Excellent!7/14/2007 11:31:50 AM

Pros: Great processor, although you really need 2 to maximize your performance. Multitasking capability is great! Can run and switch between games, apps, movies in a blink of an eye.

Cons: None, other than it gets quite a bit hotter than my other towers (so I put in a LCS). And the fact that the FX-74 i purchased from newegg.com was DOA :(.

Overall Review: Alot more cost friendly than intels core 2 duo extreme. For a board I would strongly recommend the ASUS L1N64-WS SLI board. And if your looking for a case with built in liquid cooling I would try Thermaltake's Black Kandalf LCS. Funny note: It dropped 70$ the week AFTER I had purchased it ><.

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