Do not buy8/10/2021 7:25:15 PM

Pros: It turns on

Cons: - TV menu lags, theres a delay between every button you press, causing you to accidentally click the wrong item - Freezes - tv menu overlay doesn't go away when using chromecast, have to restart tv everytime - not 120hz

Overall Review: Please don't buy this TV. It's the worst TV ive ever owned in my life

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Bought to play New World at max settings7/26/2021 9:58:00 AM

Pros: - Love my shiny new m.2 screw. ~ 60-120 FPS in New World on Very High settings. Except in towns. Goes down to ~40-45FPS. - Resident Evil Village maxed out with Ray Tracing - smooth as butter - Cold War Zombies maxed out - smooth as butter ~ Faster downloads than my old laptop. My old laptop I only got about 200mbps. This one I got 230+ MBPS. Even the ethernet port is an upgrade - It comes with a 512GB SSD. There is an expansion slot for (1) additional NvME drive, and (1) SATA drive. So there are 3 storage slots altogether.

Cons: - GIGABYTE eSupport. I messaged them on 7/21. It is now 7/25 and still no reply. Gosh forbid you actually have a real problem. Customer support seems...non-existent. - Fan noise. No surprise there though, we're used to it...right? - Opening it up is difficult. Make sure you remove all screws, including the 3 underneath the removeable battery. My advice is to start in the 2 front corners. Use a flathead screwdriver. Insert, and slowly and gently TWIST the flat head, and slowly work your way all around the laptop. I definitely left a few marks behind...good luck! Go slow!

Overall Review: Just wish the SSD was Gen4 speed. It only supports Gen3 it seems. Still fast though. Please see photo with blue circles for screws to not forget when removing the back cover.

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Not recommmended7/24/2021 10:25:51 PM

Pros: Does what it's advertised to do

Cons: Drop it once and the plastic hinges snap and it's now useless. Not sturdy at all

Overall Review: Would not recommend. Too easily broken.

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