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Great performance, big sound small box7/4/2018 10:18:19 PM

Pros: The sound from this sub is remarkably musical with nice punch. The sub is perfect with the AJ series of speakers, it's clear that it was well engineered. When used in surround/atmos configuration this sub is a dynamic player of movies and assorted music. It's surprising how much low bass this sub generates.

Cons: This is an 8 inch sub and it's not a high powered unit so it can't fill a large room. That's only a con if you have hopes of earth shaking bass. The cabinet is plain and unexceptional looking. It matters for some.

Overall Review: I bought this for my son to use in an Atmos 5.1.2 configuration and it sounds terrific. It's not expensive and it's great bang for the buck. I especially enjoy the Pioneer AJ series when all of the speakers are matched. The center and the sub do impressive jobs in their specialized duties. The tower and bookshelf speakers in this system generate a surprising amount of bass but this sub really shines and rounds everything out.

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Amazing bang for the buck12/28/2016 9:13:32 AM

Pros: This speaker is the FS52 aka the "new" upgrade to the Pioneer FS51. I've purchased several pair of them in both incarnations and they rock. The FS52 is just a bit taller so you get a slightly more on axis tweeter dispersion. It's also got a textured surface on the speakers to give them more rigidity. Other improvements are detailed on the selling page if you're interested but I mention these because they actually seem to matter in sound production. They're bright and clear with a surprising amount of bass. Surprising because of the price. I wouldn't have believed that I could buy speakers this good at anything like this price. The upper register is clear without being strident and female voices come though with a remarkable sense of natural sound. The woofers in this speaker aren't huge but they do a good job overall and I find them especially good with percussive sounds. Music is good no matter what genre you're listening to but my own experience is that they favor the rock sound over classical. Surprisingly some of my jazz recordings are great on these and orchestral strings are decent as well. Without a doubt it's a factor in purchasing these that they have done wonders for entry level Surround sound systems. This is where they rise to greatness. It's simply amazing how much sound and how clear the sound is while watching videos. They're real workhorses in a surround configuration and it's not something I'd expected but they do a bang up job with action and with dialogue.

Cons: Their plain looking black cabinets won't win any awards but they're solid and have a nice heft to them. If you require the piano finish or something exotic these will turn you right off. They aren't as good as speakers in the $500.00 range. That isn't a con considering their price but some have remarked t about that in comparisons. Keep the apples and oranges separate please.

Overall Review: I'm very pleased to have caught these on sale and frankly didn't need this latest pair right now but I'm sending a son to college and they'll go with him. I've used them in numerous 5.1s for my family and everyone loves them. The new FS52 do a great job as an all around speaker and though you'll really want a subwoofer for the system for that lowest of bass sound they do a fine job without breaking the bank. I use every component in the AJ series and they match beautifully. Some remark that the CS22 is a large cabinet and I'd agree but it really pushes a tremendous amount of center channel specific sound and it's quite good for that purpose. I've been a passionate lover of high end audio for decades and I'd hate to think of the money I've spent in the past to get speakers this good. Sound has improved over the years and audiophile grade equipment is nothing short of spectacular now. The same can be said of the AJ Pioneer speakers. They aren't for those with golden ears but they're amazing in their price class. I can't imagine any speaker system currently available in this price range that could form a 5.1+ system that sounds anywhere near a great as this one.

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Great Center Channel with plenty of dynamic range11/18/2016 1:20:26 PM

Pros: This center speaker is impressive for it's clarity and dynamic range. It has superior voice production and truly amazing punch for theater sounds. The cabinet is large but considering it's function it's not over sized. The center channel has to produce a lot of sound and needs to be powerful enough to generate volume levels that give presence and depth to movies and this speaker does it very well. Even at high volumes the distortion levels are minimal and when reviewers complain about the size of this unit then it's questionable how much volume they want in their home theater. As much as we'd love to believe that size doesn't matter in speakers it simply does because of physics. This speaker is great in it's price range. Great, not good or acceptable, it's a steal of a deal and if you find it on sale that's even better. It sounds terrific in combination with the Andrew Jones series and though I originally bought them for a smaller room I've now duplicated the entire surround system in my den with the Atmos speakers. It should be noted that the unit comes with small rubber cushions that provide a limited but helpful adjustment to angle the direction of the speaker.

Cons: Cosmetics aren't a primary concern for me. If you need a fabulous wood finish then this is not for you. Measure your space if using it in a cabinet.

Overall Review: I love this speaker. It's a great product for not a lot of cash and it's been rugged and durable in all of the movies I've watched. It has a wonderful ability to sound great with blockbuster action films which is essential but for my money an even better ability to produce great vocals for films focused on dialogue. It won't produce uber low bass tones because it isn't designed for that purpose. Use this in conjunction with the appropriate surround system and you'll be delighted with the way it performs.

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Less than exciting10/20/2016 10:13:03 AM

Pros: Battery life is good

Cons: Transmission is slow to Chrome book or cell phone. Loading files to wireless drive via usb is medium paced. Range is questionable.

Overall Review: Really wanted to love this drive. I got it for traveling and light media use. It does it's job, not with stellar performance but it gets there eventually. Streaming movies wasn't so hot but music was fine. The drive has a delay when you access a file but once you get the hang of it you can manage well enough. It's a concept that works and has a lot of promise but could use a little polish on the execution. Honestly not a bad product but don't expect to be wowed by it's performance.

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Oh, So Surprising.7/26/2016 12:42:19 PM

Pros: This speaker is the next generation of Pioneer surround tower speakers and I have the SP FS 51 model as well to compare it with and pass an opinion on. It's great, it's everything most people say about it in rave reviews. It produces a surprising amount of sound and it's honestly quite open in all the frequencies. Highs are crisp and bright without being strident. Mids are very good, female voices come through with clear natural tones. The Bass is good and not boomy or muddy. These speakers won't produce the very lowest sounds you'll want, for that you do need a sub, but they're well able to deliver a well rounded package for movies and music. Music is definitely more challenging for the speakers in terms of balance and natural sounds. They're very good at it. Movie sound is even better for them and honestly where they can really shine. They have great dynamic range when supplied by BR movies and do a bang up job with imaging. I've used them with several power sources and never had any problems producing very large amounts of sound. Honestly I'm surprised by these speakers because the model before them produced great volume but also had larger bass and midrance speakers. The changes have really been for the good. They're a bit brighter and more natural than the FS51s while being a few inches taller for better tweeter placement.

Cons: They aren't a glamorous looking speaker if that's important to you. The cabinet is a very standard sort of look and won't win any exotic design awards.

Overall Review: I can't say enough good things about these speakers. They produce a level of quality sound that is far above others in their price range. They aren't a thousand bucks for each speaker and they don't sound like ultimate audiophile speakers, that's a fact. They do sound very good and one could say amazing in their price class. All of the speakers in the AJ design series seem to perform well above their class and deliver a huge bang for the buck. I set my son up with a complete surround sound system including receiver and sub for under $1k and it sounds like it costs far more. He uses it for his computer and for game consoles and none of the speakers ever fail. I'd have suspected the sub to wimp out if any of them did but after over a year of punishing demands they keep going strong. Buy them. If you can catch them on sale, even better. You can buy these speakers at some of the big box stores but I've never gotten better and easier customer service than Newegg provides.

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Does what is says on the label7/26/2016 12:14:08 PM

Pros: 6 ft cord. Why would any manufacturer make a cord less than that? All the outlets work and the main bonus to this strip is that each outlet has a rocker switch for on and off power. Along with the main power switch, the six outlets can all be turned on or off individually. It works first time every time.

Cons: It wasn't free.

Overall Review: This has no bells or whistles other than the fact that it's exactly as described and works perfectly. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants that kind of flexibility.

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Big Disappointment7/26/2016 11:59:48 AM

Pros: Unit has inputs for three microphone (two front - 1 rear) and they seem to work well.

Cons: The main problem was a lack of power to all of the speakers. When used with Pioneer 22 series speakers (tower fronts, book shelf rear and center channel) this receiver would never supply much volume. When used with Yamaha or Pioneer receivers these same speakers deliver a large amount of sound on very modest 5.1 models. No matter what source was used the unit just never produced much sound. The Bluetooth connection was cranky when connecting and didn't have great range. It's to be expected that Bluetooth isn't a long distance device but even 20 feet away with direct line of sight cause a signal drop. That's with android cell phones, tablets and a laptop with built in BT. The remote is pretty basic and not especially powerful. Line of sight helped but even then the range gets iffy at about 15 feet. The adjustment for speaker volume is limited and there are no sound field selection options. The volume for microphones was actually a more convenient adjustment than for other sources. The unit had a very dim display, visible under low light conditions only. Hopefully it was this specific unit that was defective and not typical of the model in general.

Overall Review: No. This unit failed in ever department except for the microphone connections and controls. Under-powered is the kindest thing I can say about it. Newegg is amazing. Truly wonderful response for RMA and getting return taken care of. Every experience should be so simple and easy. I'm a long timer with Newegg and this was the first time I needed to return a product so it was great to see that they're every bit as good as I'd hoped.

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Product seems ok6/14/2016 8:12:07 AM

Pros: cheap bio spec digital scale. Works in most aspects, it's functional but not much in the way of smart. It does have a limited capacity to store up to 8 users for age and gender but no way to track a single users stats.

Cons: For a digital scale with only a couple touch points to use when setting it up this was incredibly non-intuitive. My unit arrived without an owners manual so I was guessing at first on how to get it started. I emailed customer support and that was when my nightmare started with this product. They don't speak English by phone or email. It's sort of like English but clearly it's gone through translation and isn't at all correct. Then when I asked for a link to download a manual for the scale they asked for more info. They knew my model but they wanted my name the scales info (serial # and model number) and they wanted my email and my contacts phones and address. They told me after two emails this: "This issue needs to be escalated to the concerned department for a manual. " I was asking for a download link for a manual. DOWNLOAD link. They either didn't understand the request or had a problem sharing it. I'm not sure what their actual difficulty was because it's a pretty simple request. It's been an actual calendar month now and still no help from them. Thankfully Google is a great way to find links and I did get a PDF but not from their site which doesn't offer them at all, it came from a 3rd party vendor. The information age has mysteriously passed these folks by. While they sell what are leading edge products there communications are way out of date. I'll never purchase a product from them again. Terrible customer support

Overall Review: There are other products much like this one that are from better vendors and some are even cheaper. I owned a vivitar camera once and it was a great item so I was inclined to use their products again. Bad move on my part. All in all I'd give the scale a 3 egg rating but the company has done exactly nothing in customer support so if possible I'd rate them 0 eggs. Too bad New Egg doesn't let us rate that way.

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impressive addition11/20/2015 9:15:59 AM

Pros: This speaker produces an impressive amount of sound that's vital to any 5.1 system. The coloration is just a bit bright at the upper ranges but male and female voices are produced beautifully. Though it's not something I would normally praise a speaker for this one also produces a lot of sound volume with no distortion. The center speaker has a much larger burden for movies than the casual listener might suspect and this speaker handles the job effortlessly.

Cons: I don't think there are any cons to this speaker except for the slight concern if you have a very limited space in which to place it. The dimensions are easily seen so check and make sure you have the room for it.

Overall Review: I bought the AJ pioneer system in it's first interation. All of my speakers are first generation and not the "2" system speakers. Despite the raves on the new system which I haven't heard I can truly say that this version of the speakers is amazing. They're powerful, they're responsive, the tone is never harsh or boomy and I can't imagine getting more bang for the buck than this. If you want a high end surround package for audiophile grade listening you'll have to pas this one by but you'll also have to spend thousands more to make an appreciable improvement. I've sent my children to college with these speakers and they probably use them in ways that would make me shudder but they're the ones that all the friends want to party with for sound. For myself I use these speakers in the den and added another sub. They tackle movies and music equally well and when I'm in the mood to rock out, that's exactly what they do. Some of the best money you'll ever spend on speakers.

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Bang! for the buck7/6/2015 12:36:16 PM

Pros: Great all around workhorse as a 5.1 Surround Sound receiver. This piece does exactly what it says on the box. The power is clean and I've yet to experience clipping or distortion of any sort introduced by the amplifier section. The controls are good, with the remote it's easy to set up your sound field manually or use the microphone to let the receiver choose teh best sound field adjustments. It's great with any of the HDMI devices I've used it with and the optional Bluetooth connection device for this unit works flawlessly. The Bluetooth pairs easily. With android cell phones, tablets and Win 7 laptops it was a virtually instant connection. Pretty much brain dead easy. As a comment, for those who might be interested, I use the Pioneer speakers by Andrew Jones with this unit and it's stunningly great. I've had some really impressive audiophile gear in my day but I can't recall ever having a system that sounds this great for so little money. I bought the pieces as they came on sale and with each addition I became more impressed. The Yamaha receiver delivers great sound in every way and easily fills a 20'x20' game room. Everything about the physical unit is generic, rather standard done in black.

Cons: The only part of this receiver that was disappointing was the menu interface. Wow. I think I could have done better back in the day of DOS when graphics truly sucked. It's clunky and has what seems like a strange way to navigate the controls. For a unit so ready to handle HDMI this interface is really bad. I've looked at some other brands in this price range and sadly they all seem to have been written by the same illiterate chimps. This function will undoubtedly be improved with time but for my thinking it way way past time to do it.

Overall Review: I bought this thinking I'd just use it in my bedroom since I didn't need a receiver that would drive greedy speakers or fill the room with wall shaking sound. Once I got the unit and experimented with different speakers I was so pleasantly surprised that I shifted it to the back den where it serves as a home entertainment piece. My son even has consoles connected to it and it actually does produce some wall shaking sounds. It's really a great value. One review I read mentioned that the Bluetooth doesn't pair with a code and that's correct, I've not experienced any interference but that's not to say that it can't happen. Such a minor point for me but in close living quarters it might become an issue.

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Bang and Rumble3/8/2015 1:18:12 PM

Pros: Tremendous bang for the buck. Very good punch and very good rumble for music and even better for movies and TV. Sounds much fuller than it's size would indicate. The amp has never gotten hot or shown any sign of being underpowered for the job. Two years+ ownership and it's been great in my living room approx. 20x25.

Cons: It can't exceed the laws of physics to create the sound of a 12" or 15" sub. I use phono inputs so I can't tell how the speaker inputs work, other than that there are no downside that I can see.

Overall Review: I'm sure that this sub can't do what some larger subs do from a physics point of view but I own Infinity subs in 15 and 12 inch sizes and I'm going to add this with them in my music room. The smaller size means it can't provide some of the rumble I love but it can add a surprising amount of punch to music in percussion elements. The first one I got with the Pioneer speaker set, it's been great. Now I'm adding this one for strictly music.

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The best external I've ever owned8/16/2006 1:02:42 PM

Pros: I've owned over a dozen external usb drive enclosures, trying different brands to get the right one. The search stopped with this one. It's not the cheapest but certainly not an expensive enclosure but it *works* exactly the way it should. The drive is decent looking, I presently have the silver colored enclosure. It comes in black but for some reason it costs more. The case has easy to access power connection and usb ports along with a small and functional on and off switch. Installing the drive was a piece of cake, though I would prefer the internal cable to be a tad bit longer. The software is fine but not needed for XP, Windows recognized the drive instantly. Perhaps the best thing about this drive is the fan and the great cooling it provides. It's not large and it's completely quiet but it's amazingly good at cooling the drive. Mine has a 300 gig Maxtor in it and when I transferred over 200gigs in one session the drive never even got warm. It's great.

Cons: none so far.

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