When looking for a mainstream motherboard to build on .. look no further. (update dec 2019)1/15/2020 12:03:29 PM

Pros: Nice matte finish with no "bling" & only 1 led light. Great price to preformance Easy to install. Lots of headers for fans/LED controls

Cons: PCB seems a lil thin/flimsy as well as I/O shield. Just under a full atx motherboard spec spacewise. Use more then 2 SATA cables in packaging would be nice if led around southbridge was able to change color insted of just red. "lifespan of product"?? (see my update for dec 2019/jan 15th 2020)

Overall Review: Below I will keep my original posting but I will add the update here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dec 2019 Board was funtional till around the 1 year mark when the newegg return policy ends. So in last september the board started to show issues finding my SSHD drive on the sata port in windows .. would sometimes take 3 reboots before it would find it in windows. Then in oct the board started to do random rebooting & shutting down ... by the end of november the system was rebooting or shutting down between 3 hours or 12 hours of being online no matter the state. Upgraded my powersupply to a 850 watt Corsair ... issue persisted .. dec when i had the funds to replaced with a X-570 board from another manufactor replugged in all baseline componets .. booted into win10 with no issues which then again pointed to it being the board itself failing. I have as of today Jan 15th 2020 contacted asrock for rma of motherboard. Again kinda sad that I have to do so ... but definately would not deter me of getting another Asrock product in the future. Hoping to have no issues with rma. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great simple motherboard, accepted my Ryzen 5 2600X, T-force Vulcan DDR4 3000 16 gig kit & Samsung 970 Evo m.2 drive & installed win 10 from usb in 20 minutes. M.2 drive hits corrects speeds as well as the ram once xmp set in bios. Ryzen 5 2600X with stock cooler & XFR enabled generates 4 ghz across all cores/threads. Bios takes a lil figuring out but once you do its all simple. Would recommend to anyone looking to do a mainstream build on.

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AMD does it again !!8/29/2018 10:19:01 PM

Pros: One of the best BFYB cpu's out there on the market !! XFR enabled in bios makes it not nessicary to oc as the cpu/software does it for you.

Cons: Cheaper price, thought it already IS a great deal !! Stock cooler could be improved upon but definately allows XFR to do its work.

Overall Review: As a AMD supporter (not fanboy as most call amd users) i've been waiting for the ability to move to the Ryzen platform & this cpu + the AMD B450 motherboards FINALLY have allowed me to move from my 6+ yr old AMD FX 8350 system to the Ryzen platform. And let me tell you ... those 2 things + a M.2 drive & fast DDR4 ram clearly speak the words of truth " The ryzen hype is real " !! The preformance IS night n day diffrences. I have posted some numbers on my utube channel showing it. Like in video encoding times I've gained 50%+ in render times vs old system. And same games with same settings & videocard from old system I have had gains of up to 40 fps making them smooth & enjoyable to play now !! I paid the extra over the non x for the OC headroom + XFR auto ocing giving less hassles to do so yourself. In my sub basement in a Fractical Refine R5 windowed tower with a corsair 650 HX on stock cooler on the AsRock Fata1ty Gaming K4 motherboard XFR keeps all the core's at 4 ghz .. better cooling I bet I would be getting closer to the 4.2-4.3 ghz folks do with aftermarket coolers. Again ... if your like myself a "mega-tasker" do twitch/utube streaming, utube video's gaming & playing guitar & bass ..... this is indeed what you want to build a budget mainstream "mega-tasker" around is this cpu !! And remember .... without sales for AMD .. we the consumer would not benefit from the advancements & cheaper costs of newer technoligy. So there is MANY reasons to buy amd & this cpu for your next win 10 system !! :)

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Worth the extra money for !!8/29/2018 9:34:01 PM

Pros: Easy to install, FAST preformance (I got rated speeds on AsRock Fata1ty Gaming K4 AMD B450 motherboard) as advertised

Cons: Could be cheaper but again you pay for the name & warenty.

Overall Review: Was originally going to buy the lower priced Mushkin Pilot of same size & form factor as i was on a limited budget. Manage to get more for my old parts & also the mushkin product was out of stock. So it made the purchase of this that much more easier. Now I have a nice quick/fast boot drive for my os & major programs to run on with no need to upgrade that side of my for a long time. Great product, would recommend to buy if you cant afford the pro especially if your looking to build on the AMD Ryzen platform !!

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Great BFYB if your waiting for price drops8/29/2018 9:14:54 PM

Pros: Worked with no issues, booted up @2400 on AsRock Fata1ty B450 motherboard, simply went into the bios changed profile to 3000, reboot & done.

Cons: none so far then lower price of course. :)

Overall Review: On a limited budget I was in desperate need to move from my 6+ yr old AMD FX 8350 system & wanted to do 32 gigs but again prices are still ridiculous. That said ... Team T-Force offered a solid product at the right speed for my move to a ryzen 5 2600X on B450 motherboard. Again need to wait for ram prices to come down .... these are the right kits for your Ryzen till the prices come down of higher speed/larger sized kits.

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