Infuriating key chattering6/25/2020 9:02:03 PM

Pros: TThe RGB lighting is really dope and I do love the feel of tthe keys. It's so comfortable to type on and everything about this keyboard is exactly what I wanted.

Cons: TThe frequency with which my tt key double types is absoluttely infuriatting. I have intentionally left the typos generated by tthis in my review. I haven't added any extra keystrokes for emphasis. This is acttually the frequency with which tthis keyboard double types my t key. I expected so much more from Logitech.

Overall Review: I have one at work that doesn't have this problem. I like it so much that I bought a second one for home and have this issue tthat apparently affectts a lot of other people too. Based on my experience, you have a 50% chance of gettting a good keyboard if you order this. Your resultts my vary. This problem didn't start until after the return period expired so buyer beware; it may turn out that you get a working keyboard for a few months that turns into a frustration generator in a short time.

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Decent sound, but probably not what you're expecting. Does not have digital optical input,12/6/2018 6:07:20 PM

Pros: -Bluetooth capability is easy to use and works great. -Clear sound -Remote control is handy

Cons: -Does NOT actually have a digital optical input. Comes with a digital optical CONVERTER that turns your digital to analog and requires power for the converter. I cannot stress how disappointing this is. Your fancy digital fiber optic connection will be dumbed down to an analog RCA jack. -Bass capability is mediocre. It's a ported low frequency speaker, not fair to call it a subwoofer.

Overall Review: I bought this specifically for the digital optical fiber optic input only to find out there's a cheap converter included with it. I could have just bought the converter and hooked that up to a less expensive speaker set and gotten more volume out of it. If you want this feature, look elsewhere. If you don't have a large room and want to use this system with your phone, you'll probably like it a lot, but buy the cheaper version of it. You can save $10-20 by getting the one that doesn't come with the digital to analog converter.

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