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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Failed after less than 2 months11/7/2018 11:57:58 AM

Pros: cheap

Cons: very slow while lasted; died after less than 2 months

Overall Review: Please, stay away!

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great inexpensive BDs10/23/2018 8:16:09 AM

Pros: no casters in the box!

Cons: none

Overall Review: no problems with the disks at all...

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Nice product3/13/2017 12:42:18 PM

Pros: Made nicely overall, size is ok and accurately represented

Cons: one stone looks a bit unclear

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great monitor!11/29/2015 10:08:27 AM

Pros: Great image quality, continent control, two inputs that are easy to switch between, 23" and 1080 lines, sturdy design, nice price tag (got it for 100).

Cons: Not 4k? Really, none. The only thing is that the button look to me as there is something missing but you don't really see them anyway.

Overall Review: This is a really great monitor with nice specs and at a good price. Have used other Viewsonic monitors with no issues. Many other (brand) monitors assume multiple pushing of the same button to switch to another input - not the case with this one. So, if you are switching between two computers hooked to the same monitor, this one would be a great choice.

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good so far6/28/2013 6:14:59 AM

Pros: seem to burn well

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I suspect that folks complaining about coasters may simply have hardware or software issues. I was tossing half of each cake (of various brands) while using "standard" Win7 burners. Did not have this problem, btw, when burning DVD or CD... Perhaps, windows cannot handle the burner's buffer properly? Anyway, switching to Nero solved my problems. Have burned around 50 Bds since (including ~15 from this cake) with no coasters. Good luck!

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great enclosure6/7/2013 9:27:26 AM

Pros: solid build, USB3, SATA 3

Cons: none

Overall Review: Have an SSD in this enclosure for backups. Also, tried a few HDDs in it with no issues so far.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent media6/7/2013 9:24:59 AM

Pros: burned the cake with no coasters.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Used LG Electronics WH14NS40 + Nero. Not a single coaster!! Time will tell how well the discs retain the info.

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Junk!10/30/2012 6:41:09 AM

Pros: price?

Cons: Everything else: The screen is extremely non-responsive, battery drains in an hour or so, random freezes...

Overall Review: I did not buy the tablet from Newegg and RMAed it after a week. Don't waist your time.

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less than 2 years of light use...6/3/2012 11:01:53 AM

Pros: Nice capacity, nice speed...

Cons: Just failed smart test...

Overall Review: I had this drive as a storage and got it filled up pretty well... Hopefully, I'll be able to recover my data.

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NOT a SATA 3!6/2/2012 11:33:09 AM

Pros: Works and is noiseless?

Cons: SLOW!!!

Overall Review: Well, I made a mistake buying this SSD for my office PC thinking that the good controller is the key... The latest firmware installed, all settings under Win7-64... The drive only shows the performance of a SATA2 drive, a half of the performance I get from Corsair and Sundisk SATA3 SSDs on the same mobo, i.e., one half of what is advertized! One may say that the drive is functional and "a bit decreased performance" is not the reason for a single egg... Well, from what I see, the manufacturer cheats reporting unrealistic specs. A side-by-side comparison shows that the advertised specs are not satisfied. Not recommended unless your board only has a SATA 1 or 2 ports. Personally, will never buy from Mushkin, sorry folks!

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quiet and fast6/2/2012 11:20:38 AM

Pros: Noise-less and fast, fits a single slot

Cons: A bit hot?

Overall Review: The card sits in a Suttle cube with a triple core Phenom that generates quite a bit of heat. However, no heat-related issues so far and the card is able to display 1080p and 1080i video with no freezing or artifacts via KMP.

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just an ok case5/31/2012 12:22:51 PM

Pros: Top buttons location, USB3, nice interior

Cons: the case rattles if you shake it...

Overall Review: As other reviews say, side walls are made out of very thin metal. In addition to that, there are gaps and cracks almost everywhere! When I accidentally hit the case, it starts rattling as if something was lose (needless to say, there is nothing lose in it). The case does not make noise when the PC is running only because my build is (almost) fan-less. Other than that, it is a nice product but you would expect a great one from Lian Li. If it was an Antec case, I would give it 4 starts. Since it is Lian Li, sorry folks! You went so far down in quality!

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excellent monitor!4/13/2012 9:07:13 AM

Pros: sturdy, bright, great colors, convenient buttons, built-in PSU,

Cons: no HDMI? - really, none

Overall Review: I'm comparing this monitor to the 2253 model and this monitor is so much better! Besides the much better colors (for some reasons), I really like built-un power supply vs. a brick. Power button is conveniently located in front of you - were it belongs vs. at the side. The stand is sturdy and the whole unit is very light and compact. Highly recommended!

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virtually noiseless3/28/2012 7:03:05 AM

Pros: 1) It cools CPU efficiently 2) I do not hear it! In fact, my fan-less PSU produces buzz that is (while being barely observable) is still louder than this fan!!! 3) I actually like the "screw-in" approach - you can control the amount of torque applied to CPU.

Cons: The item went 9 bucks down right after I bought it? Really, NONE!

Overall Review: I got this cooler for my office PC and only have it for a few days. It amazes me so far. It is sad I could not use it in my home build due to the space constrains forcing me to get Shuriken... So far, this fan is so many times better than the stock one that there are not really any comparisons possible. I'm curious on how this fan will perform in a few years from now.

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slow!3/21/2012 9:01:16 AM

Pros: quiet

Cons: SLOW! I am seeing only a half of the advertised speed with the WEI 7.4... Needless to say, have the latest chip-set drivers and the newest (actually, the only available) firmware. I also have a Corsair SSD on the same mobo that scores 7.7 and is considerably faster. Also, it is sold as a 128 GB drive but the system says 119... I understand the "gigabyte" conventions and the system-reserved 100 MB but still... Am I missing something?

Overall Review: will never buy another Plextor, I guess... Sorry!

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weird colors3/21/2012 8:52:11 AM

Pros: Large screen compared to my previous 19-incher

Cons: The first unit we ordered came in an open box with a dent on the screen. Newegg replaced it, so we never fired it up... The second (replacement) unit came ok but colors are really weird. It appears as an excess of yellow for some reasons and I did not succeed yet tweaking it. So, colors are main concern. A minor concern, as stated by others, the stand is too flimsy for the size. Also, having a PSU build in would be more convenient than dealing with a plug-in brick.

Overall Review: I'm connecting the monitor via D-sub - perhaps this contributes to the issue... I did try HDMI but did not have time to eliminate the blurriness due to video card resolution (most likely) settings... So, two eggs so far.

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Excellent board2/15/2012 11:57:40 AM

Pros: Excellent board, easy to set up and use. Overclocking menu is straight forward and gives lot of flexibility. Had zero problems so far. This is my fourth (?) Biostar board... would not trade it for any assus etc. boards.

Cons: One small con is that the cipset heatsink stays rather warm.

Overall Review: Works with A6-3500, 8GB of Crucial 1600, Crucial 90 GB Sata 3 SSD, Low-profile low-noise heatsink, and a fanless 460W PSU.

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noiseless12/22/2011 8:54:57 AM

Pros: The unit is absolutely quiet, modular and stays cool.

Cons: I agree that the wires are on the stiff side. I also agree that packaging is an overkill. Still, not enough (imho) to take an egg off.

Overall Review: I should confess that I installed the PSU not as recommended (not mesh-up) since my case assumes "on a side" position. Powering Biostar TA75M, AMD A6-3500, Corsair 8GB PC3 1600 RAM, Corsair Force 3 90GB, and Samsung F4 2TB, the unit stays cool. Let us see...

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Disappointing12/2/2011 8:55:12 AM

Pros: none

Cons: incompatible with my laptop

Overall Review: Well, this single egg is really a newegg rating from this purchase! While selecting the memory upgrade, I was using the "memory selector" tool provided by Newegg. The tool suggested that this module should be compatible with my laptop but it was not! After seeing no boot/no post, I went to the manufacturer site and learned that my model does NOT support 2 GB chips! I should be able to RMA it for refund ... minus restocking fee and minus any postage. Is it fair?

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Works out the box10/21/2010 7:08:11 AM

Pros: Price, capacity, HDD runs cool, started working out of box!

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I completely respectfully disagree with the person, who left a bad feedback for non-pretty packaging! Newegg buys stuff in bulk and resells it; places like Best Buy would be the place to go if a shiny box is needed. The item arrived undamaged, started working out of box while giving zero problems under 64 bits W7. This is all that concerns me. Sure, formatting might take 3-4 hours but this should be expected for 2 TB...

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1 year - no complains9/28/2010 10:24:23 AM

Pros: works just fine

Cons: none

Overall Review: Have this drive for almost a year. Partitioned in two parts: one for system, the other for storage. No issues so far...

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
no memory for settings9/28/2010 10:09:42 AM

Pros: cheap and sensitive

Cons: does not remember settings

Overall Review: Every time you turn it on, the unit starts in the Highway mode with no VG2... Police uses VG2 to blind radar detectors, so having a detector with no VG2 may totally defeat its purpose. Therefore, using this model, you need to push couple buttons each time you start the engine! Needless to say, this is not very convenient but the item is useless otherwise. I would not buy it if I knew about this... Therefore, 3/5

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nice keeboard, bad quality...9/28/2010 9:22:21 AM

Pros: good range, very compact, excellent for a media-center PC, quite convenient once you got used to it.

Cons: quality... 8 keys were not working for a while...

Overall Review: I got this keyboard for my media PC. Compact size, wireless all-in-one-piece item was a great choice. The keyboard was sitting on my shelf for couple months while I was getting other components. Once everything was put together (and the 30-day return window was well over), I started noticing that 8 keys (qwerpoiu, as far as I remember) were not working from time to time. Next, I figured out that they were back in normal after a gentle kick of the right side of the keyboard against my knee... Seems like there is a bad contact somewhere! Eventually, the problem disappeared (that's why I am giving more than one egg) but I am afraid it may come back any time... So, I got the unit 11 months ago, in October, were not quite using it till April, observed it loosing keys for about 3 months then...

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start losing keys in about 6 months7/17/2010 1:06:14 PM

Pros: nice range, compact size, includes a "mouse" in it...

Cons: 8 keys stopped working, 30-days return window is too small.

Overall Review: Well, I got this keyboard for my media PC awhile ago. First, it took me about 3 months to build a machine then another 3-4 months to get a TV (a right one for the right price). So, when I started using the keyboard, it was well after 30 days were over. The keyboard worked fine first but then 8 keys were starting to quit working. Finally, I noticed that everything goes to normal after a gentle "bump" of the keyboard against my lap... Looks like a faulty contact to me - perhaps, it is just my bad luck. Otherwise, I would recommend this product to anyone.

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Good keyboard!11/2/2009 6:36:02 PM

Pros: Started working immediately after plugged in and connected and works excellent since then at about 10' from the computer.

Cons: None so far

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