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Antec DF-85 (Headphone Jack Fix)9/12/2013 4:05:52 PM

Pros: - Beautiful design; looks absolutely sinister with its red-on-black finish. - Red front/top/rear fans. The front set have red LEDs to continue that sinister look. - Front fans also have removable filters, which can be accessed by "opening" the fans (do this by pressing the left edge inwards and pushing backwards [meaning toward you and not the case]), lifting the flap on the fan filter and pulling upwards and out of the case. Typically it's alright to hit it with a compressed air canister but if you really want to get it cleaned, run it under the sink and leave it wrapped up in a towel for 5 minutes, after that, simply reinsert it into the right spot (reinserting is the reverse of removal). - Space: You can fit as big of a graphics card (or cards, depending on how hardcore your rig really is) as you can (preferably without a carrying handle). - Cooling: See my above regarding the fans and it also has 2 liquid cooling pipe inlet/outlets in the back of the case. - Wire management: There's a pretty decent amount of space "behind" (on the right side of the case) the motherboard for running wires.

Cons: - USB 3.0 Input: You basically have to run a semi-thick cable from the front of the case, to the back of the case and into your motherboard's USB 3.0 connector, so it's more like an extension cord to the front. - 3.5mm Headphone Jack: There's a design flaw with this case which basically makes inserting a headphone jack a bit of a hassle (read fix in "Other thoughts") since it makes it harder for the plug to be fully seated.

Overall Review: (I literally did this 5 minutes prior to writing this review and I want to share this with all of you out there in the same predicament) How to fix the headphone jack: Now for starts, if you've had this case for 1+ years, you've probably noticed by now that there's a considerable amount of plastic stopping you from getting that perfectly seated headphone and overtime, ramming your plug into the connector has caused it to be pushed further back, the point where your connection is only 2/3 of the way in and your music/movie/game sounds terribad. Here are the steps: 1. (Skip to 2 if you don't have a CD/DVD/BluRay drive mounted in the topmost 5.25" drive bay) First, remove your disc drive/bay device from the topmost 5.25" drive bay. (Not going into detail here, pretty self-explanatory if you actually put the computer together) 2. Go to the top of the case, you'll notice that the plastic hot-swap bay cover has a screw in it toward the back. Remove said screw. Also remove the two screws on top of your 2.5" hot-swap drive's SATA connector. Do the same for any screws you see in the top/front portion of the case (there should be two on either side, facing toward [literally pointing at you] and two more facing downward on either side). After you've removed those, go back in your case. 3. There should be two "clips". Now you need to look for these clips, as they're on the "ceiling" of your case. Once you've found them, pinch them toward you (toward the front of the case) as you pull up on the plastic hot-swap bay. It should come out nice and easy-like. 4. Now that, that's taken care of, you should now be able to see all the case's front connectors. If you look at it from the back, you'll see a thick cable leading to the right side of the case to what looks like a female power plug - this is the headphone/microphone cable. You should see a screw on the bottom of the connector (which can be reached with a THIN screwdriver. Not that massive power drill you have at home. 5. Here, you can do one of two things. You can: A - Tighten the screw (like I did, except I removed it and reinserted it [trust me, tightening is WORLDS easier]). or B - Remove the connector, bust out a drill and "enlarge" the holes (I have no idea if this affects actually works. This is simply speculation when I took apart my case's top-side) and then reinsert it. 6. At this point, reassemble pretty much everything, load up your favorite Youtube video/song/movie/game/whatever and do a sound test. If it works, huzzah! You've fixed this error and you now know how to fix it when (not if) it happens again :D However, if it doesn't work, you may need to try again and perhaps drill that hole I mentioned earlier. Preferably both headphone and microphone since they're both in the same plug, and not having the hole evenly sized (>inb4 that's what she said) will cause the plug to get partly stuck and make your task even MORE annoying. If this was successful, "recommend" this pos

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