Had been putting off NVMe as my existing SSD's are all MLC based2/6/2021 11:27:10 AM

Cons: The screws used for these drives are easily the most unfriendly computer part I've ever worked with as a 6'2" man. Don't know if my hands, big as they are, are the problem but I prefer to blame these tiny things for making the installation of this drive frustrating. Thermals, with the Motherboard provided cooling, are where they should be based on the reviews I read prior to purchasing. Still higher than I'd like so I might find myself seeking higher end aftermarket cooling.

Overall Review: As part of a core component upgrade I switched from an OCZ Vector 180 to this and could definitely be heard saying "wow".

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Zippy RAM2/6/2021 11:11:18 AM

Pros: Samsung B-die!

Overall Review: XMP profile loaded and performance took off.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Big board!2/6/2021 11:09:27 AM

Pros: Hyper M.2 Socket AND the ability to use the second PCI-E 16x slot. Needed that and with such and everything else I am loving this board.

Cons: This is on Fractal: I haven't had a Motherboard as wide as this in sometime and apparently Fractal doesn't think anyone would either as they don't provide enough standoffs to accommodate installing such. Thankfully I have a bag of standoffs collected over the past 30 years to cover.

Overall Review: No issues encountered. CPU was a transplant Ryzen 5 3600 and it is quite happy in this board. The Corsair DDR4-3600 2x8GB kit and 1TB WD SN850 are working flawlessly as well. All of which are in my son's PC so now I am jealous and will be upgrading my first gen Ryzen board to one of these!

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Working as expected with an ASRock B450 Pro4 board and Ryzen 16008/17/2019 12:57:05 PM

Pros: Confirmed ECC was enabled/functional using commands in both Win10 and Ubuntu. HWiNFO64 also indicated ECC was enabled/functional as did PassMark's Memtest86. Used Memtest86 to test over a few days with ECC error injection enabled and had zero issues.

Overall Review: FYI: Crucial's website says that this ECC memory is 100% compatible with both the ASRock AB350 Pro4 and X370 Pro4 boards but is incompatible with the B450 Pro4. I tried it out instead of pulling one of my first gen Ryzen boards from another system and it definitely works.

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You'll want to look under the hood (see the cons section)...9/23/2018 10:24:35 PM

Pros: Cheap low power AMD. Not Ryzen powerful but more than capable for a Linux based Firewall appliance (Sophos UTM). Also not Intel.

Cons: Because I have a ton of Noctua NT-H1 to use up and as a rule I never use stock TIM I took the heat sink off the CPU to remove the stock TIM/apply the NT-H1 as well as replace the stock fan with a Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX... Upon removing the heat sink I saw the probable reason for the review below complaining about high temps as the stock TIM on my board was bone dry. Both the CPU die and the heat sink had to be put through a handful of ArctiClean soak/scrape rounds each with several Q-tips used to get this xxxxty TIM off. Now for safety sake, I'll take a look under the chipset heat sink...

Overall Review: Had 8GB of DDR3 laying around, a QP 1GbE Intel NIC from their good days and a family member in need. My personal Sophos UTM runs on a Biostar A68N-5200 and handles 16 devices just fine with a 150/150 Frontier FiOS connection.

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Battery life is stellar/performance is OK!4/3/2015 8:42:51 AM

Pros: First off I've got a 10" tablet and several high-end Workstations/Servers near me at all times both at home and at work. That being said I don't sit on my phone 24/7. I use data when travelling otherwise my phone is on WiFi 90+% of the day. First pro --> this phone enables me to side-step the data bill from T-Mobile and use them for my calls/texts while using a pre-paid data SIM from Cricket when I need mobile data. Saves money and works like a charm. Second pro --> battery life! With my usage the phone has now gone a week without charging and still has 44% left (I have the phone set to power down between 1 and 5 AM daily). Things will only get better when BLU releases Lollipop in a couple of months for the Studio Energy. Now there's been complaints that this phone comes with a Mediatek CPU. Also complaints that it has only 1GB of RAM. Frankly performance is not an issue. I came from a first gen Moto X and I am perfectly happy with the performance of this phone for the price. If you know how to manage Android you'll be fine. Set the "Background process limit" in the Developer Options to 3 or 2 and things are quite smooth. That's the only tweak I've had to make.

Cons: Not really a con to some but I have not been able to successfully root the device with either iRoot or Kingroot as has been said to work in the wild. No ill affects from trying, though.

Overall Review: I paid more to get it through Newegg. Reason --> Newegg has never let me down in the decade and a half that I've been a customer!

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it's been a while since i fell in love with a heatsink2/10/2014 1:01:42 AM

Pros: idle temps reduced somewhat over the XFX stock DD solution BUT even while mining DOGE my card, at max load, has only risen 15C from idle to 41C. this after several hours of uptime --> a drop of well over 10C. can't wait to see what OC headroom i might have gained from this and how many more FPS i can get in the titles i play!

Cons: one of the two fans on my XFX 7850 DD began to chirp/grind and seeing as death was on the horizon i went out looking to find that the aftermarket cooling options have dried up as the only solution worth writing home about was this one both here and elsewhere. was worth it but what happened to the days where you had coolers from several manufacturers?!?!?

Overall Review: wow such expense! no fans included and if you want to avoid watching your card bend your best bet is to go and get two PRO-USV14 140mm Ultra Sleek Vortex Fans from Promilatech. these fans require special clips so out goes more $ for Prolimatech's PRO-USV-MGH Genesis Series USV 14 Fan Wire Clips.

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PCIEX4 warning7/14/2013 1:09:17 PM

Pros: aside from the shocker in the con below this is an excellent board. 3 eggs given due to the shocker.

Cons: had a GPU in the PCIEX4 slot and upon removal the X16 PCIE slot came off the motherboard with the card. motherboard was sitting on top of the retail box and the only thing holding it down was the back of my fingers. i don't consider myself a weakling but seriously.

Overall Review: in comparison i took my deceased DFI 790FXB-M2RSH, installed it into an Antec 300 case and tried to pop any of its PCIE slots off by using a flat head screwdriver underneath their clips and pressing such down on top of the expansion slots. the PCB flexed but none of its slots didn't come off.

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replaced CF 4890 setup with this6/18/2012 1:06:32 PM

Pros: went from having two 4890's that cooked at 50-60/55-70C to this and saw a massive drop in power usage + temps all around while still enjoying the same (and/or better) levels of AA/AF and FPS in my titles. went with this so that a CF setup sometime next year won't require shopping outside of the Egg.

Cons: card was very tight against the back of my LIAN LI PC-X500B to the point where getting the screws in was quite the affair.

Overall Review: contrary to the comment below that XFX puts together cheap products i've experience the opposite with half a dozen cards since the R700 series.

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Enspert not Wintec11/26/2011 10:46:46 PM

Pros: terrific for the price. GPS. certified for GMS. compared to the other two contenders in the sub-$200 bracket the presence of a camera, an HDMI out and an extra 200MHz on the CPU by default makes this the choice if you are going to use it as is.

Cons: Froyo. within minutes you'll know that you are running an OS not made with Tablets in mind. it works but why Enspert chose Froyo vs. Gingerbread eludes me. 4 eggs because of that.

Overall Review: hopefully Newegg will post this review. i had to buy outside of Newegg since this sold out here 20 mins before i came down to put in my purchase... this product has been around for almost a year and is made by a company called Enspert. Wintec put nice stickers on the box but the box is identical to the Enspert product box. in the system information you'll see "E201U" in the model details. not a con just figured everyone should be aware of this. if it wasn't for the fact that Newegg sold out and the one i got is for my wife i'd take the plunge and see if CM7 for the similarly spec'd Nook Color could be applied to this.

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where's the latches?7/1/2011 11:48:47 PM

Pros: it'll work... if i open the bag.

Cons: the product packaging is now dark, not clear, but still see through plastic. my cable apparently arrived at Newegg sans metal latches and shipped to me without them. they're not in the bag and they definitely could not have escaped it as there's no signs of damage to the bag. that's two QC's this went through without the missing advertised feature being caught...

Overall Review: hope i don't have to pay the cost to send this back for the failings that went on before it was even shipped to me.

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beautiful1/20/2010 8:02:06 AM

Pros: copper. copper. copper. clips are nice and polished making them stand out from the copper. paste TIM is used so taking these apart, if needed down the road, will be a breeze. the "Pin Fin Design" also stands out even when glancing so for the e-pxxxx needs these are spectacularly satisfying. oh oh oh.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: broke apart my 8GB worth of OCZ Reaper HPC 1066 sticks to put these on since OCZ's spreaders on those make it impossible to install certain CPU heatsinks (new CPU heatsink looms over almost all four RAM slots). fourth stick refused to come apart without a fight and in the process it pulled three Memory modules off the PCB (all in the middle of the stick). if your RAM has pre-applied sinks from the manufacturer chances are some horrendously sticky thermal tape will be between them and the Memory modules so if you try to pry them off to put these on just know you are taking the risk.

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take note before you do this1/19/2010 9:02:14 PM

Pros: awesome RAM. had 8GB running at 5-4-4-12 2.125v @ 900MHz. key word "had".

Cons: OCZ uses some pretty sticky double sided thermal tape between the sinks and the modules as opposed to TIM... i recently bought a new heatsink for my CPU but due to the DFI Motherboard layout i had to orientate it so that it hanged over 3.5 Memory slots and thus i had to remove the sinks on all four sticks (for giggles i bought four Enzotech Ramsinks for them at 10 dollars a piece). three sticks popped apart with some effort and work just as they did before. the fourth required a flat head screwdriver. i know what i am doing and when it came to this point i knew the chances of ripping some modules off the PCB were high. yep that happened. i now have 6GB of RAM...

Overall Review: some commentary knocks this RAM because it wasn't a plug in and run as advertised solution. 1066 requires effort. period. i have two of these on an ECS 780G Black board (my cheap media system) and good farking luck getting past DDR800 with that Mobo. my DFI with the same two sticks required only a few seconds to get there.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we don't recommend removing your heatsinks as this voids your warranty. If they must be removed, heat the heatspreader moderately with a heat gun, or hair dryer first. As always, watch for static, and be sure to ground yourself (touch something metal) before handling the memory. The heat will help loosen the adhesive, but there are no guarantees against chip damage. The "tape" that we use is actually TIM, and the fact that it is not thick like the traditionally used material helps it transfer heat more efficiently. We appreciate your comments on the inability of some motherboards to hit rated speeds with capable memory. Thank you
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UV color in the Pros5/21/2009 7:41:16 AM

Pros: decent quality. more dark gray then black as others have said but it is a UV cable and if you have a UV cathode you'll never notice that. since it is not mentioned anywhere it glows icy violet (that's the best color description i can give) under UV.

Cons: a little stiff (compared to the "highly flexible" statement in the specs) but not enough to be an issue.

Overall Review: had a 200+ dollar Lian Li case, an original industrial class 510W PFC PC Power & Cooling PSU, an IDE 16x LiteON DVD burner along with a bunch of first gen SATA drives laying around so i grabbed a 7750 BE, 4GB of OCZ DDR2 800 and an ECS 780G mobo and used this cable with. under UV it definitely stands out over top of the red, white, yellow and orange colors of the mobo. i feel like a raver now.

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to Colin and others3/31/2009 9:11:40 PM

Pros: Lian Li makes a part (PE-01) that extends the PSU bay to fit any lengthy PSU. you can typically find it out there for $9.99. i knew this going into the purchase and have all my bays. case is keeps my heavily OC'd Phenom 940 and Radeon 4870 1GB well cooled and with fans at high the built in noise dampening does an excellent job. HQ case like you'd expect from Lian Li/ a case of this price.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: none.

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regarding screen flickering3/24/2009 9:46:37 PM

Pros: after flashing the BIOS this card is tearing it up.

Cons: card shipping with a BIOS known to have screen flickering issues.

Overall Review: while indeed it is a pain to have to flash a retail card out of the box to address a problem the card shipped with once out of the woods you won't regret the purchase. if for any reason you cannot flash the card with the BIOS files available within XFX's website join the hard forum (if you are not already a member) and seek out XFXSupport. through him i obtained precisely what i asked for to resolve the screen flickering. Mark is a great rep for XFX. as for temps i set my fan speed with Riva Tuner at 40% when i am not gaming and 60% when i am. keeps things in check but definitely increases the noise. if it is unbearable i'd suggest the Thermalright T-Rad2.

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scratched/covered up12/4/2008 6:57:39 PM

Pros: not going into a machine that has a case window..

Cons: i marked this down to one egg because seriously. the heatsink/fan shroud had a "HIS Power Up" case sticker on it that you won't find either in your box or in any product/review photo of this card.. i noticed that the clear portion had markings but the sticker covered most of the area above the logo to the side of the fan (which is in itself a sticker). i peeled it off and basically as best as i can tell it looks like someone accidentally dragged this over the rear side of an old Socket 7 mobo a couple of times. hopefully this won't be an indicator of other problems but as a consumer i prefer to be the one whom damages goods rather than seeing such arrive from the manufacturer. may just be scratches but common HIS QA --> covering up obvious assembly line damage with a case badge?!? this now makes me rethink my "Sapphire's cards have hideous stickers" justification for swinging the HIS way...

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contrary to prior reviewer11/18/2008 5:58:51 PM

Pros: two sticks running fine on an HP dv8000 here. runs stable with 2.5-3-3-8 timings @ DDR400 even.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: i wish people would take things up with the manufacturer before taking to writing reviews here.. those of us in the know can really tell who's packing the brains when it comes to hardware vs. those whom don't. as an OCZ rep has said how a machine reads SPD isn't 100%. this dv8000 laptop from HP actually reads this RAM as having timings of 3-3-3-8. switching to 2.5 CAS via a software application available out there nets a nice, however, small performance increase. in any event OEM laptop makers tend to offer RAM for their machines that they have some form of involvement/revenue in. i don't want to take anything away from OCZ but before you buy you might want to check forums regarding your laptop and its track record with third party RAM otherwise work with the RAM maker rather than complain about them.

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8/16/2008 2:33:15 PM

Pros: out of the box it isn't poor by any means but after removing the stock firmware with DD-WRT v24 (now v24 SP1) the functionality available to you makes not using DD-WRT (or another 3rd party firmware) seem rather moronic. with DD-WRT this unit becomes a beast that goes far beyond the price tag seen here and elsewhere. was going to move to Wireless-N but just could not find enough reviews on the good side for any one manufacturer.

Cons: wimpish antennas come along for the ride but are easily upgradeable either through purchase or making your own if your the type to do so.

Overall Review: chopped the 3 pin adapter off a 3 to 4 and soldered that to the power jack, as opposed to doing like so many guides suggest and straight soldering a fan to it, so that i can swap fans when need be. used eight Swiftech MC14 sinks i had never put to use on the Broadcom chipset (4), Hynix RAM (2) and the chip near the front of mine (believe it was an Intel chip - 2). cut a square of 3M Weatherstrip Attachment Tape (strong stuff - holds an 8" x 12" passive radiator on one of my systems with just two 1/3" wide strips) and fixed a 40x40x20 Sunon fan to the inside top of the WRT54GL exhausting upward. have mine running the max 250MHz OC in DD-WRT and it is nice and cold inside even in 10x degree weather.

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the good does not justify the price you pay3/19/2008 9:57:45 AM

Pros: musically speaking i will tell you that once you get past the A3 pausing between songs (gaps) you'll love it more than anything you've owned prior (assuming it wasn't a Cowon product) or anything anyone you know will flaunt in your direction. the A3 blows everything out of the water when it comes to it's audio codec support as well as it's adjustment options and sound quality. now that the good is out of the way here's the bad. i already knew of Cowon's audio capability is unmatched due to exposure to their products prior to owning one and moreover since buying one years ago. i bought this PMP for video reasons...read on.

Cons: on their website and on the box there are claims of HD and H.264 Main Profile and High Profile support. per their tech support the max res for such is 480p (720x480) which is not stated anywhere. after several points of communication with the A3 CPU's manufacturer (Texas Instruments) this seems unlikely to ever be as the chip within the A3 struggles with accepted bit-rates for high quality visuals. additionally Cowon technical support told me that at the 720p (1280x720) resolution what the A3 can handle is DivX/XviD SP/ASP yet any of the ASP features (B-frames, QPEL and GMC) at this resolution will not playback without significant issues. i never got the chance to output the video to a 1080 or 720p LCD or through a projector but users are reporting problems with the claimed component output supplying a "high definition viewing experience" per the fact that it apparently only outputs at 480p.

Overall Review: my experience with the A3 and Cowon's technical support with the litany of problems i had with getting "supported" capabilities/functionality of the A3 to work has left a large impression in the negative sense. i left a forum name in previous posts below (iaudiophile). i suggest you go and read it before you purchase this product to see if Cowon has resolved many of the issues myself and others have found with the A3 and what they say it can do.

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bulging/warping1/22/2008 3:04:37 PM

Pros: as previously mentioned read the overviews/technical specs via Cowon's website for a clear idea of what this PMP has under the hood and what it can do. i have had no issues with any of the supported video/audio file types outside of playback problems with H.264/AAC. H.264 will work without issue if you manually disable B-frames which i knew before purchasing this, however, when it comes to AAC you'll want to NOT USE HE-AAC (v1 or v2) during encoding as such decodes via the player into Mono (as it does with several players both hardware/software based so i don't fault Cowon here) and thus makes the file unplayable. despite the H.264 (which will likely be fixed via firmware)/HE-AAC playback issues and the con i encountered below this is still an excellent product.

Cons: owned mine for 11 days, before sending it back for replacement this morning, and only used it for roughly six of those days. charged it only twice during that time.. yesterday i noticed that it would not lay flat on its base. took a look and the base was bulged/warped outward. the bulging/warping of the base of the case visually appears to be towards the top of the CO in the COWON logo. wasn't much but it was enough to disallow the A3 to sit flat via the four pegs under the base... appears to be an issue with the battery.

Overall Review: in regards to the con there are a pair of threads related to this same problem at iaudiophile so this is not the first occurrence of this issue.

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thank you Cowon/Newegg1/8/2008 12:49:49 PM

Pros: visit Cowon's A3 product page (under Manufacturer Info) and read the overviews/technical specs for a complete list of the amazing assortment of capabilities this PMP provides. even without wireless functionality it basically eliminates the need for a media PC. fyi --> i have not received mine yet but see the other thoughts.

Cons: buying a fruity competitor's product vs. this would be a con.

Overall Review: this product (and the 30GB version) was released on Dec. 12th, however, despite Newegg being listed in the product/press release as a retail vendor it only appeared for sale yesterday afternoon after i had two chat sessions with reps at Cowon and one with Newegg. thanks for getting this up here so quickly (this is why i promote you both amongst so many other reasons).

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research indeed12/21/2007 12:50:14 PM

Pros: see previous review.

Cons: see previous review.

Overall Review: this is not to flame just to inform. google "anandtech 8800gt reviews" and read up through the 18 reviews linked. yes this has a 320-bit interface which on the surface seems better, however, the 256-bit interface of the GT (not to mention the G92 based 512 GTS is also 256-bit) doesn't hold it back in every which review one can take the time to "research". as far as OC'ing goes most G92 based cards debut at faster stock/factory OC clocks not to mention their OC potential is well beyond their G80 counterparts which can possibly attain such number only through increased cooling and/or core/mem volt mods. yes you get a great card overall with the 640 GTS but for the price to performance ratio the G92 based cards are the direction to go in.

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it's Dec. 11th guys...12/11/2007 10:40:20 AM

Pros: all things considered this card is a horse but the cons begin at the price.

Cons: recently the 8800GT 512MB (cheaper) kicked this cards ### to the curb, then the Radeon HD 3870 (cheaper) surfaced and gave it a pretty good run and as of today we have the G92 based 512MB 8800GTS (evenly priced) slaughtering it. for those of us with an existing 640MB G80 can you please drop the price to sub $300 to open up the SLI option?!? NO not through a rebate! what is the point of making a card that is capable of dual use if you are going to go and release a product that, for less (the 8800GT), renders going SLI with it pointless for the price shortly there after?

Overall Review: fyi: i don't own the "KO" version of this card rather the plain vanilla EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB (500/1600) of which i have running at 625/1050.

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no longer worth it unless..10/29/2007 2:36:07 PM

Pros: great card for the eye candy lover. runs everything up to 1280x1024 with all in game/driver quality and in game/driver AA/AF settings maxed out. at 1600x1200 and higher you'll have to start scaling things down with some titles.

Cons: price. the G92 "8800 GT" crushes this card in so many ways that the price tag becomes a con beyond acceptability despite the expense in manufacturing. throughout all of 2007 the news marked the G92 as "mid-range". one would think that the 640MB GTS or even the 768MB GTX would not be put to shame by a "mid-range" product selling for hundred(s) less..

Overall Review: i'm sure i am not alone in wishing that all the marketing related to the G92 did not reference it as "mid-range" or that it appeared as the 8900 GT and cost a few bens more than the cards it was whooping.. while the GTS and GTX cards cost more to manufacturer due to process the prices on such need to drop considering their performance being lesser than the "8800 GT".

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