Not Bad At All7/1/2008 8:26:34 AM

Pros: This is a decent system and for the price, you can't beat it. I normally build my own PCs but got this one for my dad and he loves it. It's a great machine for simple applications and runs Vista smoothly.

Cons: Very few for the price. The only major complaint is that it only has 1 monitor out and it's VGA.

Overall Review: Overall, a great buy. It comes with a couple extras not mentioned in the specs like a webcam. We are now looking to get a few of these for our business as

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Perfect11/8/2005 9:20:38 PM

Comments: This case is excellent. Plenty of room and assembly was a breeze. I have had trouble w/ cases in the past, but not this one. The CPU vent is a great addition too. Solid design and construction.

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Great steady power11/8/2005 9:19:05 PM

Comments: Im getting very steady voltages powering an AMD Athlon 64 X2, MSI RX800, 2 dvd drives and more. No problems at all. Highly recommend.

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Lightning fast!11/8/2005 9:15:56 PM

Comments: Supper fast and no compatibility issues with the ASUS A8N-E. Enough said. Amazing memory. Cudos to newegg for great price and being the only ones to have this memory in stock.

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Great Board - Horrible WinXP w/ RAID compatability11/8/2005 9:12:21 PM

Comments: The board itself is great. Lightning fast and easy install. The trouble came when I went to install WinXP. I have a SATA RAID1 setup. The drivers that came with the MB turned out to be incompatible and caused me LOADS of trouble. Spent about 10 hours before i finally got it working. Try the link I added if you are having problems w/ the board and are using RAID.

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