Phenomenal Headset5/13/2021 5:04:14 PM

Pros: The Microphone: -incredibly crisp, focused -mutes when you put the arm up/unmutes when you put the arm down -side tone system means you have audio monitor -

Cons: -Battery lasts more like 8-12 hours, not 16; not really an issue for my usage since it charges nearly to full after an hour on the USB, but if you're doing extended work and/or listening, you will have to spend some of that time tethered to the charger now and again. Turn off the lights in the settings. -Not noise-canceling, though (as previously stated) headphones definitely mute external noise by a significant amount. It isn't an advertised feature insofar as I am aware, but it's worth noting. -The mesh ear cups are great for me, but another friend who bought these on my recommendation actually hates the way they feel and will be modifying them accordingly. That's not an option for everyone, so make sure you get the right model if that's a likely issue for you. -Somehow have failed to negate the "ear pinching vs. headset falling off all the time" dilemma,

Overall Review: I already loved Corsair's simpler wired models, and this was one of the best upgrades I could have made.

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Arrived before tracking even registered5/13/2021 4:15:52 PM

Pros: -Dials are actually better than the original in terms of responsiveness and proportion: no chance of a stray hand or restless cat accidentally annihilating your ears. -Audio jack is sturdy! I bought this to replace an original with an audio jack that had turned faulty, so that's a nice touch.

Cons: -None

Overall Review: -In case it's relevant, this apparently may process through A****n, which is not actively advertised on the vendor page.

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Surprisingly good wireless mouse!12/13/2020 4:48:57 AM

Pros: -Wheel is precise -Buttons all seem to work well -Battery life is a big plus for something that doesn't have an internal battery

Cons: -Side buttons and sensitivity controls are a little too easy to click accidentally -Sometimes gets "stuck"

Overall Review: This is a good wireless mouse that has two functional issues: first, sometimes it will aggressively misdirect and/or misinterpret your cursor's location, and will skip around and get stuck on one side/corner or another of your screen. The second issue is that the forward/back buttons and the movement sensitivity button below the scroll wheel are very easy to misclick if you don't adjust how you hold it. Everything else about this mouse (bluetooth range, size, battery life, etc) is solid.

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Maybe I'm just old4/18/2015 2:33:58 AM

Pros: My old laptop is a 17.3" Acer Aspire--an indestructible monster of a machine, but it runs LOUD. This machine, on the other hand, makes practically zero running noise. It hasn't throttled, even while running multiple program. Its power plug/unplug warning sound is quieter, too, which is a nice improvement. Its posted weight comes in at a little over 5 lbs., but it's well-dispersed, and in terms of dimensions, it's thinner than most laptops I've used. I expected the battery to be terrible, and I was pleasantly surprised. I managed a full 9.5 hours without having to recharge while playing games, which is fantastic. In short, this is a good computer with an acceptable price tag for the hardware.

Cons: If you have any information that requires a solid disc, Blu-Ray, etc., you'll need to run it on a different device; sadly, I can't use this machine to play hard copies of films, which is a mild gripe but a valid one.

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