MB does all your voltages automatically. Loves my 4 GB x 2Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz DDR3 1.5v. Works well with my OCZ aglility 3 SSD and WD Black 1 and 1.5TB drives. Does allow you to change the CPU multiplier and Base clock.. though, my i5-3450 no runs at 3.5GHz-3.8Ghz... Hackintosh compatible.. Most voltages are automatically set and locked so u dont have too mess wtih anything.

Cons: Came with Bios F3, current is F5, No direct way to change VTT voltage on your RAM, no manual control over voltages... MB does it automatically. Drives you up the wall, make sure your RAM has an XMP profile, it will help stabilize the system. Only 5 SATA ports. U can change ur CPU's multiplier,BCLK, and Ram voltage but any advanced voltages changes are impossible. The mobo hated my Sapphire Radeon 5670 1GB GDDR5. I liked my 5670. Oh well guess im gonna have to grab a newer more compatible equivalent like a Radeon 7750 or Nvidia GT 640.

Overall Review: My 4th Gigabyte board, At first i was impressed with the polished look of the UEFI bios, but as time went on, It was so pesky. This mobo is picky about Video cards, my Sapphire Radeon 5670 1GB was very much unliked, it would freeze the system for a min at a time while watching streaming video, netflix youtube etc, Removed the 5670 and switched 2 integrated video on the Core i5-3450 CPU and now its smooth as silk, no freezes. Driver issues??? MAybe. Would i buy again, no.. i would have grabbed the Z77 version of this mobo for another $10 to tweak voltages . Overall this is a good buy for a budget to midrange system that will serve u well for years.

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Awesome, I just had to buy22/14/2012 10:12:01 PM

Pros: SSD!, no noise, macbook pro 15" Mid 2010 install zero problems, fast install, came with latest firmware from mushkin 3.3.2 preloaded. Sandforce 2281 controller awesome! Used Carbon Copy Cloner and OSX 10.6.8 Running just fine, BGC technology built in. Intel 5 series chipset running SATAII, max read on uncompressable data about 265 MB/sec, about 200MB/sec write speed. Can go faster, But my MBPro is only a 2010 model, no SATA3. MS Office 2011 apps launch in <1 second flat with Adobe CS 5 apps launching in about 1.5 sec

Cons: All Sandforce controllers slow down with uncompressible data such as HD video, but at 260MB/sec read, 180MB/sec write ... not really a con. Indilinx controllers are slightly faster, but Sandforce 2xxx series are better error correctors.

Overall Review: Wanted a WD Black HD for my newly acquired MBPro 15, but thanks to some flooding at WD factories and elevated HD prices, you might as well get an SSD. I bought two of these for the killer price of $142 + Free Ship. Running benchmarks, these Chronos run neck and neck with Crucial's M4s and OCZ Vertex3s. I've had OCZ Vertex 2s before, and they are initially a pain then become reliable...These mushkins with their new FW are great, one replaced my HD, the other replaced my optical drive... IF u need a Optical bay adapter for a mac, check out OWC data doubler, or Amazons cheapy 9.5mm hard drive caddy tray.

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Awesome Boot Drive/Crazy quick performance. Stable and dependable!12/5/2010 3:49:20 PM

Pros: Wow, what a difference from WD Black 1TB to Vertex2 SSD performance. HDtune Transfer rates are amazing Max/Avg/Min= 215/175/112 MB/sec. Access time a scary cool 0.2msec. OCZ threw in a 3.5 in adaptor. MY Windows 7 x64 pro boots in 30 sec flat, all my Office 2010 and most apps launch instantaneously. System stability unaffected. CyberMonday price was awesome. Payed only $104. Running FW 1.23. newest FW 1.24 not worth flashing. Software installs only take 25% of the time it would on a WD Black 1TB HD! Silent, cool, no moving parts, saves 20Watts of power off the PSU. Plays well with my AMD 890GX/SB850 chipsets I have had great experiences with OCZ flash products, their flash drives take constant beatings and still work great after several years. Im hoping their SSDs are made just as tough! I can never go back to a standard boot/app drive. S

Cons: I wish that SSDs would come to a lower price, $110 for 60GB is insane but the performance is worth it! There is a known issue with alot of OCZ Vertex2 drives, they dont report temperature sometimes properly, but they are not like regular hard disks and temperature sensitive. Like all SSDs, they are designed to run in extreme places. Typical NTFS formats always steal 10% of your drive, - 55GB left after format. Still plenty for Win 7x64, CS5, Office 2010, apps and a few games like SCII or NFS. Nuking your paging file is bad if u have 4GB of RAM and make it unstable. I never had that problem, but Just in case i moved my paging file to my old HD just in case!

Overall Review: Always ensure AHCI mode in your Mobo! I dont see the max 275MB/s transfer rates, but 220MB/s is close enough. I have 4 hard drives, something could be messing up the speed. Aligning drives is very easy, HD to SSD cloning actually worked well for me. Using Acronis TI 2011 and manual cloning, There is a setting to set your aligment offset!!!! I set mine to 1024 and my system worked just fine. Benchmarks were not off by much at all. I ended backing things up and doing a clean Win 7 installation anyway cause i had alot of accumulated garbage, performance sped up only a tiny bit from the already massive speed improvement. All SSD installs prefer a clean install of Vista or Win7 anyway. The clean install puts a 100MB system partition that wasnt carried over by my cloning. Clean installs of Win7 align your partitions by 1024 automatically. U can go either way. Consider moving ur paging file to your secondary HD, I moved it to my 1TB WD Black. Never use +80% of a HD or SSD, it slows them down

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As always impeccable memory 4th G.Skill purchase 100% satisfaction12/2/2010 4:50:41 PM

Pros: Meets DDR3 1600Mhz spec without an incident. Runs at a cool 1.5V. 4th G Skill memory, and still amazed at its stability and performance. Hever ever had a heat problem or unstability issue with G.Skill standard DIMM, Laptop DIMM, DDR2 or DDR3 or Gamer versions of memory. Gets a 7.5 on WEI. HAs XMP 1600 profile in addition to JEDEC 1333 and 1066 MHz. Running nonstop for the last 4 days, not a single glitch!

Cons: The Heat spreaders are very thin aluminum and feel cheap, but look great in my case. Having a huge 140mm CPU fan on my AMD PII 965 nukes one of my DDR3 slots cause the Ripjaw spreaders are just 2mm too tall so i had to move it to another DDR3 slot, but thats more my fault... I should have snagged one extra 2GB or 4GB of this Ripjaw stuff. There is a distinct difference if u are running 6 or 8GB of RAM in Windows 7 x64 or OSX 10.6.5. Thats next month :)

Overall Review: Moving up from 4 GB of Patriot Sector 5 DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz 1.65V memory, The only thing i really notice different in gaming and performance is that my system runs about 3-5C cooler, I might have gained a few FPS on NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 and Starcraft II. What really made the most difference was my OCZ Vertex 2 SSD moving 250MB/s! They really are worth the money especially on the holiday sales they are having now! MAke sure u read up on how to clone ur HD to a SSD. There are fine points and things u want to disable to make them last for awhile. If ur doing a clean install, it tends to be alot easier

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She eats more power than a 4670!, Second one is the charm!10/29/2010 12:09:20 AM

Pros: Dead silent with the arctic cooling fan. It runs about 34C idle and will OC to from 775 to 800 easily. I'd push it more, but It already works great at stock! 75fps with Starcraft II maxed @ 1080p. Dual monitor support works great, if you wanna triple screen, dont forget to grab an ACTIVE display port to DVI adapter. Comes with a HDMI to DVI adapter and DVI to D-SUB adaptor in the box!

Cons: This DEFINATELY USES 2 Slots, so make sure u have the room! You may have to reinstall your OS... I had to wipe my system clean because my new Sapphire 5670 kept Black/Black/red stripe screen of deathing. ATI leaves so much driver garbage as u go from Catalyst 10.1 to 10.2 all the way to 10.9. This GPU does use about 60W+ off ur mobo. My old 4670 used only 40W

Overall Review: I actually send the first card back thinking it was defective. My first few boots, PERFECT! Then black screens of death after 5 minutes of operation and degenerated to only seconds of operation after windows 7 booted up. I did all kinds of research and pretty much everyone was saying that it was likely defective. I was skeptical, thinking it was a driver error at first. but to no avail. But then some one said that clearing off their Windows 7 install cleaned up left over Catalyst drivers. Having a 4670 for the last couple years i have upgraded my drivers at least a dozen times. So i RMAed the my first card, got another. Plugged it in, different crash this time Red and black stripe crash. I then wiped my system, reinstalled Catalyst 10.9 and perfection. Bad card or bad drivers? Probably both, Second times the charm. Thanks to newegg for an easy RMA Running Asus M4A89GTDPRO/USB3 Bios 1606, AMD Phenom II 965, Patriot Sector 5 4GB, X-Fi XtremeGamer,

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Much better than the usual Motorola. Great Buy10/7/2010 12:05:05 AM

Pros: This head set is actually LOUD, a first for motorola BT headsets! Runs on BT 2.0. Audio is clear without static. Mids sound great, highs are decent. Lows/bass are above average. Not bad considering the small size and 30mm drivers. Quick charging lithium took 1 hr to recharge to 80%. Strong connection, range is 30ft without walls, with 1 wall 20-25 ft. Lightweight, its only a few ounces, barley feel them when working out. Easy controls, reliable connection! Works awesome with my Samsung Moment Droid and Mixzing media software.

Cons: Bass is actually good for a sub $100BT headset, was hoping for harder hits, but thats a $400 BT headset.

Overall Review: I love Motorola products, but they consistantly have let me down over the last 8 yrs. I have had 4 BT headsets for my cell phones, they all have been underpowered, underanged, and under performing. Hsve had Moto Walkies, Cell phones that have performed excellently except their BT products. The MotoRoker 305 is the firdt product to perform as advertizes and Im pleasently surprised. Yeah there are better units like Blueant and LGs, but this is one product that shines. For $30 and free shipping, i thought i try it. Best $30 ive spent in a while. Buy it!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
10/3/2010 3:34:22 PM

Pros: Durable as its predicessors. Aluminum construction, new blue LED as the old orange ridiculously bright from the Rally2s of the past. 12MB read 9MB/sec writes on large files, a bit slower on smaller files.

Cons: Some have said the construction isnt as durable, but it looks very close to my 2 older versions. The OCZ dual channel technology is aging, but alot of flash drives max out at 5 MB read/3MB write/sec. So far it works great. Only 15GB after a FAT 32 Format.

Overall Review: I love the OCZ flash drives. Despite its aging technology, the OCZ Rally2 flash drives are still some of the most durable and reliable. Bought a 2GB years ago and a 4GB version about 2 yrs ago and after countless washings and dryings, bottom of the backpack/stepped on... Both are still working like champs. I hope this 3rd one continues. A great flash drive for only $26. Verbatim Red 8GB flash drive was great Reads 18-15MB/ writes @ 12-14MB/s but they are usually $39 for the 16GB verion even on sale and survive a washing and drying but falls apart....

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Out of 10 laptops, this one is my favorite9/23/2010 10:37:04 PM

Pros: Great multitasking CPU, Quad core. Does Xvid=> DVD @ 75FPS. 4GB DDR3 memory are Samsungs that are in 1066Mhz mode. The Radeon 5650 has 1GB of its own DDR2 800 Mhz memory and works great. The LED lighted Keyboard is awesome and is programmable letting you type at night and on the go in low light or watching nighttime TV. The HK speakers are more powerful than usual, around 10Watts each. The Eco green button is a great way go into power saving mode and high power mode quickly. The keyboard has a good solid chiclet feel and isnt spongy and cheap. wireless-N range is excellent. E-sata/USB port works great, uses a JMB chipset. Dedicated GPU Radeon HD 5650 make this blazing quick on rendering with a HD 4200 for power savings. Almost 3hrs run time of Eco mode on a 6 cell battery!

Cons: The processors run @ 1.6Ghz, so if ur running old single threaded apps, you may notice they are not as speedy but almost everything now uses at least 2+ threads so it shouldnt be a problem. No bluetooth included, but u dont need it

Overall Review: A great laptop, the 16in LED LCD is runs nicely bright. alot of people do not like the included toshiba bloat ware. They are actually kinda helpful and un noticable. The only thing i turned off was the webcam and bullitin board utility cause they bugged me. The rest were fine. All in all this is a better buy. I had bought an Asus K50AB with a 2.4Ghz Turion II Ultra and HP DV5 with a 2.26GHz P8400 Core2 Duo that processed quick x264 and Xvid and MPeg2. My desktops run a Phenom II 965 @ 3.75Ghz and a Core i3 @ 3.33Ghz so im used to speed. I was leary about the clockspeed of this CPU. But the extra cores more than make up for any bottlenecking and shines on multithreaded apps like Office2010, Adobe CS5 etc. Alot of Core i5will hyperthread giving u "8" cores but for an extra 500+ bucks... The ATi 5650 is uber snappy at rendering .docs, ppts, web, HD, and bioshock 2. The HD 5650 uses an extra 20W of power so dont run it on the battery! I get about 2:40min on Eco mode+wireless

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Great Replacement for my Toshiba A665D9/23/2010 12:26:24 PM

Pros: Improves response and performace across the board for my quad core laptop. Boot times improved to under 15 seconds. Great perfomance and capacity for those not yet wanting to spend the $ on a SSD. Max/Min throughput is 105MB/s 50MB/s Bursts nicely @ 90MB/s. This drive is actually quieter and louder at the same time! Access time is 14ms, but i had an old version of HDtune. Battery life remained unchanged, or improved slightly.

Cons: I waited forever for a 500GB WD black! Where are the 640s and 1TBs! But rather have a drive that has all the kinks worked out unlike a Seagate! LOL J/K I have a momentus 7200.4 500GB and it works great without issues for the last 6 mo

Overall Review: Bought this to increase to powpow of my new Toshiba laptop. Came with a Toshiba 500GB 5400rpm drive, but i could feel the lag. Worked great, but lagged. Having 3 laptops with 7200rpm drives just spoiled me i guess. Was thinking about a hitachi 1TB 7200rpm, Hitachis arent bad... but I love WD, cause they are the most power conserving and reliable notebook drives. The HD has surprisingly great battery life. It specs out at .77Amps where the toshiba HD i traded out for it needed 1Amp. This HD, when on and spinning makes only a very faint, 12db fan like noise, that jumps to maybe 15dB when working. It is massively quieter even at full activity than my CPU fan on idle. Runs about 37C idle, 40 at full activity. Battery life doest look like it changed, but then if u keep working the drive, im sure the 7200 rpm will take its toll over its powersave technology. A great buy! Toshiba A665D-S5069 AMD PII P920 Quad Core, AMD 880GX, Radeon 5650 1GB, Samsung 4GB 1066 DDR3, WD Black Scorpio

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Good performer for the price, I like it better than my macbook pro5/23/2010 2:52:04 PM

Pros: The Turion II M520 processor rivals the performance of my Hp P8400 2.26 GHz Core 2 Notebook. Video system is pretty decent, decodes HD and x264 streams well. Atheros 9285 wireless BGN has excellent range. The LED powered LCD is ridiculously bright, great for daytime use. Even with a slower HD, the system runs great. True to its advertizing, the palm rests stay nicely cool even at 100% CPU use. Has an LG 8x DVD burner.

Cons: The bad No eSATA port, no bluetooth. Supplied Hitachi 5K320 hard drive is a tad sluggish, but does the job if you are normal. You dont really feel the sluggishness of the HD until you do intenstive tasks like HD encoding

Overall Review: On the WEI benchmarking, CPU 5.8, memory 7.1, gaming and graphics at 3.7 and 5.9. I actually had get rid of the hitachi HD that came with this system cause i wanted a 7200 rpm 500GB for all my media and video encoding. Now, my system runs at 7.4 :). I love the cool palm rest feature, The system comes with some minor bloat ware that you can uninstall. The system does not come with any DVD media. So a program caller recovery disc maker lets u make some factory reinstall disks. It does take 4 DVD+Rs. Audio sounds better than average due to the SRS and altec speakers

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Works well! Nice and silent4/4/2010 12:24:57 PM

Pros: Works great with 775, 1156 and 1366 socket CPUs, comes with back plante and screw fasteners. Comes with a AMD AM2 and AM3 socket clip. Keeps my 125W AM3 Phenom II 965 BE OCed to 3.8Ghz ice cool at 30C at full 100% load! The White LEDs on smokey colored plastic is an interesting thing, Fits

Cons: Its big, watch out for tall DDR3 Ram sticks with tall heat spreaders if ur mobo has the RAM slots near the CPU, in my Asus ATX M4A89GTD Pro/USB3, my Patriot Sector 5 chips were too tall and i have to move them over. Had i got some G.skills or Kingstons I would have been peachy fine.

Overall Review: Great cooling, Fits perfect in my Antec 300 Illusion Case, mostly silent. I use Arctic Silver Ceramique cause it is so much better than most thermal compound and is non conductive if u get it everywhere. AS 5 supposedly works better, but I'll stick with it

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Great Processor, Im buying nothing but Black Editions from now on3/24/2010 8:30:47 PM

Pros: Overclocks to 3724Mhz with the flip of a switch at stock voltage, unlocked multipier. Potential to unlock 2 cores! A bargain @ $100. Matches the H.264 encoding power of my old Core2Quad 2.5Ghz in only 2 cores! Scores a 6.8 on Windows 7 Experience.

Cons: Saddened that I could not unlock the other 2 cores, but i knew that it was a 50/50 Coin flip to get even 1 core unlocked and even less to get both cores. I needed something now, besides I'll wait for the 6-core Phenom II Black Edition

Overall Review: Wow these phenom IIs are great for getting some extra juice out of them. Using an Asus M4A89GTD PRO motherboard, I found that OCing was stupid easy. The last AMD i had was the old school Athlon XP @ 1.7 GHz, and I hated that thing. I was annoyed at my C2Q 8300 was just taking too long to do the job, every encoding software would only utilize 50% of the 4 cores and i figured what a waste. I really wanted a Tricore, but I wanted to experiment with these 555BE first.The new AMD 890GX chipset is a force to be reckoned with. Wow, im blown away. It may be new, but it performs way better than the GA P45-UD3R and C2Q Q8300. Of course the Core i5s and i7s will beat out a Phenom II, but I was not going to pay the premium for a 200+ mobo and a 200+ processor when i can get both for 200. Im really sad i couldnt unlock the at least 1 core, I would have really been happy with a tri-core but getting a stable 3.8Ghz Dual core... Not bad. I can wait 6mo for the 6 core Phenoms to come out :) Asus

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Great Features for only 54! Solid Case all around3/23/2010 4:07:37 PM

Pros: 1- Great Cooling- 1x140mm 2 speed Top fan and 2x120mm front fans that are translucent black that are illuminated by blue LEDs. Fancy not overpowering flashy. 1x120mm back exhaust fan in the back with no LEDs. All fans have a 2 (140mm) or 3 setting controller on them. -Cleanable dust filter for dual 120mm intakefans. Room for a 4th 120mm fan, in side panel if so desired, but it acts more like a 3mm extension for a really really big CPU cooler, a nice feature. -Cable storage under the mobo tray for all those pesky PSU cables Comes with nothing but mobo and Thumb screws! great for those of us who cant make up our minds and swap out drives. Lots of predetermined places to thread your cables. -120mm intake fans blow directly on your HDs, nice!

Cons: None really, The case doesnt come with a PSU, but if u buy this case, ur probably gonna replace any OEM PSU anyway.

Overall Review: Great case for a massive system, intake fans keep my WD black drives nice and cold, snagged this case for 54 + free shipping. Best 60 bucks i spent on a computer. Asus M4A89GTD Pro AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2GHz unLOCKED to X4 555@3.2Ghz Ripjaw DDR3 2x2GB 1333

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Sharp, Thin, room for everything.3/19/2010 11:59:16 PM

Pros: Beautify mirror finish. The LEDs are not obtrusive and blinding. Fairly good cooling. Comes with thumb screws and all you need to attach ur mobo. Comes with an 80mm exhaust fan. Powerful PSU. Rubber and Foam bumpers @ chassis contact points on the internal and external. Some decent thought went into its design, a great bargain if u got it off the shell shocker or email promocodes.

Cons: I wish i didnt have to buy new low profile stuff :( Its hard to find a good mATX Intel mobo these days... Thats ok, im gonna build an AMD Phenom II system for half the price.

Overall Review: This is gonna be my media PC for my new 42in Flat screen. Its all about power savings cause, I usually run hi power systems and i have to resist the tempation to go big. The 300W PSU is ok, I was hoping it was a Rosewill, but its an Allied PSU :(, but im probably gonna replace it with a Sparkle FSP270LE. BTW it uses a FLEX ATX PSU (aka slimline). They are out there and for good prices, not to mention they are pretty quiet. So if u dont like the Allied PSU it comes with, u can get a replacement. You can get them here at the EGG! Took out the 80mm exhaust fan, and replaced it with an Antec LED fan for a weak alien green glow from the ventilation holes.

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