Best of the best9/29/2005 8:24:40 AM

Comments: Been using this LCD for about a month or so and is just great!!! nice desing and good options. Games and Movies look fantastic on it. and best of all it came with not a sigle dead pixel!!! A must buy for anyone looking into upgradeing into an LCD...

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Oh yeah!!!7/21/2005 9:38:58 AM

Comments: This Speakers sound great, and looks nice. Only reason why i don't give them a 5/5 is because of the Sub. i think it would be better to have a more detail sound soming from it...

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best item4/7/2005 10:40:28 PM

Comments: Best Keyboard/mice. nice feel, a lot of key options. Great product and great battery life compare to other competitors. I must buy for anyone...

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BenQ DW1620 PRO3/24/2005 11:05:03 AM

Comments: This is a great Burner for the price. One you guys get this burner just don't forget to get the new Firmware to make this baby run better. It also comes with Nero Express so is a plus...

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1/10/2005 6:05:11 PM

Comments: The Rio Cali is a really good MP3 player for the money. the arm strap is good. for us who run a lot there is a "Stopwatch" that lets you track the minutes you are running, also it got a build in FM tuner. battery life is ok, it could be better. onething cool thing is that it got a build in equalizer with a cutom setting. The thing i didn't like about this player is the USB 1.1, and you can't have 320 kbps song in it since you can hear a lot of noise at that quality. Really good MP3 player for those who like sports...

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