Great Company9/19/2013 10:51:12 AM

Pros: Cable is high quality, and the wire colors are bright and clear. The blue is actually BLUE! And I like that the stripes on the striped cables spiral the whole length of the cable rather that just horizontal strips once every half inch or so. Makes it a lot easier to work with. Cable is very flexible but also durable. Shipping was super fast as well.

Cons: None.

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Average or better6/12/2013 12:17:25 PM

Pros: I've had these for a good three years now. I think they were $70 or $80 when I bet them and if it weren't for the Con listed below, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another set. As for the sound, it seems great to me. Admittedly, I'm not an audio pro. Some people can pick out the most minor nuances, I cannot. I switch these back and forth between my Windows 7 gaming PC and my Linux Mint laptop. It is auto detected perfectly and works and sounds great.

Cons: 1) TIGHT! I consider my head to be of average size and after 90-120 minutes of wearing these I'm in pain! 2) Ears get very hot. Need to ventilate for 5 minutes every hour or so. Higher dollar headsets have better ventilation.

Overall Review: For the current going rate of $50, these headphones are a great deal.

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Great Day-To-Day Laptop4/2/2010 7:24:27 PM

Pros: Initial start-up to configuration: 15 minutes It immediately saw my W7 desktop's Homegroup and set everything up in just a couple of minutes. Networked with the printer on my main desktop without the need for the printer CD. Really nice speakers for a laptop. Super quick shipping as always. Although you can't play games like CoDMW, Crysis and L4D2 on all highest settings, they ARE playing on medium settings at a reasonable framerate. And I don't know if I should make this a pro or con, but as others have stated, the resolution may not be on par with the $1200-$1500 laptops, but it is sufficient. FOr a sub-$1000 laptop, what do you expect??

Cons: See "Other thoughts"

Overall Review: I bought this for $949. Despite newegg's displayed retail, it's actually a $100 saving, NOT $200 like advertised. Also, for roughly the same price I have since found a few laptops with 7200 HDDs. And so far the flat keyboard keys are difficult to get used to. I am constantly hitting two keys at once or the wrong key altogether. Finally, the battery is only good for 1.5 hours, being a 6 cell. I broke down and spoke and additional $134 to upgrade the battery to a 3hr 53 min 12 cell battery.

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Great for lightweight office duties7/22/2009 9:07:20 AM

Pros: I've had this printer for 6 months now and for the $99.00 I paid for it, it has proved to be the best middle-of-the-road laser printer I've owned. So far it's been 100% reliable. No jams.

Cons: Has a somewhat low PPM output (17 PPM), but I knew that when I bought it.

Overall Review: FWIW, I typically only print 5-15 pages a day.

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1 Month Old-Bit the dust4/13/2009 2:32:03 PM

Pros: Well, it worked, for a while at least.

Cons: First of all, I do NOT overclocked anything. My system specs are below. I took the PC to a LAN game last not, all was well. Took it back home, plug it in and NOTHING. After extensive troubleshooting I've learned the motherboard just went bye-bye. And wouldn't you know it, it feel JUST outside the motherboard's 30-day return window. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz RAM: 4GB G.SKILL HDD: 750 GB WD Video: Radeon 4870 1GB Display: Acer X223Wbd 22" WS LCD Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy Headphones: Logitech USB Mouse: Logitech G7 Wireless Laser OS: XP Pro SP3

Overall Review: This was my 4th Gigabyte mobo, but could be the last.

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New Love4/22/2008 6:40:27 AM

Pros: This was my G.SKILL purchase but wouldn't be the last. Bought 4GB about three months ago for a new gaming rig build and it's smokin'! Hnadles CoD 4, HL2 and Crysis with ease. The system only sees 3.5GB but that's an issue with 32 bit OSs. A 64 bit won't have that problem. In the past I always bought Crucial. Crucial is also a good product, but this G.SKILL is a cut above. I've got 4 120mm fans taking care of cooling and running games full throttle is no issue for this memory. Very pleased....

Cons: With the heat spreaders they are a pretty snug fit to fill all four slots on the mobo. But they're in there and there has never been any overheating issues.

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