Big4/23/2011 1:59:37 PM

Pros: Pretty solid. Looks sexy on the inside. Clean cords. Plenty of drives. Sexy mesh cover plates where drives are not

Cons: Back fan (the only fan) is kinda loud. Well...loud for my taste. If you're 15 feet away, you probably won't hear it. But if you walk past it, it's clearly audible. Not an "Is the processor on fire???" noise but a "Huh. That fan is really blowing some air. Well at least I know it's working I suppose..." Also, it was about 10x bigger than I was expecting (my fault)

Overall Review: I wish I could control the fan. But no one else complains about it, so I'm not set on fixing it. I read "mini-ATX tower" and assumed it's size would be based on the size of mini-ATX mobos. Key word there is assumed. I could have easily looked at the measurements provided here, but I didn't, so that's my fault. I actually got this because I wanted it to be low-key. Meaning quiet and ugly. It failed both of those expectations. It didn't fail the first one by much though. When I opened it I laughed at how good it actually looked. I thought it would be just a black box, but I was wrong lol

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4/23/2011 1:50:21 PM

Pros: Tiny Gets the job done

Cons: No issues, but a scare. I was wishing for another standoff near the RAM. It really REALLY flexed when I was putting the RAM in. It flexed more than I expected, and WAY more than I felt comfortable with. Nothing broke though. it carefully I guess.

Overall Review: Wish it supported DDR3, but I knew that when I bought it and it wasn't a huge concern to me. If you want to know how small this is, Grab a piece of paper. Now imagine about 1 inch missing on all sides. It is tiny.

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It's working4/23/2011 1:45:06 PM


Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Recertified feels like a complete gamble. Recertified Harddrives feeks like gambling on a lottery ticket. For the price though, I felt the gamble wouldn't kill me if I lost. But seriously, no issues whatsover. Great packaging albeit redundant. Box>packing paper>Another Box>5 layers of bubble wrap> anti static guard> HardDrive It's 100% silent, speedy, and IT WORKS! Oh and like $28 if you pay for shipping. It could have been $21, but I didn't feel like doing the 2 day free shipping by signing up for some scam company.

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Was expecting more I guess4/23/2011 1:38:25 PM

Pros: Cheap Dual Core 65W = Low temp Great Low-key HomeServer processor

Cons: I guess I expected too much from this. I saw 3ghz, dual core and $60 and said "YUS!" but I really can't see this doing much outside of internet email and videos really. Not HD videos either. Someone said it was great for 1080p BluRay, but from my experience I'm skeptical of that. I can't test it though. I watched processor load in task manager while opening windows and running some tasks. Opening windows made the processor spike to about 40% load. Chrome browser was about 10-20% load while just sitting there. I didn't bother trying any online games, or anything like that. Just because I had other things to do.

Overall Review: I got this processor for a low key server. My budget was $200 for the whole thing and this helped me make it. I thought this processor could handle more. I was expecting it to handle some pretty menial and cheap tasks, like backing up data and working as an IRC bot. Running a MineCraft server is the most expensive program running. I thought this would handle an MC Server well. Not exactly blaze through it, but handle it. I knew the MC server would be most intensive, but the processor seems to be struggling. Idle, it hangs around 10%, but adding players about 2 players puts it at 50% load. I see a lot of "Error: Did system time change, or is computer overloaded?" in the logs, suggesting it can't quite keep up. Perhaps that's more latency related though. In either case, I don't see this being able to handle 10 players. There's an AMD Quad Core for about $84. Idk how much better that would fare, but I'm wishing I saw that before buying this one. Running WinServ2008 4gig

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Okay12/25/2010 6:42:34 AM

Pros: Dampers outside noise Good quality Comfy

Cons: Short cord. Not a problem for me, but I mean, it's like...1-2 feet long. I've never heard of a company providing a cord that short. Clearly for personal, MP3, computer and CD use. Nothing far. Lacking Bass in my opinion. Music just doesn't have as much depth as I was expecting

Overall Review: Great quality, and it really does block outside sound. But I've used cheaper headphones without noise cancellation that sound better purely for the fact that they have more bass. I'm not some bass junky that needs my ears blown out either. I'm listening to music now, and there's just nothing underneath it, you know? What I hear is great, but I'm expecting another layer of deeper, softer notes to add to it all, but it's not there :/ I'm probably going to exchange for another pair, not sure which yet.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Still great11/17/2010 2:18:34 PM

Pros: Great sound quality Pretty Easy set up (see other thoughts as well) Compact. Ish. I think they're compact, maybe not for others though

Cons: Satellite speakers don't seem to add much BUT that's mainly my set up. I don't have room to place them behind me (not that they're too big, just my room).

Overall Review: When I first got this about a year ago I was impressed. After a while, I noticed that the center piece and sub woofer weren't really working. It took a while, but it turns out that Windows 7 doesn't like the 5.1 channel set up or something. I checked my wiring countless times over and had it right. Windows would even individually send sounds to the proper speakers, but it wouldn't work outside of the sound setup. Anyway, setting Windows 7 to 7.1 instead of 5.1 surround sound made everything work and then I was REALLY blown away. tl;dr? Try setting sound scheme/setup to 7.1 surround instead of 5.1 if it's not all you expected to be. I've owned these speakers for approximately 11 months now, approaching 12

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Noisy5/21/2010 8:34:19 PM

Pros: Easy to Install (with two exceptions, see other thoughts) Delivered in 2 days. Yay UPS (and this time they actually left it inside my house and not in the rain -.- )

Cons: Noisy. It must be running at full speed constantly. I can't find a way to adjust the speed yet. Instructions kinda blow, but the thing is pretty darn easy to install so not a huge con Only slightly more effective than the stock fan that came with my i7 860 Idle temps are about the same, or 1C higher However it keeps my cpu about 3-4C cooler after gaming.

Overall Review: Installation was relatively easy, however I have two complaints. 1) One of the holes was threaded incorrectly. Every screw (I tried them all) would want to go in at an angle no matter what I did. It made it a royal pain to get any screw in all the way. I'm sure this is just one of those flukes, but still... 2) Probably due to my inexperience with fans, but I didn't know which side to place the fan on the heatsink haha. The directions never really told you (directions are mainly pictures btw. Words are on the other side, but very VERY short) I put it on backwards first. Strangely enough, I saw no difference in CPU temp. I did notice no air was coming out the back though lol. Reversing the fan gave me about 10C higher temps at starup (????) but after 5-10mins it cooled down to my regular stock temps. I'm gonna give it a few more days. It's incredibly hot today, so maybe that's the reason I'm not seeing a difference. I'm probably gonna RMA and go back to my stock fan

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Great1/31/2010 11:43:28 AM

Pros: Great screen, wide, great colors Oh yes, GREAT PRICE

Cons: Um...I guess the power button took a little time to find

Overall Review: Great monitor. They say it's a new arrival, but I definitely got this back in November. Maybe it's a new price. I think they person who is complaining about no whites or blues has a defunct product, because I have no problems at all with any colors. I got mine back in November, with Black Friday sales I got this for about $80. Even at $110 this is a great deal

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Nice12/25/2009 5:13:04 AM

Pros: GREAT Sound - for the front speakers and Subwoofer. I'm using them now, flawless sound I love them. I just noticed my desk is vibrating a bit with every bass kick haha. Great great great speakers

Cons: Rear two speakers. I don't really have a place for them so I've set them on the side. I put my ear to them and it sounds like they warp the sound a bit. No matter what. The sound just seems like it's fluctuating. Idk if that's normal or not. It's only noticeable if you get up close.

Overall Review: The rear speakers, you can turn them off with the Matrix button, so I'm not overly concerned. I'm going to do research and ask around and I might RMA them, maybe not. Currently I really really love the sound quality, even with the rear speakers playing. The rear speakers are the only thing holding me back from a 5, even if they are meant to be that way. I don't understand why they would be meant to be that way... I would advise buying these in any case though.

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LOVE12/13/2009 3:21:08 PM

Pros: CHEAP - I bought this for $80 I believe. Great price. No dead pixels - Thank the Lord... Easy setup - Just plug it in and hit auto config

Cons: Uh...none. None yet anyway.

Overall Review: I was going to go with a 22.5 for $120 (Acer) but it broke my budget just barely >:( Both monitors had incredible prices for the size and Acer is quality IMO. Oh, emphasis on "had" I go this during Black Friday

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Good thus far12/13/2009 3:13:23 PM

Pros: Uh...quad core, duh. I built more of a gaming rig, but I wanted it to be versatile for other things as well. I know games don't take advantage of multiple cores really, which is why I went with this one; for it's Ghz (I don't have any major intentions of OCing) So far, I don't think I've broken 20% CPU usage. On average, it sits at 0-1% and on occasion hits 2% doing things like surfing internet and playing songs etc etc, even at the same time. Anyway, enough rambling. I love it, great choice, great speed, quad core

Cons: Liiiitle pricey, but I did a combo deal plus I bought it during the BF sale :D

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Works12/7/2009 7:17:34 PM

Pros: It's a cable, it's sleek, looks nice, and works

Cons: A little short. It wouldn't reach from my MB to the top drive rack in my tower, so my drive sits somewhere in the middle. It's not a problem, just an inconvenience. It was something like <1" too short lol

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Love it12/7/2009 7:14:57 PM

Pros: Beautiful LED coloring on front and side Tons of fans that keep it cool Fold out sides are the best thing I've ever heard of and make things LOADS easier Came with a little extra case hidden inside with some extra parts that actually came to be needed :D

Cons: I don't have any serious cons about the tower. The only real thing that is a little weird is that there are two USB ports and the audio and mic jacks behind the swinging door. This being said, obviously you can't close the door if you're using those. I've set it up so that I don't need to use those though, and more than likely, you'll probably only use those for quick one time uses, like a flash drive.

Overall Review: The two USB ports in front, they're upside down?...Not a con but...why?...I'm I the only one? Haha whatever, no biggy. Oh, on my case, the side that holds the mother board is a little sticky when opening/closing it. It didn't perfectly match up, but not bad enough so that I had to really shove it closed. Personally, I'd rather it be a little tight than loose. It doesn't cause any issues with the build, just something I noted.

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