Dead10/11/2015 11:18:44 AM

Pros: Looked well built with plenty of connectors

Cons: dead

Overall Review: Unit was Dead on Arrival. Shipping back and buying a Corsair instead.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, We're sorry you are having trouble with your PSU. If you haven't been able to power it on yet, please contact us for a quick setup guide. XFX Support
It's ok, not for full tower though!10/10/2015 10:30:13 PM

Pros: Has worked well for several years with minimal demand system

Cons: Modular Cords too short to use with spread out devices in full tower You end up using all the modular cords if you have much in the PC, so why bother?

Overall Review: It seems to be a decent power supply. It's been in a low demand machine for several years. However, if you have much in your PC, this PS will not be for you. If you have hard drives spread out for heat reasons, the modular cords are too short to reach them. Which begs the question, why bother? these modular supplies are great if you have a machine with not much in it-. But, If you have a lot in the machine, you end up using all the modular cords anyway so what difference does it make?

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It's ok3/18/2014 9:46:36 PM

Pros: Does most simple editing, multiple video tracks, wipes, limited effects etc.

Cons: Weak on the Audio Side, Stupid Limitations, many effects are garbage, clunky controls.

Overall Review: Program is ok for cheap price. Coming off a program like Grass Valley Edius, I was a little disappointed in the audio support. Doing exact cross fades and such are a bear with this program. Doesn't seem to let you cut and paste the files on the fly. You have to use their trimmer which is a pain and time consuming. For the fades you do not have exacting control over them, rather you have some pre-bult models which are not exact. You have decent control over the effects, but if you are looking for a movie look- forget about it. It has some basic effects from Magic Bullet that are not that adjustable and look very poor compared to even the much older version of Edius I was using. If you like fake looking lines on your video (that is supposed to be dust) and limited coloring you're in the right place. If you are planning to go to a DVD, you will find incredibly and stupidly that the program does not directly render the required audio AC-3 format! Instead, you will have to render the audio into another format and then rebuild it in a program like DVD Architect. Of all the things to cut between this and Plantinum, why would you cut out the proper audio codec? Beats me, but I'll finish in Architect. I thought I would try it because I did use Vegas a little in the past. However. after using the program, I'm more likely to return to a newer version of Edius than to upgrade this software up to Platinum or move up to full fledged Vegas. Even though I could understand and navigate this program fairly rapidly coming from an editing background, the controls were sort of clunky. When using certain tools such as motion tracking, the interface constantly annoyed me by trying to dock the window when I had it open large. It has been relatively stable so it gets one star just for that. It's an ok cutter, it just won't impress the Pros enough to upgrade up the ladder or cross over.

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I don't like it1/31/2012 2:12:53 PM

Pros: It was inexpensive

Cons: Compared to mice I have had in the past it feels cheap and doesn't feel accurate. I often have problems with doing copy and paste with it, almost like the button is self disengaging as it's being held down. it will drive you crazy.

Overall Review: I'm on NewEgg looking for another mouse, do the math.

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Case is ok, they don't honor rebates1/6/2012 2:36:45 AM

Pros: Case has been ok. No real problems with my build.

Cons: RaidMax is well known for not honoring rebates. After a year or two I gave up. I received every other rebate and the rebate problems with this company are all over the internet.

Overall Review: I may be ok with this case, but I wouldn't buy another product from a company with a bad reputation.

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