Really Like These Little Guys6/7/2021 8:37:56 AM

Pros: - Easy to connect and reconnect - They sound great - Well designed case

Cons: - They sometimes feel heavy in my ears

Overall Review: These are my first foray into Bluetooth earbuds and I have to say I'm pretty pleased. The price point is good and I've had no major complaints. They connect incredibly easily via Bluetooth. Reconnection is absolutely pain-free, take them out of the case and they automatically connect with your device. The sound quality is good. I'm no audiophile, but everything is clear and crisp with obvious stereophonic capability. They've really made talking on the phone while working a lot easier for me. They're also great for walking the dog and less obvious looking than other Bluetooth headphones. I think the case is an excellent size, not too big, but not too small as to get lost easily It's a sturdy little carrying case that even survived being dosed with beer in my backpack. I have small ears and was worried from other reviews that even the smallest tip wouldn't fit me, but I have not had any problems with that. They fit firmly in my ears and I've yet to knock one by accident when walking. They occasionally do feel a little heavy in my ears and put pressure on them in a way that is slightly uncomfortable, but I'm sure that's likely caused by my personal anatomy.

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