Flawless Install for Stock Phanteks P500a Replacement11/26/2020 8:20:47 AM

Pros: - Very bright DRGB - Rubber Dampers Included - DRGB Extension included - 3 fan PWM Splitter Included - Easy to Daisy Chain

Cons: Other reviewers note fans arriving DOA or DRGB not working properly. I did not face either issue. All three fans worked flawlessly upon install at rated speeds. I am not certain the rubber dampers make a real difference in terms of sound profile, but I was happy they were included since it is better than nothing.

Overall Review: These fans worked flawlessly for swapping out the stock Phanteks Eclipse P500A fans for PWM models. This allowed me to shift those stock fans to other placements in my case while maintaining tighter airflow control over the front intake. I recommend reviewing a DRGB daisy chain video before concluding that the DRGB does not work. If your cable management is frantically put together, it can be easy to make an invalid loop and bypass/override the case controller.

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Amazing Product, Bad Luck Brian9/13/2014 2:52:20 PM

Pros: The screen comes as advertised with the 144Hz, 1440p Resolution, and G-Sync functionality. I will start by discussing G-Sync. I tested the monitor on a single GTX 780ti SuperClocked. So far, all my games have been running at acceptable frame rates on this panel, so if you are looking for a card capable of pushing out great, fluid experiences at 1440p, the GTX 780ti certainly meets the goal. To test the benefits of G-Sync, I ran Tomb Raider on maximum settings and was staying consistently around 60fps while running about. Coming from having played on a 1080p 120Hz refresh rate monitor, I know the experience of having frame rates drop below that of what the panel is capable of refreshing. With G-Sync, however, there was a noticeable increase in fluid motion. I cannot say that it was a *perfect* change in that you are still limited to the fluidity of the frame rate you are producing, but it was as perfect as you could hope for; no tearing, no stuttering, simply the output of your video card on the screen with no downsides. It was refreshing (badum tss) to know that I will never have to deal with trading out stuttering for tearing or vice versa ever again. The 1440p resolution has seemed to hit the sweet spot of playability without devastating your frame rates. It keeps images crisp and amazingly colorful and works wonders on the desktop for multiple windows being open. Using this for any projects requiring multiple windows being opened and laid out on the screen will be a dream and text is still readable even without additional scaling. The use of an 8-bit panel really shows and the viewing angles are *outstanding* for a TN panel. This is coming from someone who has had little concern for viewing angles in the past (after all, I'm playing right in front of the screen). I can stand completely to the side and while there is still noticeable decrease in color reproduction, it looks better than any other monitor I have owned in that respect. The step up from 120Hz to 144Hz was not particularly noticeable, but G-Sync won me over and made the change worthwhile. The exceptional quality of a 6mm bezel is a unique experience when watching videos in full screen. It feels as though it is suspended in the air in front of you. The stand for the monitor is incredibly sturdy and having it shipped in portrait was great for not having to mess with attaching the panel to the stand. It popped out of the box and onto my desk without any problems. The swivel and height adjustments are rigid enough to stay in place, but easy enough to shift when needed to accommodate any desk environment or viewer preference. The on screen display and menu are easy enough to use and the joystick placed on the back of the monitor makes navigation simple.

Cons: After turning on my computer and playing around with the settings, it was only a matter of time before I noticed three spots with dead pixels. One is hardly noticeable to the bottom left portion of the screen, while the other may be composed of more than one based on size comparison to the single dead pixel on the bottom left. There is also another area that has a small strip of vertical pixels that look as though water is over them. I have not touched the panel with anything sharp or smudged it in any way. It is possible that the area is just dirt, but I tried wiping it away using cleaner and nothing seems to remove it. I plan on viewing it under a magnifying glass to know if it may be more defective pixels. The turbo button on the monitor for quickly switching from 60Hz, to 120Hz, to 144Hz, seems to be dysfunctional. I press it, but nothing occurs unless I hit it several times, and even then sometimes the refresh rate will not change. This is not an issue for me since I run the panel at 144Hz all the time, but it still saddens me to know it is not working as intended. I cannot express the sinking feeling I had when finding those dead pixels. I've had monitors with defective pixels before, but from the price I paid for this one, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to be as worried. It seems I may be an unlucky customer since others have claimed they received panels with no defects, but waiting for this panel and being so excited to see it and then discovering the defect (though minor) gave me a sad feeling right in the gut like if you were showing off a brand new car off the assembly line to a friend and found a small scratch. Others won't notice it, but I will forever know they are there. That's why I dropped the 5-Egg to 4. In EVERY other aspect this monitor is simply brilliant, but I have to drop an egg because when you pay this kind of money, you can't help but hope for a product with no defects right out of the box. I've looked into the warranty and it takes 5 dark dead pixels to merit a return, or a single bright dot. I can't say for certain whether mine meets that specification, so barring a return to Newegg + a probable restocking fee + waiting for a new shipment + waiting for a new one (with a chance of having just as many or more dead pixels), I guess I'm sticking with this one.

Overall Review: Like many of those now ordering this panel, I've been excited and waiting patiently for its release ever since hearing about the wombo combo of G-Sync, 1440p, and 144Hz Refresh all being included in a single screen. In addition to this, the panel was being designed with the gamer in mind, which led to a sleek and extremely functional stand equipped with perfect swivel and height adjustment, incredible viewing angles, and a 6mm bezel that truly is an experience in of itself. While these features have astounded me in quality, it saddens me to have been one of the few (hopefully) to receive a panel with the deficiencies of a few dead pixels. They are not noticeable except on a white screen, but having it come out of the box with defects is never fun as a consumer. I wish Asus would revise their dead pixels policy to be a lesser threshold for a Premium product that cost so much money.

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Phenomenally Pleasing1/5/2012 7:32:47 PM

Pros: This thing is an absolute beast. I was silly and forgot to check if my old CPU cooler would fit onto the new socket, but I am absolutely blown away by how cool this processor runs. I was expecting higher temperatures, knowing that it would be faster than my previous AMD Phenom II x4 955, but this thing booted at 29 celcius with my Cooler HAF 932 and Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. I've hit an incredible low of 24 celcius as well. I upgraded only the processor and motherboard of my system and my performance gain is astounding. Battlefield 3 went from running in a smooth high setting to a butter-like ultra, with everything maxed out. It's unbelievable. After running that, my temp was 44 celcius. I'm wondering if I should even buy a new CPU cooler, but I might as well, knowing that it can overclock immensely. I can't wait to test it out. The price isn't bad either, especially for Intel. If you're building a gaming computer, this processor has it all.

Cons: The only con I can think of is the push-pin CPU cooler. I'm not a fan of that set-up, it just feels flimsy to me, but as long as no damage occurs to my processor it's not a problem. The size of the cooler struck me as incredibly small, but as tested in my above pro-list it somehow performs incredibly, at least when paired with a HAF 932. Another potential con is the length of the CPU fan wires. They're quite lengthy, and if you have lots of fans in your case you might want to find a way to strap them down so as not to damage them.

Overall Review: Specifications: Intel I5 2500k XFX 6870 Crossfire 8 Gigs G. Skill RipJaws (1600) Corsair 750TX My previous builds have been AMD because of the price they offered, but lately for gaming purposes if you want the best performance, this thing scales incredibly when compared to AMD's quad-cores, for price and performance. It's not *that* much more to pay, and it's completely worthwhile if you want to max out your build. The overclockability also is a phenomenal achievement. This processor performs better than the AMD quad-cores, even when it's clocked lower. The ability to overclock to 4.0 ghz. on air cooling would blow them away. If you're building for gaming or video encoding/editing, go with one of these processors; If you're building for a simple household computer, you could probably get away with an AMD quad-core and not notice much of a difference. BUT if you're an enthusiast looking to max out performance, you can rest assured you'll achieve it with this processor.

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Breathtaking and Phenomenal11/12/2011 8:22:40 AM

Pros: This game is absolutely fantastic, regardless of what certain fanboys of other franchises might say. The game runs smoothly, even on lower end systems, thanks to the Frostbite 2.0 engine. DICE has created a game of masterful levels of detail, intense combat, and incredible sound effects. Nothing on the current market can match this level of realism. The game rewards both squad and team efficiency, but does not limit the individual player from being a game changer. DICE has implemented many balanced aspects with regards to classes and vehicles - much needed changes in comparison to the problems of BFBC2. Patches are coming to fix known issues, which is much more reassuring than having problems without solutions. The maps of the game are on par with the graphics: overwhelmingly fantastic. Certain maps may have choke holds, but each map has means of outsmarting the other team with intelligence through tactics. Five eggs - no less for a game this unique.

Cons: I will not be so bold as to say there are no cons. The most prevalent are certain lag issues which are being addressed by DICE as I type this review. Secondly, the single player campaign might be seen as cliche, but in comparison to the campaigns of other FPS franchises, I would consider BF3's to bring an entire new meaning to virtual reality. The effects are so intense that the campaign is worth playing through just for some of the intense fire-fight moments. It is short, but again, what FPS franchise campaign isn't these days, not to mention that this game was centered on multiplayer from the start of development.

Overall Review: The game has balance and is an outstanding achievement for video games in the year 2011. The progression of technology seen through this game is an indicator of what is to come, and it is breathtaking and phenomenal. Nothing on the market can match what this game achieves in graphics and effects. Although these two qualities do not make any single game great, in conjunction with the squad and team functions as well as the map size and vehicles, this game will overwhelm the senses and place you in the moment like no other can. The combat is a little slower paced than Call of Duty, but if you're playing it right, you can still bring aspects of an arcade shooter in close quarters to the game. The new team deathmatch game type especially focuses on that feature. Rush, Conquest, and Squad Deathmatch are still prevalent, maintaining the level of diversity in its predecessor BFBC2 while combining with the game-making aspects of Battlefield 2. Play with friends and have an awesome time!

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Great Buy!6/9/2011 8:30:03 AM

Pros: This necklace really does shine while also holding a very reasonable price. It makes a great gift to a girlfriend or a friend without going over the top on the price. For what you pay, it has a high quality and wonderful sparkle that catches the eye, allowing for a subtle, but noticeable piece.

Cons: The chain really isn't too lengthy, but as it says it's 18 inches, so you're getting what you pay for. The stones are relatively small, but still provide a nice addition to the heart and give it a really sweet touch. The chain may be a bit hard to attach as it is very thin and the latch is small, but with practice it would be no problem at all.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a great product. There is certainly no false advertising, but the pictures could be deceiving if not put into perspective. The heart and stones are not actually that large, but the price makes it worth while. The quality is in all quite good, with only a few kinks such as the thin chain and difficulty latching keeping it from receiving a five egg rating. If you're looking for a nice gift without going over the top, this would be a great choice!

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