Awesome2/9/2012 9:43:23 PM

Pros: Works just as advertised and protects keyboard from wear which is awesome! The price is awesome too!

Cons: none yet!

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No problems so far6/13/2011 10:57:35 AM

Pros: I put it in place and have not had any problems with bios or start-up. Hopefully it holds up like this for a while. Nothing but a good experience so far.

Cons: None at all so far.

Overall Review: All I can really say is that this board is relatively new and I'm pretty sure that gigabyte will continuously release new drivers out for it in case of any problem so feel safe about your purchase.

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No hesitations here5/28/2011 6:55:45 AM

Pros: Honestly, I took a gamble on this AC and am glad to say that I have no regrets. It comes with 3 settings: cooling, dehumidifying, and fan. I haven't really messed around with the auto and sleep mode but it's always there which is a plus. I'd say it's great for small and humid rooms. Setup was easy. Assemble the tube and hook it up to the window, plug it in, and turn it on. It looks great by the way.

Cons: I did a little research before buying this model and the biggest complaint people had was the sound that came from it. Honestly, I had no problem with the sound at all. It sounds like all the regular AC's I've bought and mounted on the window. This one is no different.

Overall Review: For the price, it can't be beaten. I bought two of these and they were well worth it. I'd get them while they're on sale. On a side note, Newegg's free shipping is awesome.

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Best Monitor Ever!!!4/20/2010 8:57:34 AM

Pros: The picture on this monitor is amazing. The settings are very customizable and easy to set up. The fast response time allows for lag free gaming. The built-in speakers and HDMI input are great if you go on trips and need to play you xbox or ps3 on the go. Also, setting it up was easy! Fastest I've ever set up any monitor.

Cons: Nothing so far. The pixels are intact. The sound on the monitor isn't so great but what can't expect excellent sound from a monitor. Like I said, they're good enough for taking on trips.

Overall Review: I recommend using your regular speakers when you're at home. I tried using the monitor's built-in speakers and my regular speakers simultaneously and it doesn't sound so great. You can't go wrong with buying this monitor!

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Amazing11/4/2009 1:26:08 PM

Pros: The laptop is simply amazing. Comes with everything a more expensive laptop comes with.

Cons: None. You get what you pay for and it amazes me how people bash this laptop for little insignificant things like bloatware. *pulls out world's smallest violin*

Overall Review: I suggest buying this laptop whenever it's on sale.

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awesome camera, disregard 2 star moron7/16/2009 10:10:57 AM

Pros: In response to the only moron who rated this product 2 eggs...There's absolutely nothing wrong with owning a PC when using this camera. Most of us would prefer AVI over MOV but that's the least of your worries. Honestly, what does having a Mac have to do with viewing images and videos on your camera...clearly does not know what he's talking about.

Cons: The zoom could definitely be better but I can't complain. The size and quality of the pictures come out neatto. Again, disregard the review from the guy who didn't buy his cam from newegg and doesn't know anything about cameras.

Overall Review: This camera is small, compact, and awesome. It comes in a few colors so be sure to check those out if black isn't your thing. You can't go wrong with this camera either way.

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Creative ZEN x-fi7/8/2009 8:47:10 AM

Pros: I purchased this unit about a year ago and the sound quality is beyond great. It outdoes the ipod in sound quality.

Cons: Other than great music and video playback, there's really not anything "innovative" about it. There's supposedly wi-fi but it's a pain, trust me.

Overall Review: I wish creative would release a product with great sound quality and applications that would rival the ipod touch. This is well within their reach. Get to it creative!

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8800GT12/12/2007 5:08:07 PM

Pros: I've been able to run all my DX9 games on high settings. I was debating on whether to wait for the new revision of the 8800GTS that came out this week or get this card. Keep in mind this was back in the middle of November. I decided not to wait and I don't regret it. (read other thoughts). This card came overclocked and from what I see and hear, it doesn't get hot or make any noise on "stock" settings.

Cons: Very inflated price. Expect the price to wear down to its MRSP of two-hundred and fifty dollars by the mid-end of January. To overclockers, this card tends to get hot and make a lot of noise when pushed to its limits. I personally chose not to overclock it and can't say anything bad about it.

Overall Review: If you want one of the best gaming cards on the market today, the 8800 GT 512MB is still the "right" choice. It's more expensive than us consumers would like, but the 256MB version is a little too slow, and the new GTS 512 isn't fast enough. The 8800 GT 512MB is just right. Also remember, there is not one card in the market that can run DX10 games with ease so you can either go with these new g92 based cards or wait for the 9xxx series cards to come out in late February.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Creative Zen W6/30/2007 8:18:36 AM

Pros: The reason I love this product is because I can watch movies on the go without having to insert a dvd disc into my player. I can even hook it up to my tv and wualah! The big screen is beautiful as many have said and the graphics are amazing. PSP eat your heart out! This product is great, what can I say?

Cons: The only problem I have is finding a video converter that will convert my video files to the right format so I can play them. Other than that no biggie.

Overall Review: Some may argue about the size, but it's because of it's 30gb hard drive and battery. We need both to watch movies at their full potential. Great product.

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I love this mouse1/5/2007 9:15:49 PM

Pros: I thought I would never be able to able to get used to this mouse. I initially bought it because it was similar in structure to my MX500. The weights really changed my game. I improved my game in counterstrike thanks to the weights I added on. Not much more to say than excellent mouse for gaming.

Cons: Could really use a second side button.

Overall Review: I was able to keep my dpi the same as my previous mouse (mx500). The weights may be a problem for you but patience is a virtue. You must adjust them to your comfort.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great power at a great price12/29/2006 9:05:54 AM

Pros: This is a great product for its price. 420W of solid power. Works like a charm.

Cons: Hooking it up was a pain if you have an old dell dimension. Took me at least half an hour to hook it up.

Overall Review: I'd recommend it.

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Great Card12/19/2006 7:44:32 PM

Pros: Great Card at a great price. My fps rose and so did my gameplay. I've used it on Counterstrike:Source so far and I love it.

Cons: Hooking it up was hell but I did it.

Overall Review: <3

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