truly awesome, and a great value!10/30/2013 6:05:15 PM

Pros: The color gamut, mechanical integrity and ergonomics, clarity of image, speed, not a single bad pixel or any of the light leakage or faint lines a couple of others have mentioned.

Cons: A shipping pin in the column is hard to remove. Tried a swiss army knife can opener, ordinary household pliers, and then a small slot screwdriver worked to get it out. To LG's credit they do put a small clear label over the pin to tell you it should be removed- unambiguous. One other annoyance --the power adaptor's cord to the monitor is so short that the power supply can be only on the desk or hanging off. Why cheap out on this and not make it long enough to reach to the floor?

Overall Review: One thing to watch out for: since my new longer dual-link DVI cable did not arrive yet, I tried using the old LCD panel DVI cable. The picture has odd digital blurriness. The monitor puts up a nice message advising the display resolution needs to be 2560x1440. The computer indicates it is putting out exactly 2560x1440. That makes no sense. So then I replaced the old DVI cable with the short one included with the monitor. Ta-Dah! the picture instantly turns beautiful. -->> Use the new cable!!!

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