Works well when it works.7/21/2021 6:45:25 AM

Pros: No complaints when it works.

Cons: Quite often drops connections. I'm running a 5 and a 2.4 network, and typically it will drop the 5ghz connection first, then sometime later the 2.4. I'll have to unplug/replug the device to reset it daily, sometimes a few times a day, sometimes it will go 2-3 days without a reset. Not fun for a device that's supposed to just work.

Overall Review: I'm here looking for a new device to replace this one.

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Easy setup and reasonably fast.8/5/2018 6:32:28 AM

Pros: 4K screen is nice, touchscreen -- a requirement for me even though i only use it occasionally and it aggravates me when i accidentally touch it -- is also nice and accurate. Haven't used the extra hdd yet but it's nice to know it's there if i somehow find lots of stuff to store on a laptop. Maybe i'll just use it as a backup drive.

Cons: It's quite warm on my lap, but given specs, not unreasonably so -- get a tray of some sort. The power brick is kinda big and it gets hot even without heavy graphics card use. Once, the speakers became quite distorted; a reboot solved it so some kind of driver issue. The screen is quite reflective, wish they could have used a matte finish. Biggest problem for me is that home, end, page up, page down keys are on number keyboard, rather than separate keys. I often use the number pad and having to num lock/unnum lock and remembering to do it is a pain. Sounds trivial, but in practice it's not.

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Piece of junk6/14/2018 9:14:11 AM

Pros: It had a nice box, sort of.

Cons: 1) Plugged it in, 2-1/2 hours later battery still at 0%. Followed instructions exactly (yeah, unusual for me). Called ASUS. They started pointing fingers to newegg, and of course new egg isn't answering. 2) Have to do weird stuff to get page up/dn/home/end functionality on keyboard 3) Numeric keyboard has a strange layout

Overall Review: Sorry, based on this breezing through ASUS quality (non-)assurance and then basically washing their hands of it, how could i possibly recommend it to my friends? Maybe to my enemies perhaps.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Stew, Thank you for taking the time out to share your feedback with us and I am sorry to hear about the issues that you are having with battery. Can you please provide me with the case number for your contact with our tech support so that we can see what was done during the interaction. As it relates to the issue with your battery, did you get an error message that says "plugged in but not charging"? Also, if the charger is removed does the unit shut down? Please ensure that you are using the original ASUS charger that came with the unit and you may also test with a similar charger and a different power outlet as well to see if the issue persists. This unit does not come with a full sized keyboard and as a result the keys do serve more than one function. You will need to use the FN key to toggle between functions on this keyboard. If you would like to discuss this matter further please email us at and use the link to this review as a reference. I do look forward to your response and please have a wonderful day. Thank you for choosing ASUS. Best regards, Abigail. ASUS Customer Loyalty.
I was worried, but not any more.4/23/2018 4:57:25 AM

Pros: It's an exact replacement for my Toshiba S50T-C 4K screen, including the same label on the back. Just plug and play it was working. Now that it's been a couple of weeks since it's been installed and working i am very happy with it.

Cons: It's a long, slow boat ride from China, but for the price ($110) i was willing to wait.

Overall Review: Although getting the laptop screen apart was a real problem, and obviously not this product's fault, it is something to consider. Just take something really thin (eyeglasses screwdriver) and gently keep prying around the edges. It may take a couple of times around. You might snap off a few plastic thingies but enough should remain to re-fasten securely. And if you can't, there's always duct tape. Just don't loose the little screws that hold the screen to the laptop cover!

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What's retail for??4/10/2017 3:20:44 PM

Pros: It's a hard drive. It's sata. It's pretty easy to install, once you get the important details elsewhere. It's worked well now for two weeks. Guess that's success these days.

Cons: Haven't bought drives in a while, but the retail package costs more because it's supposed to have screws and a data cable. This has nothing, might as well have bought the oem package. Yea, the picture shows just the drive, but, seriously? So if you expect the niceties, screw this (no pun intended) and go for the oem package.

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Nice, solid piece of gear5/6/2014 9:36:46 AM

Pros: Nice thick piece of sturdy aluminum, not junky foil. Plenty of screws included. No problems fitting 4 samsung laptop drives.

Cons: Doesn't auto-install.

Overall Review: Happy i got it.

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Dubious benefit4/1/2012 2:40:20 PM

Pros: Great packaging graphics. And it is reasonably fast.

Cons: This sounds stupid, but watch your fingers around this sucker. The corners of the fan project above the surrounding bezel, and they are sharp corners on a knife-edge fan blade. (Don't ask me how i know this.) Now, a number of bandages later, i have an 8-bladed fan (it started with 9) that vibrates the heck out of the case. Even though you might argue it's my fault for having my fingers there, i was trying to position an auxiliary fan because of below. Now it sits 'til it's fixed somehow. Sorry, this is -2 eggs. Secondly, this card runs pretty hot; folding makes it run 65c-67c compared to my other card (see below). It might be below the absolute max of the chip, but it's hot anyway. The heat management dumps more than half of the airflow back into the case (which caused the first issue: a vicious cycle). Dock another egg. Thirdly, i also have a gtx470 (which i can easily oc 100mhz) in another machine and this 560ti is only slightly faster for the cost. So it loses another egg.

Overall Review: Shouldn't have fallen for all the hype on this card. EVGA usually makes good products.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I am very sorry to hear you had issues with the fan. If you would like warranty assistance we are here to support you 24/7 (888)-881-3842. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager