RGB Lights Engineered into the Fan as an After Thought5/10/2021 12:23:13 PM

Pros: This is a good cooler, everything is custom engineered and it has some unique features.

Cons: The fan was obviously custom engineered before the RGB LEDs were added, it was probably an amazing fan. Some marketing guy probably said, go add some LEDs to this fan and the engineers had to accommodate. Unfortunately this led to a situation where proper operation requires sub millimeter precision like a space shuttle part. You can imagine how long that lasts. The design defect becomes apparent when the internal spinning hub of the fan begins rubbing against the LEDs creating an unbearable noise. It took about 6 months before this became an issue. (even a tiny amount of dust on the fan blades could cause this issue, as it would cause a counter weight wobble of less than 1mm) The fan is permanently glued to the plastic mounting bracket which snaps onto the heatsink assembly. This means manually replacing the defective fan is almost impossible without getting a new bracket.

Overall Review: It's sad such a quality cooler can be undermined so quickly by such a trivial issue. Corners were cut to accommodate the RGB LEDs on the fan, as without them, the clearance would have been more than enough to avoid the problems I experienced. Enermax should revise this product immediately as it is an obvious engineering defect.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We appreciate your review on our product. I certainly understand your frustration and please know that I am dedicated here to provide a satisfactory solution. Please contact us at cs@enermaxusa.com or support@enermaxusa.com for an replacement of the fan. We stand behind the quality of our product 110%. Thanks for choosing Enermax, Enermax Technical Support Team
Great Hardware, Subpar Software and Documentation1/21/2019 3:37:32 PM

Pros: Full featured board with all the tweak settings you could want. Quality hardware you'd expect from Gigabyte.

Cons: I had to find the model of the network adapter for the z390 chipset off the ASUS website of all things. This simply isn't listed on the Gigabyte site AT ALL. I use Windows Server 2016 as my desktop OS because it is like Windows 10 with all the AIDS removed. I was able to finally find the appropriate chipset drivers off the Intel site directly (the Gigabyte site did NOT have working drivers). You have to manually install the network adapter driver and use the 'have disk' option to select "Intel Ethernet Connection l219-LM', then you can use the network adapter. Windows will not install this automatically. You would never know you need to select 'l219-LM' because it isn't listed ANYWHERE in Gigabyte documentation or the website.

Overall Review: Better support for Server 2016 would be great. A lot of gamers are going this route for desktop OS as it is simply a much better experience than Windows 10. Gigabyte support is almost non-existent. You have to create an account on their website and then fill out a bunch of info just for the automated form to tell you it will be 4-7 days before you get a response. There is no phone support option.

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Not 2600 v2 Compatible from Factory7/13/2015 10:53:35 AM

Pros: Seems like a good board with adequate features. Nice board layout with the power connectors in a good spot compared to other boards.

Cons: This board is compatible with Intel Xeon 2600 v2 series processors, just not out of the box. The compatibility comes from a BIOS update. The frustration will come when you have no way to update this board because all you have is 2620 v2 processors and have to order a BIOS chip from ASUS.

Overall Review: ASUS support was good enough to help diagnosis this issue and send a replacement BIOS.

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Coil Whine (Buzzing Noise)5/12/2015 5:37:40 PM

Pros: Nice packaging, decent modular design. Power delivered is stable.

Cons: Coil whine noise is produced during random activities (mostly gaming), the buzzing sound is almost unbearable. For the price of this PSU you'd expect more.

Overall Review: The manufacturer likes to pass blame to your other components but this is unlikely the root cause for noise problems. It was a hassle, but I finally got around to swapping out this PSU for my older Enermax PSU and as expected, NO NOISE PROBLEMS now. I will avoid buying Seasonic in the future.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Travis, I am sorry to read of your issue. Please e-mail to me at newegg@seasonicus.com with your system configuration and the type of VGA used and we will try to sort this out for you. Thank you.
Quality Components Terrible Features12/18/2014 8:26:30 PM

Pros: Quality components and construction. Very durable design. Very comfortable. Sound quality is excellent and microphone is good quality as well.

Cons: There is one single button on this device that powers on, powers off, and mutes on and mutes off. There is no audible notification that you have pushed the button for an arbitrary amount of time to mute it. Most Logitech headsets I've used allow moving the microphone up and down to mute and unmute and even they have an audible sound to let you know if you're muted or not. Turning this device on and off is just as difficult because it's the same button, maybe you muted it? maybe you turned it off? no way to actually know because the LED just blinks randomly. The velvet insulation on the earmuffs get really warm after long periods of usage and the whole headset is quite heavy. The noise cancellation is almost useless as it picks up the majority of background sound, making it not a good choice for a standalone vent or teamspeak headset.

Overall Review: I've listed a lot of cons for this product and still give it 3 eggs because it seems really well built. Too bad they didn't spend a little extra time adding a few basic features.

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Dead After 3 Weeks11/7/2014 10:56:09 AM

Pros: Components appear to be decent quality. Decent spacing on the motherboard, good layout.

Cons: Powered our new server down and it never came back up.

Overall Review: The RMA process from TYAN is DREADFUL. The website is completely unusable and looks like it was made in the early 90s. When you call in to their support they make you jump through tons of diagnostic hoops and then advise you to use the website to make a ticket. You will never be able to make a ticket on their website because it is broken. If I could give zero eggs I would. Don't buy from TYAN.

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Does Not Support Low Profile Bracket!3/21/2014 2:45:06 PM

Pros: I'm assuming this card performs as advertised, although I wasn't able to try it.

Cons: Even though this is a low profile card, it does not support cases that require a low profile bracket. The heatsink is massive and may cause problems in cases with limited space.

Overall Review: Make sure the case you're putting this card in can accommodate the size. It would be nice if there was a note in the description.

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Completely Dead After 5 Months8/3/2011 10:31:35 PM

Pros: Longer than average range for wireless mouse and keyboard. Reasonable price if it would have performed as advertised.

Cons: Mouse would occasionally not work at range of about 20 ft. After 5 months the receiver completely died and is not recognized by my computer anymore.

Overall Review: Range deteriorates dramatically through walls even if a short distance.

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Manufacturer Response:
First, thank you for choosing IOGEAR and we apologize for your experience. The product should not behave as you described. One thing to review is if your HTPC is to well hidden and the USB dongle is in the back, try placing the USB dongle in the front for better reception. If you need a replacement USB receiver please send your request to support@iogear.com. A replacement receiver will be shipped to you free of charge. Please contact our customer service at email: support@iogear.com and let us know in more detail on when and how you’re having this experience. We strive to ensure our customers are serviced with a properly working unit to exceed your satisfaction. Again, thank you for choosing IOGEAR.
Solid RAID Controller but NO ONBOARD CACHE!4/4/2011 7:39:21 PM

Pros: Solid RAID card that should last for years. Support for Linux and VMware. Reasonable price.

Cons: There is no onboard memory at all. Most RAID cards have some sort of cache, this card has none. I find it somewhat misleading that this isn't explicitly stated somewhere. If you plan on using 7200rpm SATA disks, don't expect to get anything more than 10MB/s on a 4.5GB sequential write.

Overall Review: What this card would probably be good for is a SSD array because the write cache would be irrelevant.

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Quality Control Lacking2/22/2011 12:04:16 PM

Pros: Enclosure is well made\designed with quality materials.

Cons: QC is definitely lacking on this product.

Overall Review: Out of the three I ordered; one was completely DOA, one had severe performance problems, and one worked as intended. Now I have to do deal with manufacturer's warranty as I am past my 30 days. :(

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A great case with some big cons.3/22/2010 5:08:37 PM

Pros: Well designed case layout. Great airflow. High quality construction. High quality materials.

Cons: The width of this case is quite thin, make sure you look at the specs when choosing a cooler. The power supply only has one 8pin ATX connector, my motherboard required two. The power supply is also proprietary to the case design and has no SATA connectors. My LSI MegaRAID 9260-4i was unable to detect drives connected to the SAS\SATA backplane. Plugging in any of the connectors into the backplane is quite awkward.

Overall Review: Overall this case is still amazing, but you have to be aware of the gottchas. If the cons I have mentioned don't apply to you then this case is a definite buy.

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Decent Monitor7/12/2009 7:47:46 PM

Pros: Excellent LCD quality. Viewing angle and colours are better than a 24" Samsung however, Samsung still has the better contrast ratio. Durable and well designed casing and stand. Has a few added features (web cam, speakers).

Cons: The 'input select' button doesn't find active signals automatically, but instead cycles through all available inputs... slowly. This button also happens to be conveniently located next to the power button so you can count on pushing it accidentally quite often. It seems like ASUS has traded functionality for aesthetics in regards to all the buttons. The stand isn't adjustable. You can't swivel or pivot or anything. Closer inspection reveals it does add to durability, but how often are you throwing your monitor around? The value added peripherals (web cam, speakers), are quite cheap so don't expect much from them.

Overall Review: Definitely a solid monitor for a decent price. Even if you forget about the addon web cam and speakers, this still is a good buy.

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