Beautiful Screen5/18/2013 10:37:03 PM

Pros: I'm very impressed with this monitor. It's big, sleek, sturdy, and has a USB 3.0 hub. To me, just looking to play games and do non-graphics work, this monitor is very bright, has a wide viewing angle, and seems very evenly lit. The base looks cool, even though it doesn't swivel.

Cons: It's not a con for me (but is presumably for graphics professionals), but I believe that compared to the 27EA83-D, this is 8-bits per subpixel instead of 10. The base doesn't swivel.

Overall Review: I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out the difference between this and the LG 27EA83-D. In the end, I think the main differences are this is 8-bits per subpixel instead of 10, and it uses less energy. If this doesn't matter to you, I think this is a great monitor. I just built a new gaming PC and couldn't decide between one 27" and three 24" 3d screens. First, I went with the three screens, and though cool, they lacked support for the games I like to play. I am /much/ happier with this choice. Though because I miss the immersion, I can imagine going to three of these. :D

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Overpriced???6/12/2008 4:12:51 PM

Pros: I love this machine. I will post my full review on the 2.4Ghz model since that is what I actually own, but I wanted to comment on the review on 4/12 and even more so on the review on 6/6/08. See other thoughts. (And for the record, I have owned a Dell XPS laptop which I returned because it was built like a toy. I am typing this on my Dell desktop, so I am not totally against Dell, but Apple's laptops are second to none.)

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I am writing this in response to the person that said a comparable priced XPS from Dell is $975 less. That is flat out wrong. You can't even spec an XPS the way this computer is (mainly the 512MB DDR3 video RAM). The next best thing to do it to compare the 2.4Ghz 15" MBP. So, start with XPS Dell M1530 base config ($999), with 2.4Ghz C2D +$175, Vista Ultimate (many things can not be done with Home Premium or Business) +$150, LED LCD (Apple doesn't make a bis fuss, but it is an expensive upgrade) +$200, 250GB HDD (adds $50 to price of Mac as well) +$50, 8600GT w/ 256MB +$100, Dell Wireless (for n support) +$49, Bluetooth Module (no 2.1 support on Dell) +$20. You end up with a $1,743 total from Dell. And since we added $50 to the Mac for the HDD, we end up with a $306 difference. Then throw in the unmeasurables (beauty, size, UNIX), and the statement that this is overpriced is harder to back. This isn't a perfect comparison, but the Macbook Pros are def not $1,000 overpriced.

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