11/24/2006 7:16:07 PM

Pros: Easy to install, ran great until.....(see cons below)

Cons: it overheated and shutdown. I check Catalyst temperature monitor and it was coming down, but it was still 87C. And that was after the computer rebooted so it had a few secs to cool down. Another time I checked whie playing a game and it was over 90C. I took the side of the case off and had to put a floor fan there.

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Great case....with a few issues8/24/2006 6:57:56 PM

Pros: Great cooling...especially the exhaust fan. Plenty of room to work. Tooless mounting for optical drives. Looks GREAT. TONS of extra parts....no need to worry about dropping a screw. Even includes a polishing cloth.

Cons: HD cage blocks flow from intake fan. The cage has slots for 4 HDs, but if you use SATA, the cage blocks the power connection on the bottom slot. I am still confused about the front "wings"...what is their purpose?

Overall Review: Over all, I really like this case. The HD cage keeps this from getting a 5-star rating. But still a great case...considering buying another for my other computer.

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Avoid1/25/2006 6:37:51 AM

Pros: When it wasn't locking-up my system, it ran great.

Cons: Frequent lock-ups. Gave me error messages saying it was in an infinite loop. Updated my drivers, but it still locked up. I then went to message boards and found out this is a common problem with this card. So, IMO....avoid this card.

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