Much better Than Expected.1/7/2020 6:46:11 PM

Pros: Its Fast! very fast. Boots in about 5 seconds. There are some good apps available in the Chrome Store. If its just a web surfer your looking for this is definately a must buy. The Laptop Came in Great condition. Not a scratch or dent anywhere. Nice screen. it looked brand new. I wish I could have bought 2 to gift the extra one. It came in a nice box with the power cord included. I was worried there was no power cord as the Ad didnt mention anything about the power cord. The shipping was free and fast, I would recommend this seller to anyone. Whenever you buy refurbished you are rolling the dice but this seller seems to take pride in his items he sells. It really was in beautiful condition. I would say More Like New.

Cons: Chrome........hmmmmm. Chrome is its own beast. If you want to do more than websurf, like gaming, this Laptop will cause you some headaches. There are some good apps in the Chrome store but at the same time its full of some really bad and useless stuff. You really have to swim around the store and test out whats best for you which can be really frustrating. Chrome OS takes some time to get used too. Also the people who make apps for the apps for the Chrome Store seem to like being vague in their description of their apps. Kind of sad this laptop is powerful enough to run just about anything in windows and is upgradable to 8gb of ram. unfortunately it has Chrome OS on it. Dont get me wrong I will use it as my web surfer and a couple of other things but, Chrome OS seems to hinder its power. at this price its well worth picking one up.

Overall Review: The Laptop is in beautiful condition. it came fast and free shipping. I did send the seller a couple questions which didnt get answered but the overall experience was a very good one. I would buy from the seller again. I am very happy with the Laptop itself. for web surfing and messenging its perfect and you cannot beat that price. If you need to do resumes or use office software Google Docs is really nice. Thank you to the seller for an excellent experience.

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Great Middle of The Road2/20/2012 11:50:27 AM

Pros: Very Fast runs pretty much everything installed. 3D games like Star Legends awesome. Fun little machine. Ive been using it in place of my laptop and have needed my laptop in about 2 months. Great gaming! You can install the other a m a z o n Market for Apps. It comes with Getjar and Appoke markets pre installed there are plenty of apps between all three markets

Cons: No Google Market. If the Google market ran without running the hack this would get a 5 egg rating from me

Overall Review: This is a middle of the Road Tablet and it is what it is. It performs very well and is well worth the price right now. I think it will become obsolete in a year or so as fast as companies are getting these tablets out on the market. For a bargain

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Not as advertised Buy something Else12/7/2007 10:49:02 AM

Pros: It surfs the web nice and plays movies nice after you convert them to playable files. small and cool looking

Cons: 900MHZ processor is in fact running at 600MHZ. can be overclocked but you risk damage to your unit. Videocard drivers have not been updated for this card in over 1 year (outdated already) NOT FOR GAMERS! The screen Resolution messes everything up choices 800x480 and 800x600. Be aware 800x480 is not supported by most software. 4 gig HD dont cut it. Get an external HD for any success.

Overall Review: These Units are cheap for a reason thats because they are cheap in quality. The old saying goes "You get What you pay for" So true here. If I had it to do over again I would not buy. Dont let the novelty fool you

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