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Excellent Product9/16/2016 10:28:10 AM

Pros: Very easy to use. Onscreen interface is excellent. 5G wifi is a plus. Setup took less than 3 minutes. Separate remote is nice.

Cons: None, so far.

Overall Review: If you tv has a usb port, that makes powering the stick much easier. The stick also ships with electrical adapter, if you tv does not have a usb port. Usb just means one less wire coming down the power strip.

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Excellent Monitor for the money4/12/2014 9:12:35 AM

Pros: Outstanding monitor for the money. Better than the stock monitors that come with the cpu bundles, lately. It included dvi cables, too.

Cons: None, you get exactly what is described

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Happy with purchase4/17/2012 9:38:55 AM

Pros: Easy setup. I had this installed and printing on our network in under five minutes. Win 7 64 and XP machines. Auto duplex printing is very nice. ADF works well. Entire setup was wireless, I never hard wired the printer.

Cons: Order a full sized toner with your purchase. The starter is only good for about 500 pages. Not a major con, I knew before I bought the unit. Just a heads up to future buyers.

Overall Review: It would be nice if the document feeder could duplex pages for copying. I did not deduct any stars, because I knew that before I bought the unit. You can make duplex copies, but the unit will not feed and copy the reverse side. The adf on top of the glass moves a bit. Not a very sturdy design. But, for money, this unit is still outstanding.

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x1950pro agp review7/23/2007 7:26:32 AM

Pros: Outstanding video card. One of the absolute best for the agp slot. Seems to have good heat dissipation.

Cons: Very power hungry. Needs two molex power connections. I had to upgrade to a 600 watt power supply. I have two separate 12v rails powering the card now. For my psu, I had to make molex connectors out of pcie connecters.

Overall Review: This is a long card. I had to rearrange my hard drives so that I could plug in the connectors.

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6/10/2007 7:35:07 PM

Pros: Outstanding power supply. Modular wiring very nice. My computer actually runs cooler now, even with a larger power supply. Very quiet.

Cons: Not much really. It would be nice if they explained in the description which modular connections were on the 4 12v rails. I didn't find out until after I received it and had to wait for a few days for new adapters. But that is not Newegg's fault, it is the way that Zalman documents it.

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8/4/2006 9:56:56 AM

Pros: Outstanding print server. I installed it on a network with 5 computers. No problems at all. Very easy install. Would highly recommend.

Cons: They only thing I don't like, is the fact that it only has the lpt connection, not an usb. It would have been nice to have for future upgrades. This is not a fault of the device, it plainly states that it is only lpt on the info; only an observation on my part.

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