Great Laptop for what light gamming8/26/2016 12:47:40 PM

Pros: dedicated GPU, i7, SSD, light, thin

Cons: the touchpad on mine came a little crooked, but I use a mouse most of the time anyways and it still works fine.

Overall Review: I haven't experienced any cooling issues, but I also haven't really been pushing it. So far played MOWAS 2 and HOI4. I know it'll run Witcher 3 just fine cause my old laptop had an 850m in it and that did just fine. Granted it wont be at the highest settings, but still playable. Overall, I'm happy with it. Really would be five eggs if not for the touchpad issue.

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Screen issue3/29/2015 2:46:50 AM

Pros: Fantastic

Cons: screen issue (see other thoughts)

Overall Review: Got it back in december and earlier this month (march) the screen randomly went out. I was able to resolve the issue in 5min. took off the backplate and noticed the display connection to the motherboard was not seated properly so all i had to do was plug it back in essentially. Granted my wife had just dropped it a day or two earlier so i imagine that was the cause. But if you are having issues, i would take a look. the connection is located in the top right if it's upside down. it's a thick black chord.

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