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Surprisingly decent8/8/2012 3:43:47 PM

Pros: For under 30 bucks this has been money well spent. Callers can tell a difference between being on my phone directly and this, but they only say so after I call attention to it (which is way better than when you hear "Are you on bluetooth? I can't hear anything. Go back to the handset."). Battery life is good and it *seems* to auto-sleep if unpaired long enough, but not always... sometimes I come out and it's totally dead if I forgot to turn it off, other times it still has a good charge.

Cons: There's no battery life indicator, and it's really designed to be used from the sun visor so charging while driving an be annoying (if you also want to use it). Definitely still picks up ambient noise if it's loud enough (can't have the AC/fan on full in my Subaru WRX).

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Silly but inexpensive8/8/2012 3:40:54 PM

Pros: It was super cheap for the capacity at the time (after rebate), so all bueno.

Cons: Seriously, what's the point? Collect all 12 between now and 2020-something? It's unique, which is always nice, but the cap isn't attached in any way (only a matter of time before you lose it) and the squareness means it blocks adjacent ports at best (horizontally) or that you have to angle your computer or use an extension cable at worst (vertically).

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Never had a bad Mushkin8/8/2012 3:38:34 PM

Pros: Always perfect in all my Macs, never a dead chip.

Cons: Wish the name was actually Munshkin. ;)

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Does NOT support 4TB8/7/2012 6:58:44 AM

Pros: - Inexpensive - Functional

Cons: - Doesn't support 4TB (it only claims to support 3TB, but in my experience most enclosures that say 3TB work with 4TB as well, there just weren't 4TB drives out when they made the label... Mediasonic's Probox is one example) - Useless eject button; you'll just want to rip the drive out while holding the base (I have a Newer Technology dock that has a much better eject mechanism; far sturdier and requires much less force)

Overall Review: Haven't decided if I'll keep this or not. No 4TB is a bit of a problem for me, but under 20 bucks makes it almost easier to stick on a shelf for those few times in my life when I'll need a second dock (since I'm going to have to buy another to support 4TB drives).

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Ugh another bad egg...11/10/2009 5:24:28 PM

Pros: Cheap for the claimed size/performance.

Cons: CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK. This started a few days after I bought the drive. The same freezes/noises others report. 45 days in it's getting worse and worse. Seagate support is useless. This is happening in systems from multiple vendors, it's not an Apple issue (I have a MacBook Pro). Thankfully I have AMEX purchase protection on my side since I'm out side of Newegg's return policy and Seagate wants me to PAY for phone support and PAY to get it RMA'd. For it. I already went through the 7200.11 firmware debacle with 4 1TB drives. I'm done with Seagate for good.

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SATA --not-- eSATA!10/17/2006 1:19:37 PM

Pros: Typical MacAlly case (i.e. nice, solid, etc.)...

Cons: The external connector is a standard SATA, NOT eSATA! Very annoying! Why do companies do this?

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Perfect for MX10008/8/2006 7:08:35 PM

Pros: Love the smooth hard plastic surface, fantastic tracking with my Logitech MX1000 -- it made the mouse WAY more responsive than the desk surface it had been gliding on!

Cons: This pad is 0.1" thick, but NewEgg ships it in a box 10" tall. Excess waste, anyone? The box also arrived significantly damaged, suggesting UPS workers may have used it for volleyball, but the contents were fine!

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Mac software is lacking for this good mouse.7/10/2006 9:05:54 AM

Pros: Long battery life, comfortable shape, precise tracking, no wireless lag!

Cons: Logitech's Mac OS X software is pretty poor. Two shortcomings stand-out: 1) There's no application-specific controls. Microsoft's software lets you assign buttons specifically for applications, so if I'm in Photoshop button 5 selects the Lasso tool if I want, but when I switch to Safari button 5 opens a link in a new tab. This is done on the fly in the background and is great. Can't do it with Logitech's software. 2) No horizontal scroll speed controls. This makes scrolling horizontally with the tilt wheel virtually useless, since it goes v e r y slowly.

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Perfect.9/17/2005 2:34:38 PM

Comments: Works BOTH ways (plugging FireWire 400 device into a FireWire 800 port and vice versa). Unlike some adapter cables out there!! Small and portable, too. White rubbery plastic casing gets dirty fast.

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QuickView drive9/17/2005 2:33:02 PM

Comments: The drives that showed up were Maxtor QuickView, designed for PVRs. There shouldn't be any difference (older QuickView drives were 5400RPM, but these appear to be 7200RPM. Just FYI.

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BEWARE!!9/17/2005 2:31:49 PM

Comments: While this cable SHOULD work in both directions (FireWire 400 device being plugged into FireWire 800 port and vice versa) it DOES NOT. If you plug a FireWire 800 device into a FireWire 400 port on your computer with this cable it will FRY your FireWire 800 device. Trust me, it fried two of my external hard drives... the moment it's plugged in there is a power surge through the cable and it will blow the FireWire bridge of the external hard drive. Nasty silicon burning smell ensues...

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