Perfect mini-ESXi box10/17/2017 2:49:09 PM

Pros: - Small and quiet - 32GB of RAM - Can fit two drives (1xm.2 form factor and 1x2.5 inch) simultaneously! - Everything works for ESXi 6.5u1 out of the box!

Cons: - I'll always want more ram in any box...32GB works well, but 64GB would have been ideal. - Single NIC...2 NICs would have been great for redundancy and flexibility

Overall Review: This is the perfect little ESXi box. It's small, can be placed anywhere, and has a ton of features (many of which I'll never use but it's still cool to have them available in case of future use cases). My "cons" are merely wishlist items and I'm aware that it may not be feasible to cram all that in. This thing is truly tiny! That said, it's been a perfect augmentation to my first ESXi box (a whitebox built years ago) and provides plenty of processing and RAM for my homelab needs with easy expansion with more. This is a good value.

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