Another thought6/7/2011 1:00:33 PM

Pros: As previously mentioned.

Cons: There is no passive heatsink on VTT circuit, but I guess that's merely a cosmetic issue... For my rig, the idle temperature I got is 25c for mobo and 35c for northbridge (room temperature is around 20c).

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Nice mobo for gamer6/7/2011 12:52:55 PM

Pros: 1st of all, this mobo does support SLI. There are 2 x16/x8 PCI-e slots on this mobo. Previous reviewer might just mixed it with P67x UD3, which only has 2 x16/x4 PCI-e slots. The only noticeable difference between this mobo and UD4, are VRM phases (oh, and color of course). This mobo has 6 VRM phases while UD4 has more. As long as you don't intend to do insane overclocks like torturing your i5 2500k to 5Ghz, but only wanna have a good mobo for gaming, supporting SLI/Crossfire for furture proof, and probably for mild overclock, this is the right mobo for you.

Cons: Well, I personally don't very much like gigabyte's driver and additional softwares for twisting the computer. I would prefer to use BIOS for overclocking and configuration. Seriously, users are not supposed to change settings of BIOS everyday, or by "one-click".

Overall Review: It's ACTUALLY just fixing a Z68 chip on the previously designed P67 mobo, so no IGP support (and SSD caching is just a software level implementation, mainly a marketing trick of Intel), but I am very glad they upgraded the PCI-e slots to support SLI, and it is cheaper than P67X UD3, so what can I complain?

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