Update of earlier review7/1/2014 6:29:05 PM

Pros: Hardware quality seems good. Low price.

Cons: This is the single must frustrating computing device I have ever owned. The two main problems involve power and input. This device has significant problems with power. Numerous driver, BIOS and Windows updates have not fixed it. It has a tendency to go to sleep and refuse to wake up, requiring a forced power off and reboot. It will often drain the battery overnight. After being in a low power state, the network wi-fi will often refuse to work unless rebooted. You can seen discussions of these problems, with no permanent solutions in several places. It seems to revolve around so-called Connected Standby. Connected Standby is supposed to allow Windows to behave like a iOS or Android tablet and be sufficiently alive while "off" to do things like check email. It simply doesn't work properly. You can leave an iOS or Android tablet for a week and come back to it and it will have lost a few percent of power. Not this: unless you hibernate it or shut it down completely, it will be dead. I wish I could have regular standby and keep the darned network off while it is asleep, but Intel and Microsoft have decided not to permit this. The second problem is input. Being small, the Windows desktop is hard to use with fingers, and Windows scaling isn't very successful, mainly because it is only able to scale some things. The answer to this ought to be the pen that Dell sells. The first generation of this pen was so bad that Dell withdrew it from sale while they tried again. The second generation is much better, but it has a tendency to go to sleep and not wake up again until you take the battery out and put it back. It is also very difficult (but not actually impossible) to calibrate the screen for it. (It is impossible to calibrate in landscape mode though.) Overall then, this is a device which annoys me every time I use it. I wish I could have my old Dell netbook with a fast enough processor to use it these days!

Overall Review: I don't know who is really to blame for these problems. Probably enough blame to go around among Dell, Microsoft, Intel and various driver manufacturers.

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Can't install it5/22/2014 1:03:40 PM

Pros: None

Cons: It won't install, let alone run, with MalwareBytes Pro installed but disabled, unlike any other anti-virus I've ever tried. Instead, the install actually crashes while downloading. Bitdefender's support didn't even diagnose the crashes before they blamed MalwareBytes, and I'm not giving up MalwareBytes.

Overall Review: No refund from Newegg because it is software, no refund from Bitdefender because they didn't sell it.

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Could be a LOT better12/27/2013 4:19:40 PM

Pros: If you need a small, light, Windows PC, this is a small, light, Windows PC. The hardware is nice, and the battery life appears to be good.

Cons: It's a Windows PC. BIOS update. Reboot. Another BIOS update. Reboot. Firmware update. Reboot. I must be up to around 30 reboots so far for various updates and settings changes. It's also the most unstable Windows PC I've encountered for a while, with hangs quite common. Windows 8.1 is still useless at scaling most applications, and given the small screen size, this makes many almost unusable, even with a keyboard and mouse. Apps may scale better, but if all you want are apps, then the Windows app store is still lacking a number of common apps - Apple or Android remain much better bets. The worst thing is the supplied Dell software. There's not too much crapware, and it is easily removed. The Dell software for updating and maintain the device is rubbish though. Most of it is non-scalable applications, and the auto update fails to find the latest updates. Manual updates launch the browser to Dell's web site where you get to download and install them yourself. Anyone expecting an iPad or Android tablet like experience will be in for a rude surprise.

Overall Review: I need a small, light, portable, Windows PC. A netbook used to be perfect for this, but mine has become overwhelmed by the ever increasing bloat of Windows software. This tablet is fast enough to cope for now (although limited to just 2GB) but the user experience is poor. The lack of any kind of video port means you can't plug in a decent sized monitor, and the single USB 2 port means you're not going to be able to use a USB 3 video adapter either. Once it is all set up, some of these problems may fade away, but right now, I'm not enjoying it much.

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Another dead one1/9/2012 9:01:41 PM

Pros: It worked well for three months in my Thinkpad.

Cons: After 3 months started clicking instead of resuming from sleep, followed a day later by failing to find the operating system every other time I try to boot it. Had to replace it as I actually need my PC to be working - no idea how good Seagate's support is yet, and I doubt I'll trust any replacement they send.

Overall Review: I should have paid more attention to the poor reliability record of the Momentus XT before I bought it. Thought it could never happen to me. Yeah, right.

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Unconvinced6/1/2010 12:34:36 PM

Pros: It fits. Works somewhat.

Cons: Errors towards end of formatting a 320GB drive. Same drive in same enclosure formats fine using USB2, suggests problem is in this eSATA controller.

Overall Review: Disappointed.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
2 DOA in succession9/17/2009 3:06:23 PM

Pros: If they work, they are quite good.

Cons: They don't work. 1st one would now charge. So I pay to return it, and now the replacement won't charge either.

Overall Review: I have a much older one of these (not the bulk version though) which has always worked perfectly. Avoid these bulk ones like the plague.

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Very disappointing12/26/2007 8:34:50 PM

Pros: Works until you install drivers for it

Cons: Doesn't work with any known drivers. Gets thread stalled errors and crashes XP

Overall Review: Useless

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4/20/2005 7:59:30 PM

Comments: There are two reviews which say it won't POST in an eMachines 6805/9. I didn't see that before I bought this SO-DIMM for my 6807, but it works without any problems at all. Ran 22 passes of Memtest overnight: no errors.

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