Best bang for your buck12/18/2013 9:08:06 PM

Pros: Run almost every game Slightly Overclockable

Cons: Extremely Hot Horrible Reference cooler Extremely loud

Overall Review: I am enjoying this card. At first, I was going to return this card due to the black screen issues, I was having when playing any graphically extensive game (metro last light, bioshock infinite, and battlefield 4). I tried underclocking, running benchmarks and still had issues with black screening. Extremely frustrated when you purchase an expensive card and it doesn't work the way you want it. AMD has actually fixed this issue now with their updated drivers. Its a really great card if you can deal with the loud noise and the heat. If your planning to purchase this card, I suggest you watercool it. After I installed a waterblock on it with the new updated drivers the card doesn't even reach 70C when playing battlefield 4 max out at 1080p. The only negative of installing a waterblock is you void your warranty on the XFX card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Removing the stock cooler doesn't void the warrny in North America. Please keep your original parts incase you need to send it back. Thank you for the great review. If you have any questions, please contact us at Play Hard!
Horrible!5/31/2013 7:45:10 PM

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Failed within weeks.

Overall Review: I purchased this hoping that I wouldn't fail on me in 30 days. but i took the risk. The drive worked fine for a few weeks and then it failed. I had it RMA'd and got another drive. It worked for a few weeks and then it failed again! I tried getting a RMA for the second drive but cant because supposedly its out of return policy and even i bought an extended warranty now im out of 80 bucks and a hard drive. Don't waste your money on this and newegg extended warranty that they offer.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Anonymous, If your ability to return through Newegg has expired please contact us directly. OCZ will gladly make appropriate warranty replacement arrangements. Please note your history of failures so we can match you with an appropriate resolution. We are very sorry for the inconvenience! Kind Regards, OCZ Support
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OCZ Support Page
Decent Keyboard and Mouse Combo10/14/2012 8:34:48 PM

Pros: Great keyboard, and its responsive when trying, overall it does what you ask it to do.

Cons: The mouse is slightly smaller than the average mouse which causes your hand to not have a well grip on the mouse, and the backspace is the same size as any letter key which causes me to accidentaly press a wrong letter on the keyboard

Overall Review: The keyboard and mouse combo is great for the price, even though its a budget keyboard and mouse combo, it gets the job done. Only flaw for me its the mouse size and the backspace key.

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