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I like it!5/1/2021 2:10:16 PM

Pros: Integrates well with my Samsung S9+ phone. Lots of features. Versatile configuration options. Good battery life. Good included wireless charger. Overall a surprisingly nice device.

Cons: Haven't found many so far. The manual, as all Samsung manuals, is sparse. Really, really sparse which means a lot of Internet searching to figure stuff out. There's something in there about it being LTE compatible and using a 'cloning' function to duplicate your phone's SIM card, but I can't find any info on it so far, not how to clone, nor how to use it, nor whether TMobile is going to want a separate account with bigger billing for it.

Overall Review: I waited a long time to get a 'connected smart watch'. This was not the latest model, but over a couple of years of being available got many very good reviews, and when it was on sale for essentially half price, I grabbed one. I'm still figuring out some stuff, and am sure I won't be using half the long list of features. I'm older with a need for reading glasses that I don't wear all the time. Many of the features are just too small on the display unless you have really good close vision and small fingers. Nonetheless, I like it.

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So far so good1/27/2021 4:39:21 PM

Pros: Small, quiet, has all the connections I needed. Reasonably priced. 3 year warranty.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an Antec supply that had its 5 volt standby output fail, which prevented it from turning on. I now have an Antec graveyard here with at least three of their supplies that have gone bad after the warranty was up. Not a good sign. I'm done with Antec, so decided to try this EVGA in an older smaller machine set up with Win10 as a Plex server. Unpacked it, dropped it into place, connected up what needed connecting, and in about 15 minutes the machine was up and running again. I'm hopeful it lasts past the three year warranty.

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Amazing value for the money12/24/2019 9:19:44 AM

Pros: Nice picture, adjustments work, EXCELLENT versatile stand, these were a LOT more expensive when new from Dell. Dell makes some very nice monitors in general, and these are no exception.

Cons: None so far (it's been about five months of daily use).

Overall Review: Bought two of these for a dual monitor DVI setup. For refurbs, they were reasonably clean with very good blemish-free screens. One had more hours than the other, but available adjustments allowed them to be matched very nicely. Packed very well in heavy duty boxes. Very pleased with them overall, especially at the price. I would have loved to drive them at 72Hz, but they won't display at that rate - that's not a negative, since they're spec'd at 60 Hz, it's just an observation.

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Decent quality well made streamer, but works differently than most.12/22/2019 11:50:39 AM

Pros: Supports various HDR formats and top end audio formats including ATMOS (albeit weirdly - see below). Seems to support more HDR and audio modes than any other streamer so far. Sleek remote with rechargeable (non-user replaceable) batteries. The voice recognition on it is very good. As always with Apple stuff, superb industrial design.

Cons: Expensive. For a one trick pony, far more expensive than it needs to be at close to $200. Weird audio decoding - it decodes internally, then sends the audio out as multi channel PCM, often pushing my Denon AVR into a mode I hadn't seen before ("Multi-In"). As with all things Apple, they consider the end user to be a tech-idiot; if you're not one, be sure to go through the Setup once it's running, and check if the defaults they select are what you want. They weren't what I wanted. They FORCE HDR mode on their menus, which means all kinds of glitching/flashing when you select a stream that's in a different (or no) HDR mode. There is no manual included, and the one online hasn't been updated since 2016 AND is only available to download in some Apple format that needs iTunes or something to see. Could that have been any MORE of a stupid and arrogant decision on Apple's part? Or are they admitting that the thing is so wildly overpriced that only Apple fanbois will buy it? There is an online version, but it's old, tired, explains almost none of the options, and was clearly written several firmware revisions back. Far too many video output format options. FAR TOO MANY. With no explanation of how one or another affects what you are seeing. Conspicuous by its absence: an "Auto" video mode that simply sends out the best images your display can support (all HD/UHD displays can be queried to say what modes they support). Apple knows what's best for you, and it's either no options or far too many with zero explanation. I don't like the way the main display aggregates various sources without telling you from which service a given show is originating. So if, like me, you have several sources (Prime, Netflix, HBO Go, and Disney+), shows will appear on the main page with no indication where they came from, nor whether (like just about anything you actually want to watch on Prime) you have to pay to "rent" or "buy" the show/movie.

Overall Review: I've owned Rokus, UHD Fire devices, and now this thing. The first day I had the thing, I hated it. I was ready to pack it up and send it back. I decided to play with it a second day, and got to like it better. I have a little more time to decide whether to return it, and the jury is still somewhat out.

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Exceeded expectations9/10/2019 9:50:28 AM

Pros: Small physical size for a proper 1080 monitor. OUTSTANDING and versatile stand, with smooth height, tilt and swivel adjustments. Will go into portrait mode if desired. Just great. Good, clean, bright, sharp images. DVI input - I already had DVI cables run, so not having to get adapters was useful for me. Most people, I assume, will be using the DP input. Well packed, arrived damage free.

Cons: Not about this monitor, specifically, but can we please finally put the HD15 VGA input and associated cables to rest? These things came with a VGA cable each, adding to my collection of useless VGA cables. Now that video cards haven't had VGA connections for more than a few generations, it's time to stop shipping useless VGA cables with every monitor.

Overall Review: I bought two. These refurbs were more than decent. One was somewhat older than the other, and so somewhat dimmer, but going into the menu fixed things so they matched. A bit dirty, but nothing a little 409 and a rag couldn't handle. Refurb items are a crapshoot, and sometimes they're great, other times, awful. I was pleasantly surprised this time around.

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The best of bad bunch as long as you don't have to deal with the company8/24/2019 10:56:28 AM

Pros: Works reasonably well with a generally low overhead when it's not scanning. Occasionally loses its mind and thinks it's the free version with limited capabilities, but generally comes to its senses.

Cons: Unless you buy directly from them, the company refuses to acknowledge you exist if you have a problem. There is no way to register the product on their site except by buying it on the site at full (ridiculously expensive) retail. The one year timer on their multi device product starts the moment you install the first license. So if you install, say, the third license six months later, that one is only good for six months. You have been warned.

Overall Review: I keep renewing my licenses, but eventually a friendlier product will come along and I'll dump this. Windows 10's built-in malware software keeps getting better and better because Microsoft crowdsource malware data from 800 million users in addition to stealing all your personal info. Eventually, it will be good enough (and free) and all these companies will sink into oblivion.

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Runs fine in new build7/24/2019 11:03:55 AM

Pros: Runs at rated speed and voltage

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Seems to be good quality memory without the LED nonsense.

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Fast, fast, fast.5/16/2019 5:33:29 PM

Pros: Very fast drive, used as data (and some program) storage in my HP Z3 laptop, which supports two NVMe drives. Excellent for serving up large 1080p pro video files to my Adobe Premiere editing program. Reads and writes at a blistering speed.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: HP used this exact drive (but smaller capacity) as the OEM boot drive in their top of the line stupidly expensive 'business' laptop.

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Works well, somewhat limited range compared to its big brother.4/21/2019 11:10:24 AM

Pros: If you already live in a Ubiquity universe, this thing adapts nicely. Good range, reliable operation, makes the vast majority of consumer all in one wireless routers (even the REALLY REALLY expensive ones with 24 antennas) look like the useless hackable trash they are.

Cons: Be aware of the following: Ubiquity was originally in the 'professional' class of products, and have moved into the consumer area. Their products were originally only for professional installers who understood network topology and setup very well. Their software is not easy to install and use. Tech support is slow and sometimes surly. Their forum is populated with many pro installers who have no patience for 'weekend warriors' without even basic network knowledge.

Overall Review: I have a Ubiquity Edge small router and three APs (one of these, and two more powerful ones) and an isolated system where the IoT stuff I have (both wired and wireless) is isolated from the three machines that are for business use. Works very well, but wasn't easy to configure. Well worth the money if you know what you're doing or can get someone to help you.

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Work well, once you decipher the manual4/2/2019 11:31:36 AM

Pros: Pair quickly, decent sound, stay in your ears really well, has a volume control (in steps). I've had them for a few days, and they're not bad at all once you get used to the quirks.

Cons: The manual. It's always the manual. While I give them props for using a type size that's actually readable, why on earth is it so difficult to hire someone to write the thing whose primary language is the language being written? Google translate (or whatever these manufacturers use) is garbage when applied to tech manuals. If you turn them on outside the range of the device to which they are currently paired, they automagically go into pairing mode, which is handy or annoying, depending on what you want to do.

Overall Review: A few things to know: When they are in the charging case, the Right earphone is on the left, and of course the Left earphone is on the right. If you have them in your ears when they power up, they will announce which ear is which. I have not found any L or R markings on the earbuds themselves. This is kind of important because the Left earbud has pretty much all the controls. To control them, you just need to touch the surface, not push it. There is no button to push, it's touch sensitive. The volume steps go up each time you touch the Left earpiece rapidly twice, then at the maximum cycle back to sound off, then start to step up in volume. If you can't hear anything while adjusting the volume, you're back at the lowest setting with zero volume. Their noise cancelling is due to the rubber-ish earbuds fitting tight into your ear, not due to any electronic magic. Got these for $36 on sale after buying and returning a less expensive pair that had no volume control, was at maximum full time, which is not good if your source has no volume control either. Newegg, as always, made the return of the other pair painless.

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Works OK, but...3/29/2019 10:33:11 AM

Pros: Small, holds a charge, sounds decent, fits well, but...

Cons: Took a long time and a few tries to pair it with the Big River Fire box. There is no way to adjust the volume. If you use this with a phone or some source that has a volume control, it's not an issue. But if you use it with something like the Big River Fire video streaming device, which does not have adjustable volume, it is LOUD. And I mean LOUD!!!! One egg off for no volume adjustment - it just wouldn't have been that difficult to include it. The other issue I have is with the documentation that seems to accompany every single small item made in China, including this one. There is simply NO REASON the documentation should be a teeny tiny little multi fold pamphlet with the text in teeny tiny two point mostly illegible type. Who thought that was a good idea? I had to pull out a magnifying glass to read the instructions. I have a suggestion for all these tech companies: STOP DOING THAT. One egg deducted for inconveniencing the customer.

Overall Review: Still trying to decide if I want to keep them. The volume from my Big River Fire box is REALLY, REALLY LOUD. Mine did not ship from China, and surprisingly arrived in three days. EDIT 3/27/2019: I decided to return them. The lack of volume control turned out to be too much of a deal breaker. I paid $29.98 for them, and was refunded $26.98 because there was a very reasonable $3 restocking fee. It would have been easier had that fee displayed on the refund page instead of making me work to find it. Still, Newegg is the best when it comes to customer service.

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Works nicely as a Plex server for my uses3/25/2019 12:11:35 PM

Pros: Quite easy to set up, pretty responsive, does a decent job of spooling videos to Plex clients around the house. The occasional times it needs to transcode a video for whatever reason, it just does it seamlessly. Decent construction, although mostly plastic. Decent interface. I like it.

Cons: Every once in a while, it unticks the "Enable Plex" tick box in its Plex app, and nothing can find the Plex server. I have no idea why it does this, or why there even needs to BE an "Enable Plex" tick box when I've obviously installed the app to use it. Not worth taking off an egg, but worth noting if the NAS is running and nothing can find your Plex Server.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a Plex server for home, this is pretty good. I upgraded the memory to 4 GB, but can't really see it made much of a difference in performance. And it was a BIG annoying pain to replace the 2 GB stick with the 4 GB one. Be sure to update all the software to the current versions (4.x in my case), which run smoother and more stable than the versions it shipped with (3.x in my case). I have mine set in its control panel to turn on in the evening and turn off at 1 AM (which is the span when we watch movies). That feature was hit and miss until the current 4.x software update, and now it's reliable. I started with four WD Black drives I had lying around in RAID 10 mode, but they were overkill at 7200 RPM, and ran quite warm. Replaced with two WD RED 2 TB drives in RAID 1, and everything runs much cooler now. As for the reviewer that gave it one egg because their ADATA SSDs died in it, I have two comments. First, every ADATA product I've ever owned (thumb drives and SSDs) has died - I no longer buy their hardware. And second and most importantly, SSDs are generally not used in NAS systems. For one thing, a NAS OS rarely (if ever) supports the TRIM function, which means that after a drive gets more than half filled, it will start to slow down more and more, and then it will die. It's hardly the fault of the NAS. Always get NAS rated drives for a NAS. The WD RED drives work very nicely in that environment. And one last thing - there are a few videos on YouTube showing people how to cut the box up and make a five drive device out of it. Those videos were based on an older model that had the backplane connections for a fifth drive. The currently shipping boxes don't have that. If you're going to try it, remove the fourth drive sled, look inside with a flashlight, and see if there is a fifth set of SATA connectors on the backplane. If so, hack away, if not walk away.

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If you're having drive migration issues...8/11/2018 9:07:24 AM

Pros: Cheap for a brand name with such elan in the SSD field; reasonably speedy.

Cons: DON'T use Samsung's migration software - it's utterly worthless. You would normally imagine a company wouldn't tout such garbage software because it would be a support nightmare, but since Samsung's support is legendary for being beyond pathetic and staffed by utterly useless offshore script readers, this is apparently not an issue for them. Use Macrium Reflect for Windows to clone your old drive to the new one, the one that's free for home use. It has worked consistently well with 100% reliability for me for years, doesn't care if the target drive is formatted or partitioned. If your BIOS sees the source and destination drives, Macrium will make a clone. If your BIOS doesn't see the drive, you have other problems that need to be fixed first. It even deals well with slightly off-sized clones - my source here was an old 256GB Samsung going to a new 250GB Samsung, and Macrium informed me it was going to chop off the empty last 6GB of the last partition, then made a perfect clone that booted to both OSX and Win10 in my MacBook Pro. Also (and this is really weird), Samsung Magician disabled the USB ports on my dual boot 2011 MacBook Pro. No idea how or why. Ports continued to work on the OSX side (so I knew the hardware was OK), but in Windows the same USB stick in the same hole was unrecognized. Uninstalling Samsung magician fixed the problem. Bottom line: AVOID ALL SAMSUNG SOFTWARE. Use readily available other products with good reviews to clone your drives.

Overall Review: I'm disturbed by the reviews here that say this is a grey market drive with no US warranty. Newegg should be addressing this issue on the product page. A five year warranty is worthless if you have to ship the drive to the EU - you are essentially buying a drive with NO warranty if that's the case.

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Excellent 2K monitor for the price. Read the EDIT from 7/17/2018 at the bottom.7/17/2018 6:00:21 PM

Pros: Lovely picture, lots of menu adjustments for color, etc., very thin bezel, several inputs, DisplayPort passthough.

Cons: Absolutely HORRENDOUS stand. Can't say enough bad things about it. Unstable, monitor runs downhill on the right and can't be adjusted, pressing any of the menu buttons causes the entire monitor to shake. I know this is an 'entry level' 2K monitor, but seriously, the stand is worthless. Looks like I'll be forced to buy a VESA desk stand to stabilize it. One egg off for that. As others have noted, you MUST press the "Enter" menu button (for lack of a better term) when changing ANYTHING in the menus, especially the Input. It defaults to DVI out of the box, and to change that you have to select your desired input and then hit the Enter button. I hadn't read the reviews here, and it took me a while to figure that out. DP cable is just too short, but I suppose one must be grateful it was included at all. I needed a six footer, and luckily had one lying around. Included documentation is sparse, to be kind. Menu settings are not explained at all. Some are obvious, but some use terms I've never seen before. I'll look for something more comprehensive online when I get the chance.

Overall Review: Despite the issues with the stand (did I mention how awful it is? It is BREATHTAKINGLY awful), I would buy this again and recommend it to others. I got it on sale for around $250 delivered, and for that money it was an absolute steal. EDIT 7/17/2018: Having owned the monitor for a year, and still happy with it, I ordered two more when they went on sale for $200. Imagine my surprise to discover that while it was the same model number as the one I bought a year ago, the new monitors were somewhat different. Gone is the DisplayPort loopthrough output (which I was planning to use). The fit and finish is not quite as nice as the older one - the bezel fits slightly unevenly around the screen, and the bottom bezel is shiny instead of matte black. Now the good news: The stand is improved somewhat. Still not great, but better. The monitor now scans the inputs and selects the one with a signal on it, instead of defaulting to DVI and making the user actively change that. The order of the menu buttons has changed. The DVI input now supports full resolution (I don't think my older one does, but I'm using DP on it). Being able to use DVI cables for a dual monitor setup (somewhat) compensated for the lack of DP output connector, and I was able to use the existing lower end GTX460 video card on the machine driving them both to full resolution. And out of the box, the monitors looked quite good (a bit intense), but matched perfectly. And I mean perfectly. I changed the gamma to 2.4 and lowered the contrast by 10 point to make them a bit less retina searing. Overall, I'm not unhappy with the changes, as they work well for me. And seriously, for $200, these things are an amazingly good value. I changed my rating to a full five eggs from four.

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Works OK. As always ASUS actually honoring a rebate varies from 'iffy' to 'hahahahaha'. SIX MONTHS later, it's here.7/5/2018 3:41:34 PM

Pros: Small, light, cheap. I needed something to load an OS disk without having to generate a USB boot device, and this is OK for that. I don't expect to use this more than a few times.

Cons: Small, light, cheap, appears to be fragile, ASUS rebates, as always, are iffy. Even if you do get yours, expect to wait four to five months for it. Every single time. Four to five months. And maybe a couple of irate phone calls to the rebate center. Do not slam this thing around like it was an internal drive - it will come out of alignment and fail.

Overall Review: ASUS rebates are often meaningless garbage that never arrives. Read reviews of ASUS products with rebates here and elsewhere about that. If the rebate's the reason you're getting this, rethink it. EDIT 4/10/2018: It is now more than three months, and the APPROVED rebate is still not here. You have been warned. THREE MONTHS! EDIT 5/23/2018: It is now FOUR MONTHS since the rebate was approved, and FIVE MONTHS since it was submitted. FIVE MONTHS! A call to the rebate center this morning elicited 'sincere apologies' and 'an escalation to our financial department'. EDIT 6/17/2018: After six months, the rebate finally arrived. SIX MONTHS. At $10, it became more of a sporting endeavor than anything else to get the rebate paid. Phone calls, emails, I was very persistent and it finally came. As I've said elsewhere, NEVER buy an ASUS product because of the rebate - it will suck the lifeblood out of you trying to collect. One more time: ASUS rebates are worthless garbage. They delay and delay and delay while they hope you forget about having submitted it or perhaps die of old age. NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING with an ASUS rebate if the rebate is one of the reasons you're buying the item. Chances are slim you'll ever see it. Do a web search on 'ASUS rebates never arrive' and be amazed at the number of hits. ******** For those asking, the dual USB connectors are because this thing needs more power than a USB2 socket can deliver. So one is for data, the other for power. Use it with a USB3 socket (which can support the needed power), and you'll only have to use the data connector. Otherwise, any 5 volt USB wall wart for power, and then the data connection.

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It, ummm, just works. Even three years later.5/29/2018 9:52:17 AM

Pros: Small, light, plug it in, it works. What more do you want from an inexpensive unmanaged switch?

Cons: I'm not thrilled with having the lights and cables on the same side of the device. I prefer the lights in front and connections in back, but this is really a pretty minor quibble.

Overall Review: Inexpensive, lifetime warranty, works as intended. If you need something like this, this one is a good choice. Will wait and see if rebate is actually paid. EDIT 5/29/2018: Three years later. Rebate came pretty quickly. These things just keep working - I have three here running 24/7 for about three years with zero issues. Just keep in mind this is a VERY basic unmanaged switch, and if that's what you need, you can't go wrong with this item.

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So far so good. Fatser than the specs.5/24/2018 8:56:44 AM

Pros: Faster than expected. ATTO benchmark on 8K transfer size on USB 3 connector comes up with a maximum 112K writes, 229K reads. Rugged case (also a con, see below). Corsair rep and quality.

Cons: The rugged rubberized case is also fat, making it difficult to use in tight quarters with other USB stuff plugged in.

Overall Review: I've had good luck with Corsair thumb drives. It would be handy if they printed the capacity on the rubberized case instead of stamping it on the metal USB connector itself.

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Works well, some things could improve. Rebate took (literally) FIVE MONTHS and two phone calls to arrive.1/4/2018 9:55:11 AM

Pros: Fast, versatile, decent I/O, USB3.1 A and C, VERY extensive BIOS. Supports m.2 PCIe x4, and my Samsung 960 runs breathtakingly fast once I figured out how to get it recognized. I bought a used ASUS ThunderboltEX3 card as well, and that seems to be working just fine in this. ASUS has discontinued them, so used off that auction site was the only choice. Installed with a Kabylake 7700 (I don't overclock, preferring stability to 5% more performance), and 16GB of memory from the approved list. Booted right up first time. Came with the current 3401 BIOS, so no updating necessary (a first for me). Using the spy program and virus known as Windows 10. I wanted to go with Windows 7, but the Kabylake processor line doesn't support it.

Cons: EDIT 1/4/2018: FIVE MONTHS after submission, with two irate phone calls at month three and month four, I finally got a debit card worth $50 on January 2nd, 2018. EDIT 12/19/2017: I submitted my $50 rebate form the first week of August. It was approved the third week of August. It is now the third week of December, FOUR MONTHS LATER, and I have nothing. A call to the rebate center this morning got vague promises of 'escalating' my inquiry, and please allow another two to three weeks. Confidence could not be lower that ANYTHING will come. ASUS has a HORRID reputation when it comes to paying rebates, so if that $50 rebate is your incentive to buy this, rethink it. ******************** The BIOS is VERY complex, and the 'help/explanation' portion is pretty much useless. How is it helpful when I hover over some acronym onscreen, and the 'help' feature says "Turns function XYZ on or off". Really? I would never have guessed that, considering On and Off were the two options. How about a brief explanation of what XYZ is and does, or AT LEAST what the acronym stands for? I shouldn't have to do 10 hours of research to get an explanation for the hundreds (literally) of available settings. When you install new hardware and boot the machine, it comes on for about 5 seconds, then shuts down, then boots up. I assume this is normal for this board since it happens every time new hardware is installed, but it's remarkably disconcerting the first time or two it happens. First thought is, of course, that something's shorted and the machine's shutting down. My guess is that the BIOS is registering the new hardware, assigning interrupts and ports, etc., but you'd never know it from the manual. And speaking of that, the manual has not been updated since the board's release almost two years ago. There have been many BIOS revisions since then, making the entire BIOS setup section pretty much useless. Why is the 4 pin "water pump" control wired differently (according to the manual) than ALL the other 4 pin fan-style connectors on the board? I wanted to use that for my 3 pin cooler pump, but found the pinout confusing and finally just used the CPU fan connector. The USB3.1 drivers that came on the driver disk, as well as the newer ones on the ASUS site would not get the USB3.1 to work. Had to go online and find/install newer ones before it started working. And while the driver disk install program attempts to tell you the current version of your installed board drivers, it sometimes gets it wrong, so use Device manager to see what's actually installed.

Overall Review: None of the "cons", above, are deal breakers, they're just mostly annoying. This is my first build in about 4 years, but I have been building my own machines since the original Altair in 1975, more than a dozen in all. Perhaps I'm just not used to BIOS behavior and the endless BIOS options that seem to be standard now. I like the board a lot, and assuming the $50 rebate actually comes from ASUS, at a net price of $120 it was a steal. EDIT: It took FIVE MONTHS and some serious prodding to finally get the $50 rebate in a debit card on January 2nd, 2018. I do lots of buying with lots of rebates, and ASUS are the ONLY people who are consistently a gigantic pain in the rear, doing whatever they can to delay in the hopes that you move away, or forget, or just die of old age waiting. But I now have the solution - no more ASUS products with rebates for me. I'm done with that.

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My second order of these. I like them, but one failed after 18 months11/10/2017 4:03:05 PM

Pros: Nice white (not blue) color temperature, with bright even light. Low power consumption for a lot of light output. Although they are listed as "60 watt equivalent", I think they're closer to 75 watts or more light output. Run relatively cool. Inexpensive when on sale (for LEDs).

Cons: There is, as one reviewer noted, a slight delay at turn-on, perhaps half a second or so. I don't consider that much of a 'con', but wanted to mention it in case this was critical to you. Not worth removing an egg.

Overall Review: I have about 10 of these deployed around the house, replacing awful CFLs that draw four times the power, run hot, and fail after a few months as their power supply base overheats, turns brown, and dies. And they require special disposal because they contain hazardous materials in the light tubes. EDIT 11/10/2017 I've had one of these fail. When it heats up, it starts flashing. 18 months is a shorter life than an incandescent bulb. Not worth it to return it to Thinklux even though it's still under warranty. FYI. My house runs about 80% LEDs, and I really like the technology now that it has matured somewhat.

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Excellent as rear surrounds. Great bang for the $.11/5/2017 10:27:23 AM

Pros: Small, well made, sound very good for my use after a small amount of break-in time.

Cons: Very minor: Would have preferred actual properly spaced banana jacks instead of the cheaper twist connectors. Really a minor point.

Overall Review: Using these as rear surrounds in an all-Klipsch 11 speaker system, and for that use these (discontinued) speakers are working really well for me. Arrived in perfect condition. Ran music through them for 48 break-in hours in my workshop before deployment. I apparently like Klipsch speakers (although I hate their subwoofer amps - have had four fail so far). After the last woofer amp failure, I had enough. Brought the drivers out to banana jacks, bypassing the amps, and am using an old analog Denon AVR to drive them. Works great.

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Works fine9/3/2017 9:42:55 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, not too noisy when working, needed this to get my new build going. If you need an optical drive, this one is fine.

Cons: No cons, really.

Overall Review: I expect this to be a dying segment. Now that most if not all new motherboards can boot properly from USB, optical drives' days seem to be numbered. I remember paying over $150 for my first Plextor optical burner. Yes, I'm really that old.

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Unmanaged, works fine, solidly built, a good deal, especially on sale.9/3/2017 9:35:33 AM

Pros: It's Netgear. It just works. The very definition of plug and play. Used this to replace an 8 port model that had filled up. I like Netgear switches, own half a dozen at least.

Cons: Like all their metal switches, your choice for desktop mounting is either you get to see the status lights but also the mess that is network cabling, or else you get to look at the back of the thing with its power plug, and no status lights. It's only their REALLY cheap plastic 'consumer' ones that are built so the cables plug into the back with the indicator lights in the front. I really don't like the layout, but then I knew that going in, so no eggs deducted for that.

Overall Review: Simple, reliable, well built. I recommend these to everyone.

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So far so good9/3/2017 9:09:38 AM

Pros: Solidly built, quiet, moves a bunch of air for the amount of noise it makes. Rubber inserts at the mounting holes to minimize vibration. And no LEDs! Happy about that. I don't game, and have a computer, not a strobing light show.

Cons: The rubber mounting thingies (used instead of the screws) are kind of frustrating and a pain to install. But it comes with both rubber mounts and screws, so it's up to you. Three pin connection, so no PWM speed control, but most motherboards have DC speed control options these days for 3 pin fans, so no big deal.

Overall Review: I have one blowing across spinning drives as an intake, and one at the the top of the case as an exhaust. Pleased overall with performance.

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Works OK9/1/2017 9:52:39 PM

Pros: Both sticks are working in an ASUS Maximus VIII Hero motherboard with default XMP specs.

Cons: The specs here are the specs CORSAIR claims the memory is 'capable' of achieving, NOT the actual specs CORSAIR publishes on their site for this memory, NOR what the sticks report through XMP to the motherboard, and NOT how the motherboard recognizes and runs the memory. In order to achieve the specs claimed, the XMP profile has to be ignored, the voltage raised, and the memory specs in the BIOS diddled.

Overall Review: Disappointing. It was not AT ALL what I was expecting. I don't like overclocking, don't like to endlessly play with settings until the system crashes then back off a touch. Not everyone is into that. I use my system for paying work, put seriously heavy loads on it dealing with professional video footage, and want a totally stable system that runs within specs and is imperceptibly slower than one constantly on the verge of crashing because of overclocking. I haven't built a new system in about four years, and perhaps this deceptive marketing is the new normal. I don't like it in the least. If you're confident in the product as you spec it, have it report that in XMP to the system. Don't use theoretical nonsense to say "Well, it might reach these speeds if you increase the voltage, and spend endless amounts of time frittering with BIOS settings." I don't build a machine to fritter with BIOS settings, I build one to use for work, and expect its components to meet specs. These memory chips do not.

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Inexpensive, with atrociously bad reliability for me8/29/2017 10:26:07 AM

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Bought several of these, and several of the 16GB version. They were on sale. They have started to die off one by one in less than a month.

Overall Review: Inexpensive, not worth the postage to return them. But be very wary. I had one short out in the first week, and am soooo grateful that my ASUS motherboard recognized the problem and shut the USB3 port down (and generated a popup in Windows 10 to tell me so) before it was damaged. Of the six total I ordered, three have died in the first 30 days on different machines. Draw your own conclusions from that.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, We are sorry to learn your experience with our product. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To help serve you better, please contact one of our customer support representatives at Toll-Free number: 1-888-962-3282 Our team member will be happy to assist you to replace the faulty unit. Thank you ADATA Web Service