Dead7/19/2021 2:00:01 AM

Pros: Blazing fast when it worked. Nothing comes close to the speed of this flash drive.

Cons: Died after only a few months.

Overall Review: Bought this drive back in April 10th of 2021 and as of July 19th it's already dead. Drive will show up in windows but won't be detected in windows explorer and no partition table shows up in windows disk management. As other reviews have said, the outer casing gets very hot during operation, and probably contributed to it's demise. Avoid this drive and just buy something with a slower speed that doesn't overheat.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I am Jose from SanDisk® Global Support Team. We regret to hear about your experience. We would like to know more about your issue in order to isolate the possibilities. Please feel free to contact SanDisk® support at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at We will certainly assist you towards an appropriate resolution. Thank you, Jose, SanDisk® Support.
like going to an HDD to SSD all over again11/11/2015 8:42:53 PM

Pros: Installed this SSD in the AsRock x99 Extreme4 motherboard and man it's like going from a 7200rpm HDD to an SSD again. My computer boots up in 10 seconds flat!

Cons: really small and seems to get hot, buy hasn't effected performance in day-to-day use.

Overall Review: If you are looking to see if it is worth buying this SSD even if you are coming from a SATA SSD, yes it is worth it. This drive is many times faster than a SATA SSD and I do notive increased performance in day-to-day use. Overall I would recommend this to anyone as the icing on the cake for an enthusiast PC build, but if you are on a budget a SATA SSD will still work fine.

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NO COIL WINE9/13/2015 5:05:41 PM

Pros: The PSU is COMPLETELY SILENT. Unlike some of the fanless power supplies from seasonic, this PSU creates zero audible coil wine under full load.

Cons: not 750w?

Overall Review: If you are a silence freak you have to buy this PSU.

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Strapped to an r9 2906/17/2015 9:54:29 AM

Pros: It looks nice, it can be strapped to a graphics card using an NZXT G10.

Cons: none, except maybe the pump is doomed to break down at some point unlike air cooling where there is no water pump to worry about.

Overall Review: I strapped this water cooler to an AMD r9 290 with an NZXT G10. The max temps I observed with this cooler were 70C. Would recommend to anyone trying to cool down their graphics card.

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AsRock is better than people think5/2/2015 12:00:13 AM

Pros: Looks nice Plenty of connectors an m.2 slot more SATA ports than I will ever use RAID support

Cons: AsRock does some weird things with SATA port and PCIe bandwidth sharing, making it annoying to verify whether something will work because plugging in say an m.2 SSD will disable the second PCIe slot on ther motherboard. Harder to match a build color scheme with blue and black.

Overall Review: This motherboard is for those of us who want to jump into x99 but don't want to spend $400 on a motherboard or don't have to carry over 18 hard drives from their old system. This motherboard does everything you can expect from the x99 platform along with a few things AsRock has thrown in. Like their ultra m.2 port or support for 128GB of ECC RAM. AsRock seems to have a bad reputation because only the people that have had problems are the ones who leave reviews, not the buyers like me who are not experiencing any problems like me. I bought this motherboard and used it to OC my RAM to 2666MHz and my 5820k to 4.5GHz, so this motherboard is no slouch. I recommend this motherboard to anyone upgrading to x99 who wants a bit more expansion at a small price increase compared to what some of the cheapest x99 motherboards have.

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good solid ram.4/15/2015 7:56:10 PM

Pros: looks nice, low profile, and just works.

Cons: none so far.

Overall Review: These days RAM is just RAM and most of the bad RAM companies are long gone. This is good RAM for x99 and I even managed to OC my RAM to 2666mhz, but your results may vary.

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Great cooler, but not without initial problems4/12/2015 11:13:58 AM

Pros: VERY large cooler. Does an incredible job of keeping my CPU cool. It may be a little louder than some high end noctua coolers but it cools just as well and you can't beat it at this price.

Cons: When I received the cooler there was an adhesive sticker on the CPU block (like you find on the hyper 212 evo). This didn't seem like a problem until I peeled back the sticker only to find that the sticker had left behind many splotches of dried glue meaning I had to spend over half an hour cleaning the CPU block and getting off the glue the sticker left behind. This behavior could have been due to a bunch of things like temperature of the CPU block when I removed the sticker and this doesn't seem like it is Phanteks fault, so it isn't worth taking off a egg for that.

Overall Review: I ordered this cooler for my intel x99 system build. I was able to get my CPU to 4.5GHz 1.3v at around 75-80C. This is a great cooler if you don't have the money for a water cooler, but have a plenty wide case to install this cooler. I am surprised that this cooler isn't as recognized my many other big review sites, as it performs great for a very competitive price.

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Did the Job, only needed a couple of weeks1/6/2015 10:11:24 AM

Pros: Does exactly what it says. Accommodates two 2.5" drives and one 3.5" drive. Easy to install.

Cons: 2.5 Drive bays are a little flimsy, but this may have just been because I was swapping out 2.5" drives all day with this adapter.

Overall Review: Works and does exactly what it says and can't argue with the price.

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Good solid card12/14/2014 8:51:26 AM

Pros: only draws power from PCIe slot, no 6-pin needed. looks nice, great for a windowed case. Stress tested the card for over an hour with fur-mark and never broke a sweat.

Cons: Got pretty loud under load the first week, but then the card became more quiet over time.

Overall Review: I got this card to speed up video encoding performance in programs that use cuda like DVDfab or any video converter. However, it didn't speed up video editing that much in comparison to my older GT640. If you are buying this card for video editing, I recommend the GT740 as it is better value for video editing and the use of cuda. Im not going to bother returning the card, since it is doing A great job.

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Good ram just works11/4/2014 2:45:56 PM

Pros: Nothing wrong with this ram, very stable, never have run across any problems and does a good job.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This ram I used in my first computer build and I have not come across any problems with it. I think I will purchase 8GB more later on in the future.

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Great very fast hard drive7/28/2014 10:30:13 PM

Pros: Great little hard drive, very fast and reliable.

Cons: None That I can tell.

Overall Review: I used this this hard drive in combination with a 500gb WD hard drive in my first computer build. I have had it for over a month and it works fantastic. Easy to install, no problems yet and incredibly fast.

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Disappointed, Didn't work7/14/2014 8:32:31 AM

Pros: None

Cons: I bought this hard drive with the intent of using it on my very first computer build. This SSD sat around for three months before I could anything with it. I used an external hard drive kit to convert SATA to USB (it also came with a power supply) and when I plugged this hard drive into my laptop to test it works it didn't show up anywhere. It didn't show up in device manager, It didn't show up in computer management, It didn't even show up in my laptop computers BIOS. This external hard drive kit was working perfectly fine with other hard drives so I know it is not the fault of the kit. I even booted into Linux to see if it would show up there. I Even tried this on other computers and even they didn't detect this drive. If no computer will detect this hard drive it is completely unusable and I cannot install windows to it. I believe this was a DOA dead on arrival SSD but I had no way to tell this because I had no way to read the SSD.

Overall Review: I bought this SSD because of the good reviews, I guess I was wrong to buy this and I am very disappointed.

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