ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming motherboard2/3/2020 3:37:40 PM

Pros: I liked the pre-mounted i/o shield. a nice touch. Lots of fan connectors. The front panel connectors were clearly marked. *I've seen some that weren't)

Cons: Just a few things to help the next builder who uses this board: the very first time the board has power cycled through it , it takes around 40 seconds of the red/blue/white led's to cycle before the board actually posts. This is a scare that could be avoided if the manufacturer would indicate that in their manual. After Windows 10 was installed from a removable flash drive on this build, everything worked from the OS level except the front mic jack. After reseating everything , and even installing a completely different HD audio cable that ran to an external device, the problem came down to either the board or the driver. (windows swore the driver was up to date) Installed all drivers from DVD and everything worked. This is a scare that could be avoided if the manufacturer would indicate to install ALL drivers from the included DVD even if Windows claims everything is working just fine. I was wanting to raid 2 SSD's . In bios i changed SATA type from AHCI to RAID. however, nowhere in the manual does it explain what nvrm raid is, wasn't sure what to use for that. Eventually changed enough things to where the onboard raid controller recognized my 2 drives. Unfortunately Windows usb didnt recognize the raided set (showed no drives) , so backed out and just installed on 1 drive. (Found out I probably could have installed additional drivers from the included DVD to allow the raid set to be seen by windows installer, but it wasnt intuitive to try that) Again, another gotcha that could have been avoided if the manual had included that tip.

Overall Review: hey , its a mid tier board that offers a lot for it's price point. See comments above and you'll have no issues.

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